media internship videography

Behind The Scenes: A Media Internship with an NGO in Cape Town

Media has a huge influence on our lives today. Different from the corporate world, NGO’s make use of the Media to raise awareness about certain issues and bring across change. We wanted to learn about the impact you can make as a Media Intern with a non-profit and sent our very own Communications and Marketing Intern to job-shadow Christina for a day. She is doing a Videography Internship and is working on a special project right now…

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Event Coordination Internship Cape Town_teaser

Six months with Greenpop for my Event Coordination Internship in Cape Town

As part of her studies International Business, Juliette was looking for an experience in project management or communications in the sustainable development field. And although she felt she maybe was more qualified for a communications internship, she really preferred to get more experience in event coordination. She hoped not only to get satisfaction from the work and be able to have a direct influence to create positive change but also to get more organizational and networking skills. Besides, working for a nonprofit would hopefully make her think more out of the box and be more creative as funding is probably more limited. In this blog, she looks back on her Event Coordination Internship in the past six months.

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marketing and fundraising internship

Meet the Intern: Theo, Marketing and Fundraising Internship in Cape Town

Theo did his Marketing and Fundraising Internship with Greenpop, an environmental NGO based in Cape Town. He had never been to Africa before, so he was very excited about interning with an organization that has such a positive impact on the environment. He expected to learn a lot about marketing and running campaigns for a non-profit. What he didn’t expect was to actually spend 5 weeks of his internship working on a festival and sleeping in a tent…

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NGO Summer Internship

NGO Summer Internship combining nonprofit Working Experience with a visit to Africa

Going abroad for many people is an opportunity to not only gain valuable working experience but also to explore another part of the world. Before finishing his study International Management Alberto wanted to experience working in the nonprofit sector.  At the same time, he was really keen to visit Africa. The Marketing and Fundraising Internship with Penda fulfilled both wishes.

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fundraising intern

7 Questions to a Fundraising Intern in Cape Town

Paolo from Italy came to Cape Town to discover the non-profit working environment as a Fundraising Intern. We got curious about his impressions and experiences of his time in South Africa. Therefore, we sat down with him for an interview. He told us about the challenges of fundraising and why he felt that his internship offered the perfect balance between life and work.

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internship preparation

A step-by-step preparation plan for an internship in Africa

We all know it can be stressful to make arrangements for an internship abroad. You might not know what to expect and there are so many things you need to think of. To help you out with your preparations we created an easy step-by-step internship preparation plan.

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Sunset Cape Town

Meet the Intern: Julia, Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town

Julia was Roots’ Marketing & Communications Intern for three months. She came to Cape Town in order to gain hands-on work experience and explore Africa before starting her Master’s in Media Management. It has been a time full of new impressions, interesting insights, different perspectives and countless happy moments. She reflects on her internship and how her experiences in Africa made her feel happier than ever.

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Urban Farming Summer Internship in Cape Town

Reflection on a Food Security and Urban Farming Summer Internship in Cape Town

Do you use your summer to relax and go on holiday or do you prefer to make a difference? For Brij doing his summer internship in Cape Town was a great way to integrate with the community, get gardening experience and be involved in education. Now, with his Food Security and Urban Farming Internship coming to an end, he looks back on his experience in South Africa.

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Videography Internship South Africa_teaser

Motion Design and Videography Intern at an Environmental Festival

Ina contacted Roots Interns looking for an NGO internship opportunity where she could use her Motion design (Motion graphics, animation, and design) skills. She is a South African but grew up in Swaziland and is currently studying in the United States at Ringling College of Art and Design. The internship is part of her studies and we found a Media internship for her with environmental nonprofit Greenpop. In this blog post, she shares her experience with us.

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Food security and urban farming internship

A day with Paula, Food Security and Urban Farming Intern

Urban Harvest installs, maintains and supports organic food gardens. They teach and educate people to grow own, fresh and healthy food. As Root’s current Marketing and Communications intern, I followed Paula, their food security and urban farming intern for one day. I learned a lot about how the organization works, how Paula gets involved in the team and how this internship influences not only her studies but also her personal perception and growth.

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finance unpaid internship

How to finance an unpaid NGO Internship

You have made the decision to do an international internship with an NGO. You understand the value that this important educational experience will provide to you in terms of expanding your career potential and your personal development. So what’s standing in your way? The answer may be money. Freaked out? Don’t be! Here’s how you can finance your unpaid internship.

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Nonprofit Internship Cape Town

5 Reasons for Doing an Unpaid Internship

Why working for someone without getting paid? That’s a question a lot of people that are willing to do an Internship are asking themselves. I experienced during my Communications Internship with ROOTS that it’s worth doing an unpaid Internship abroad even though there’s no salary. In this Blog, I’m going to tell you why I came to this conclusion.

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internship experience in cape town

Unforgettable Internship Experience in Cape Town to cherish

Natalie is on a gap year program and spends this year traveling and doing volunteer work before starting her study. She was looking for an internship in the area of Marketing and Communications and finally chose to join Greenpop for a Social Media and PR Internship. It turned out to be an experience that simply cannot be matched. Read her story.

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Intern life Table Mountain

Meet the Intern Chiara: Reflections of an NGO Internship in Cape Town

Chiara from Switzerland finished her apprenticeship for commercial clerk and spent three months in the UK to improve her English before she came to Cape Town to do an NGO Internship. During the past two months, she has been assisting with marketing, sales, and daily operations in the colorful world of Monkeybiz. This is what she experienced.

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Event Production Internship

Two different views on an Event Production Internship

The Interns Lisa and Anton did an Event Production Internship with Greenpop. Lisa finished her UG degree in International Business Management and worked as an administrator in a youth center before joining Greenpop. Anton finished his high school degree and felt the need of taking some time off to help out and gain diverse experiences abroad. We spoke to them about their intern experience in South Africa.

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Communication and Event Marketing Internship

Communication and Event Marketing Interns in Action!

Julia, our very own Communications and Marketing Intern, joined the Greenpop team during their Platbos Reforest Fests. She assisted Greenpop with welcoming all festival goers, handing out snacks during the plant days and lots of other things. It made her wonder what it takes for Greenpop’s Marketing and Communications Department to organize this festival. Here’s what she discovered.

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Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town

Photo Report of an Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town

South African Ntombenhle had been working with organic smallholder farmers in food security and climate change adaptation for her Masters’ research to ensure sustainable food production. But now she was looking for an internship to get more hands-on experience. The Food Security and Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town was the perfect opportunity for her. We asked her to give us an impression of her daily work.

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Internship Cape Town

First Impressions of my Internship in Cape Town

Julia came to South Africa one week ago to do an Internship in Marketing and Communications with Roots after she finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Media Science back home in Germany. Being new always involves a lot of exciting impressions and feelings, which she would like to share with you in her first blog post.

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Ibali workhop penda photography

My Content Writing Internship with Penda

Julie had a great time in Cape Town during her Events Internship with Greenpop. She decided to return and this time joined another nonprofit for a Content Writing Internship. An internship that provided her with an ideal combination of creative and marketing writing practices.

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Creative Writing Internship cape town

Meet the Interns: Daire, Writing and Communications Intern in Cape Town

Daire grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and studied Environmental Geography in England at the University of York. Her passion for the environment and love for writing brought her to Greenpop for a Writing and Communications Internship in Cape Town. She truly embraced the experience and is sharing it with us.

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Vincent’s amazing year with Urban Harvest

Vincent did a long-term volunteer work placement with Urban Harvest and introduced plant-based water filters at local schools in Cape Town. Now his time is coming to an end and he will go back to France. Vincent will be hugely missed by the whole team. Read his story here.

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Intern abroad in Cape Town

Meet the Intern: Robert, Research Intern in Cape Town

Robert, a Dutch student International Land and Water Management at the Wageningen University,  came to Cape Town for his thesis research with non-profit organization Greenpop. Even though his Research internship in Cape Town is slightly different from the common internships, this organization offered him everything he needed. He’s now looking back on his time in Cape Town.

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Organic Farming Interns

Urban Farmer for a Day

I am Anna, Communications and Marketing intern at Roots, joining John and Joli for a day at Urban Harvest. This organization installs, maintains and supports organic food gardens in the city. They teach and educate people to grow own, fresh and healthy food at home. I am interviewing the Organic Farming interns and gather interesting insights about their weekly schedule, daily tasks, and experiences. Read their exciting story here.

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Monkeybiz Internship Cape Town

A valuable Experience at Monkeybiz

Peace is a final year student and as part of her studies, she had to complete 60 hours of Work Integrated Learning in the form of an Internship. According to her, two weeks was never going to be enough to learning anything valuable. Therefore, she took it upon herself to extend her Monkeybiz internship to two months, three days a week. She looks back on her experience with this colorful nonprofit.

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event coordinator internship Cape Town

Letter from an Event Management Intern in Cape Town

Alessandra spent three months in Cape Town working as an event management assistant for a nonprofit. She worked backstage at one of the biggest rock festivals, stepped out of her comfort zone. It turned out to be more than an internship. It was a  life experience!

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Intern abroad Cape Town

The Life of a Cape Town Intern

Julie is in Cape Town volunteering on a content writing internship for Penda Photo Tours. Hailing from the States, her life in South Africa is wholly different. From the culture, to the city life, here is life in Cape Town, South Africa through the eyes of an intern abroad.

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Horticulture Internship

Growing the Eco Education Hub during your internship with Greenpop

Andrea, Deon and Steven did a Urban Farming, Eco-Education and Horticulture internship with non-profit Greenpop, an organisation that makes an impact on the environment. The program with kids’ eco education, tree care, food gardening and more inspired them throughout their time in Cape Town. Read more about their personal experiences here.

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Environmental internship in Cape Town

4 reasons to do an environmental internship in Cape Town

Would you like to get some hands on experiences how NGOs work and get involved in conservation and environmental issues? You would think this is not possible in a big city!? But it’s not true. This is your chance. Here are 4 reasons to take a relevant environmental internship opportunity in the heart of South African’s Mother City.


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NGO Event coordinator internship Cape Town

A day in the life of a Greenpop Events intern during Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Intern! Meet Anton, Alessandra and Anri. They joined the Greenpop team for an NGO Event Coordinator Internship and played a big role in hosting Greenpop’s Green Village at South Africa’s biggest music festival, Rocking the Daisies 2017.

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urban greening NGO internship in cape town

Mapping Water-wise Plants during the Urban Greening NGO Internship in Cape Town

Conservation Biology student Robby made a positive impact on this world during his Urban Greening internship in Cape Town. For non profit Greenpop he mapped water-wise vegetation in the Cape Town region, which helps this non profit adjust their urban greening programme to the water crisis.

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Marketing and fundraising non profit internship Cape Town

Meet Gaia, Marketing and Fundraising Intern in Cape Town

Gaia from Milan reminisces about the hardest but best decision of her life – an internship for an NGO in inner-city Cape Town. In the end, she decided to go for a Marketing and Fundraising internship at Penda. This non-profit organisation is a young social enterprise that uses photography to both create amazing experiences and to generate positive change around the world. We asked her about her experience these past few months.

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Environmental Management Internship in Cape Town

Diary of a Newby: my Environmental Management Internship in Cape Town

Thashnee completed her Social Science degree in Environmental Management and interned as an environmental consultant in her hometown, Durban, South Africa. Towards the end of that she decided it was time to open herself to a new experience, even if it was voluntarily.

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Videography and photography internship

Reflections on a Videography and Photography Internship in Cape Town

Following her passion for photography and videography, American students Tristyn Page decided to do a summer internship in Cape Town with environmental NGO Greenpop. Here’s how she experienced her time in the ‘mother city’.

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NGO internship in cape town

A Tale of Two Interns: The Benefits of an Environmental NGO Internship in Cape Town

Though they harked from different sides of the globe, Charlotte, experienced PR professional from the Netherlands, and Nolan, Business Adminstration student at NorthEastern University in the USA, both sought out internships at Greenpop as the answer to the question: “How can I change lives a little bit?”

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Intern in Cape Town

Reflections of a Fundraising and Marketing Intern in Cape Town

Italian student Irene Gianotto spent the past months with Penda as a Marketing and Fundraising Intern. As part of both with Penda Photo Tours, a photography travel company, and Penda Trust, its aligned photography NGO, Irene was able to get involved in a wide range of areas, with a particular focus on marketing research, content marketing, and fundraising. Here is how she experienced her stay in Cape Town.

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Creative Writing Internship in Cape Town

Reflections of Writing Internship in Cape Town

Ivy Pepin’s world has gotten bigger and smaller at the same time during her Creative Writing internship with Environmental non profit Greenpop. Things seem more complex, but the ability to have an impact now truly feels within her reach. Read more about her experience in Cape Town.

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gap year in cape town

Marija’s Gap Year in Cape Town with Greenpop

Marija spend her  gap year in Cape Town volunteering with environmental non profit Greenpop. She shares her experience with us as an event coordinator for one of Greenpop’s biggest events of the year.

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Benefits of a volunteer work placement

The Benefits of a Volunteer Work Placement for Professionals

Julie came to volunteer with Greenpop not as a student as so many interns are, but as an individual with professional experience looking to broaden their horizons. She shares some reasons with us why someone with work experience will enjoy the benefits of a volunteer work placement.

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Non Profit Internship Cape Town

Jamie reflects on her Non Profit Internship with Monkeybiz

On her previous visit to Cape Town Jamie saw the positive effects social enterprises and non profits have on the South African community. She also fell in love with Cape Town and just knew she wanted to come back to work for an NGO. Read about her experience with Monkeybiz during her NGO Internship.

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NGO Internship event coordinator

A whirlwind experience as NGO Event Coordinator Intern

Juliana Connors did an NGO Internship Event coordinator with Greenpop. She did not really know what to expect in advance, but it turned out to be a whirlwind experience.

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Cape Town NGO Intern

Stories from a Cape Town NGO Intern

As part of her Marketing and Fundraising Internship with Penda Photo Tours and Penda Trust, Italian student Irene Gianotti recently joined a project aimed at raising awareness of a female empowerment program in Cape Town.

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Urban greening intern Greenpop

Meet our Interns: Jessica, Urban Greening Intern at Greenpop

After finishing her biology degree, Jessica wanted to get some hands on experience with how NGOs work, specifically NGOs involved in conservation and environmental issues. Having spent time in Cape Town previously, she searched online for a suitable organisation to work with and that’s when she found Greenpop.

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Secret Sunrise Cape Town

Meet Our Interns: Isabel, Social media and PR Intern at Greenpop

Isabel finished her Honours in International Management in Germany and is thinking about doing a Masters in Environmental Management.  She was looking for a meaningful internship with an organisation that made a positive impact in its community. She really wanted to help make a difference, especially for our environment.

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NGO internship_credits Sarah Isaacs

Why do an NGO Internship

Most companies offer internship positions, and there is a large range of opportunities to choose from in the corporate world, but another, and perhaps better, option is to spend your internship with a non-profit organisation. We’ll give you four reasons why and NGO Internship might be good for you.

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Food security internship

A Day with Vera, Food Security and Urban Farming Intern

Vera is reflecting on her time with Urban Harvest in Cape Town. She joined them for an Food Security and Urban Farming Internship. She worked at several community gardens – gardens built for schools, hospitals, etc – to teach students about gardening, vegetables, and health.

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Writing internship

Meet Our Interns: Reini, Creative Writing Intern at Greenpop

According to Reini there is still hope for the future. We are the next generation that will make this happen. She choose to volunteer and do a Creative Writing Internship at Greenpop because it’s not just about planting trees. It’s about planting seeds of hope. Offer the promise of a better, endurable world. A bright, sustainable, caring existence. Read how she experienced her time at this non profit in Cape Town.

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Events coordination Internship Greenpop teaser

Meet Our Interns: Max, Events Coordination Intern at Greenpop

Max is studying Public Administration in Germany and as part of his studies needs to do an internship abroad and have a social working experience. According to him when working for the government and public authorities you also deal with people’s welfare. Because he wanted to leave Germany in the cold winter looking for an internship abroad with an NGO seemed like a logical next step.

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Content writing internship

A Content Writer’s Journey to Wildlife Conservation

During her Content Writing Internship with Penda Regina was send to the Greater Kruger Area near Hoedspruit, South Africa, to stay with the Wildlife Conservation & Photography Volunteer Project. Read how she met and interviewed members of the project team, experienced conservation education in local schools, and went camping in the Klaserie Private Game Reserve.

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GReenpop Urban Greening Internship Katie

Meet the Interns: Katie, Urban Greening Intern at Greenpop

After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Anthropology and Psychology at Rhodes University Katie was looking for an internship with a non-profit. There is nothing wrong with making money from doing good things, but she admires non-profits as these organizations seek to help as much as possible. Being able to work for beyond just an internship and surrounding herself with these kinds of people is something she believed she could learn the most from.

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Horticulture intern

Meet the Interns: Tracy, Horticulture Intern at Greenpop

Meet Tracy, Horticulture Intern at social enterprise Greenpop who recently finished undergrad in Environmental Science at the University of UKZN (University of KwaZulu-Natal) and followed her passion for the environment to Greenpop. Tracy’s activism with Greenpop was full of unsuspecting challenges and moments of great success. She is now officially and forever a treevolutionary.

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Penda Creative content internship

Intern Stories: Regina Content Writing Intern at Penda

Regina truly believes in the power of photography. It’s one of the main reasons why she choose to do a Content Creation Internship in Cape Town with a photography non profit organization.

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Marketing Internship South Africa

Meet the Interns: Helen, Communications and PR Intern at Greenpop

Helen was working two positions at the University of Cape Town and helped run an environmental health research project testing air pollution around the city of Cape Town. She waited an entire year after accepting her position as a Communications and PR Intern so that she could really dedicate her time to the social enterprise.

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Meet Our Interns: Katja, Videography Intern at Greenpop

Katja joined the Greenpop team as a photography volunteer in 2015 for Greenpop’s annual Platbos Reforest Fest. With her background in television journalism and her history with Greenpop, she was the perfect fit for this Videography Internship.

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Horticulture internship

Meet the Interns: Laura, Horticulture Intern at Greenpop

Laura worked hard in Germany to save up for her adventure to South Africa. She applied for a Horticulture internship with Greenpop and fell in love with the Mother City.

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Horticulture internship

Meet the Interns: Robyn, Horticulture Intern at Greenpop

After graduating with her M.Sc in Palaeoclimatology from the University of Cape Town, Robyn was unsure what her next move would be. She decided it was a good idea to get involved in a meaningful program in her city while she figured out her plans for the new year. She had been following Greenpop for while and their Horticulture internship sounded like the perfect opportunity.

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Social media and PR internship Greenpop Cape Town

Meet the Interns: Laura, Social media and PR Intern at Greenpop

She knew she wanted to do an internship with a non-profit when university required her to do an internship abroad for her study International Informations Management in Germany. She always wanted to visit South Africa, so she joined Greenpop for a three months Social media and PR Internship.

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cape town

Seven great markets in Cape Town

Cape Town has a lot of markets and they are definitely worth a visit. Nice food, good wine, live music, vintage clothing and art everywhere. When you come to Cape Town to do an internship, you will have plenty of time to explore these markets in your spare time. We’ve collected the best markets in Cape Town and the peninsula for you.

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Marketing intern

Meet Our Interns: Grace, Marketing Intern at Penda

Grace Kellet, International Relations student at North Eastern University in the United States, came to Cape Town for a Marketing Internship. As part of both Penda Photo Tours, a photography travel company, and Penda Trust, its aligned photography NGO,  she did content marketing, marketing research and fundraising. Here is how this marketing intern experienced her stay in Cape Town.

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Graphic design intern

Meet the Interns: Marie, Graphic Design Intern at Greenpop

Marie was looking for an international internship experience for her study International Information Management in Germany. She stumbled upon Greenpop and loved the idea of working for a good cause at a meaningful place. Read about her experiences as a graphic design intern in Cape Town.

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pack for an internship in Cape Town

What to pack for an internship in Cape Town?

A question often asked: ‘What should I pack for an internship in Cape Town?’ To a large extend this depends on the weather and it’s not a joke but Cape Town can have four seasons in a day. We’ll give you some tips

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event production internship

Meet Our Interns: Anni, Event Production Intern at Greenpop

Meet Annika (Anni), a student from Germany who completed an Events Production Internship with Greenpop. Now Anni has begun her post-graduate degree in Sustainability and Consultancy at Leeds University in England. Read her experience with Greenpop in Cape Town, South Africa here.

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Monkeybiz volunteer work

Partner Profiles: Monkeybiz

Roots partners with NGOs and small start-up companies with ethical and sustainable practices; all organisations that are adding valuable contributions towards community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. One of them is Monkeybiz, a non-profit reviving the tradition of African beadwork by empowering women financially and making artists out of crafters.

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international internship

8 Reasons Why an International Internship is Great for You

Recent studies have shown employers want new-grad experience to come from internships or co-op programs. You can of course look for an internship in your home country, but here are seven good reasons to consider doing an international internship.

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Fundraising internship in Cape Town

Meet Our Interns: Sofia, Fundraising Intern at Greenpop

Sofia, a student from Italy studying Management of Government and International Organizations ventured to Cape Town this year to join Greenpop for a fundraising internship in their Fundraising Department.  She reflects on her Fundraising Internship in Cape Town.

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vegetarian and vegan eats photo credits Candice Bodington

Where to Eat Vegetarian and Vegan in Cape Town

Being healthy and ‘green’ is sometimes difficult, even in the comfort of our own kitchen. This struggle becomes even harder when looking at the menu in a restaurant. Greenpop Communications Intern Alice Beckett found the ‘greenest’ restaurants in the city of Cape Town for you.

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communications intern

Got Wood? Arbor Month Campaign with Emily, Communications Intern at Greenpop

What started out as a joke during a brainstorm quickly grew into Greenpop’s boldest fundraising effort to date. With the aim of raising awareness and encouraging donations, the “Got Wood?” campaign highlights the various social and environmental benefits of tree planting as well as the current state of deforestation globally. Communications intern Emily reflects on this fundraising campaign.

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environmental internships

Partner Profiles: Greenpop

Roots partners with organisations that are adding valuable contributions towards community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. One of them is Greenpop, a non-profit on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet. They offer environmental internships with a different focus.

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fun facts about Cape town

12 Fun Facts about Cape Town you didn’t know

In the past few years Cape Town was often voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit. So we are not surprised you and many others are keen to visit this city for holiday or doing an internship. You probably know about its beaches, Table Mountain, Robben Island and beautiful sunsets (and sunrises)…but here are twelve fun facts you probably didn’t know about the Mother city.

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Event coordinator internship

A week with Anne, Events Intern at Greenpop, during Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Intern! Meet Anne, a recent graduate from the University of Colorado with a degree in Anthropology and Linguistics. She joined the Greenpop team for a NGO Event Coordinator Internship and played a big role in hosting Greenpop’s Green Village at South Africa’s biggest music festival, Superbalist is Rocking the Daisies.

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Monkeybiz internship

Meet Our Interns: Naomi, Communications and Management Intern at Monkeybiz

Meet Naomi, a student from the United States, who recently completed a Communications and Management  Internship with a BEAD-utiful NGO called Monkeybiz. Read her personal experience with Monkeybiz in Cape Town, South Africa.

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NGO Internship Cape Town

Meet Our Interns: Sophia, Horticulture Internship in Cape Town

Sophia, a teacher from Switzerland, ventured to Cape Town this year to join Greenpop as an intern in their tree nursery, which is a showcase for urban greening and an eco-education hub for the local community. Here’s how Sophia experienced her time here.

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Internship in Cape Town

Meet Our Interns: Josephine, Urban Greening Intern at Greenpop

Meet Josephine, a young student from Germany, who interned at environmental NGO Greenpop to stretch her roots. It turned out her work was more than ‘just work’.

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volunteer work placement

Meet Our Interns: Susanne, professional volunteer at Greenpop

Meet Susanne, a young professional from Germany, who joined environmental NGO Greenpop to volunteer her time and use her skills and experience for a worthwhile cause.

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Reasons for an internship in Cape Town - credits

7 Reasons to do an Internship in Cape Town

Sometimes it looks like the biggest question is WHERE should I intern? Regina traveled to Cape Town, South Africa for a Content Writing Internship with Photography Organisation and gives us her top 7 reasons for embarking on an internship in Cape Town.

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internship abroad

How to mentally prepare for an internship abroad

When you go for an internship abroad there is a long list to prepare yourself. And to make the most of your experience, don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally for the adventure that awaits you. Here are some ways to get started.

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Fundraising internship in Cape Town

Meet Our Interns: Martina, Fundraising Intern at Greenpop

Martina Decina, a student from Italy, reflects on her fundraising internship in Cape Town, with environmental NGO Greenpop.

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Marketing Internship Penda

A Day With Grace Kellett, Intern at Penda

Grace is the Marketing and Communications intern at Penda Photo Tours and Penda Trust. Penda is motivated by the belief that photography has the power to change lives; through incredible experiences as well as through non-profit projects. Grace’s role is largely to further this message. She wrote about her experience joining one of the photo tours for a day.

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media internship in cape town

Meet Our Interns: Alec, media internship Cape Town

Alec is a media intern in Cape Town for NGO Greenpop. He produces short films for promotion and eco-education and takes photos for Greenpop events and activities. He even took over their Instagram account one weekend to document a sand dune trip with other local filmmakers and photographers.

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Internship Cape Town

20 Words to Know When Interning in Cape Town

Are you coming to Cape Town for an internship or volunteer work placement. To help prepare you, below are 20 most popular words and sayings you are bound to hear when coming to South Africa.

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Graphic design internship

Meet Our Interns: Samantha Butler, graphic design internship

In her role as a graphic design intern, Sam helped with the designs for Greenpop campaigns, designed materials for events, updated old designs and worked on the revamp of the Greenpop nursery.

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