Remote Internship

Making my Remote Internship work; 7 Little but Effective Tips

Leaving Cape Town was hard. Working from home sounded even harder. Intern Saida explains which little tricks she uses to make her virtual internship from home as effective as possible. “It’s working well and I am so happy about my online internship now,” she says. Read her blog if you need some help making your home office work.

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Research Internship with NGO in Cape Town

NGO Internship in Cape Town – My time in South Africa

Lola, our lovely intern from Amsterdam spent five months in the Mother City with us. “I found the perfect internship: I knew I wanted to use my research skills for doing something valuable and making an impact, and with this internship, I could do exactly that. Additionally, I was very excited to be living and working in Cape Town, of which I had heard so many good stories! Cape Town has been a fantastic city to live and work in as well. I lived in a loft which housed many interns – also from Roots! So, it was basically like having a sleepover with all your friends every night!”, she says.

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Marketing and communications internship

Katrien’s Insights: A Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town

Katrien is a very special one of our past interns: “A big part of my internship was the fundraising. I learned how to contact a company to ask for funds for solar panels. I also started my own fundraising campaign, which was very successful! It makes me so happy that I can help the community in these difficult times and actually even save lives.” Read more about Katrien’s meaningful impact in a township of Cape Town.

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Remote Communications Internship

A forced (but still great) remote Communications Internship

Our Roots Intern Saida had to fly home. The corona-pandemic and it’s restrictions forced her to continue her internship remotely from home, Hamburg in Germany. “I am sitting in my house which feels like a safe haven in these absurd times. Continuing my internship from home is an absolute blessing. My head’s in South Africa”, she says.

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Employment Access internship

What is an ‘Empowerment of Refugees Internship’ in Africa like?

Bailey did an internship that focuses on the economic empowerment of refugees with a nonprofit in Cape Town. In an interview, we asked her about her experience; what she is learning, her favorite parts as well as the challenges. “Everyday is different, there are new people who I interact with every day – that’s what makes it so special”, Bailey says.

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Reasons why Ghana is an amazing internship destination

Internships in Ghana: 7 Reasons it’s a Great Destination

Ghana is a beautiful, definitely underrated place in West Africa. The landscapes vary from tropical beaches with breathtaking sunsets in the south to the Dry savanna in the North of the country. Ghanaians are lovely and will welcome you with open arms. Read more to learn facts you didn’t know about this amazing destination.

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Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town

Lisa’s Experience as a Marketing and Communications Intern in Cape Town

Lisa spent five months with us as a marketing and communications intern in the outskirts of Cape Town. At Projekt Ubuntu she learned a lot about life in the townships and social issues. Moreover, she increased her communication skills by running fundraising campaigns and social media accounts as well as coordinating the internal communication. This internship definitely changed her.

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Cape Town

Coronavirus: Adjusted Terms & Conditions for Internship Bookings

With the spread of the Coronavirus, we’ve adjusted our booking policies so it’s easier to change your travel plans.

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Social Impact Internships in Johannesburg; Hlumelelisa

Hlumelelisa is a very unique social impact programme for prisoners in Johannesburg. Offenders become horticulture students as part of their rehabilitation process. As an intern, you get interesting tasks in either NGO management or communications and digital media. Read more about the project as well as the internship opportunity in this blog.

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