Photo wall with children of the Ubuntu center

Helping at a Day Care Center in Cape Towns’ Township

Communication and marketing Intern Tom joined for a day at the Ubuntu Center in Masiphumele. He got to learn the meaning behind the name of Ubuntu, the work it does within the township, and the challenges they face. He met the Mama’s, interns and volunteers that, with huge passion and love, support the projects and help many children to start building on a meaningful future.

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Intern at Platbos

Hendrik’s Event Management Internship in Cape Town

Hendrik decided to take a year off and gained valuable working experience during his event management internship at an environmental NGO in South Africa. Together with a passionate and energetic team, he spent weeks with preparations for his absolute highlight: helping to set up and execute Africa’s biggest Reforest festival.

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Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town_teaser

Reflections on my Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town

Denver was looking for an internship as he wants to travel, engage but also do something useful at the same time. With his background in Film, Media, and Art it should be possible to volunteer his time while getting some practical working experience at the same time. Roots found the perfect solution. Now, he reflects on his three months with this social enterprise.

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Research Internship in Cape Town

Research Internship in Cape Town: Assessing bio inspired Ways to filter grey Water

Roy’s studies requires students to engage in two research projects. He decided that he wanted to go to Cape Town for his Minor and got in touch. After some extensive back-and-forth messaging they agreed on a project. He would do a five months research on ways to filter so-called grey water for the purpose of fynbos irrigation.

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Creative writing internship in Cape Town

Passionate about Writing and the Environment: Creative Writing Internship in Cape Town

Feeling not enough is being done for the planet, a gap year (before starting her study Geography and English) offered her the opportunity to do a Creative Writing Internship in Cape Town with an environmental nonprofit. In this way, she can contribute to their work by writing about the environment and sustainability to get people involved.

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Two interns with South African Flag

Eight Reasons to do your next Internship in South Africa

Are you searching for an internship abroad? Why not go to South Africa? We give you eight reasons why this amazing country is your next internship destination!

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Eefje_Fundraising Internship in Cape town

Charged with new Energy after my NGO Fundraising Internship in Cape Town

It’s never to late to take a break or temporarily give up you settled and safe live to go abroad. That’s exactly what Eefje from the Netherlands did. She took a few months unpaid leave to do an NGO Fundraising Internship with environmental nonprofit Greenpop in Cape Town and came back with a renewed energy to find her dream job.

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Advocacy intern in front of the office building

Six Months in Cape Town as an Advocacy and Human Rights Volunteer

Emiel decided to leave Belgium after finishing his master’s degree in European and International Law as he was seeking to gain practical experience in the field. His eagerness for working abroad and his interest to be involved with the protection and rights of refugees brought him to Cape Town, where he spent six months as an Advocacy and Human Rights volunteer.

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Social Media and Marketing Internship in Cape Town_teaser

Getting actively involved during a Social Media and Marketing Internship in Cape Town

Amy has a love for media and writing, lives in Cape Town and wanted to know what it’s like to really be actively involved in her home town. And also to be more conscious and a worthwhile part of the country. The Social Media and Marketing Internship with Greenpop turned out to be the perfect opportunity for her.

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