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Our Mission: Supporting Charities Through Internships


Our mission is to create the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable learning. That’s why we offer nonprofit internships in Africa for people around the world; internships that support important social and conservation initiatives happening at a grassroots level. And we offer a wide range of NGO internships in Africa so that we can offer the perfect experience for students of different areas.

Nonprofit Internships Africa

We partner with nonprofits and small start-up companies with ethical and sustainable practices; all organizations that are adding valuable contributions towards community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. All internships at these nonprofits are designed to add substantial value to the work that’s being done.

Get in touch if you’d like us to help you find the perfect internship! 

We carefully match the right person with the right organization to reach the most beneficial experience for everyone involved. As an intern, you’ll gain valuable work experience, allowing you to grow your roots. At the same time, you’ll get to contribute to the important work that is happening at a grass-roots level in Africa; a beautiful offshoot of mutual growth.

Our nonprofit internships offer a range of academic areas; from marketing, communications, and fundraising to graphic design and environmental management. Whether you’re looking for overall experience in nonprofit management, or something as specific as event coordination, we can offer you an internship that will suit your skills and academic focus. At most organizations, internships can be adapted or tailor-made for interns with a specific skill set or doing a certain research program. Just get in touch with us for some personal advice!

Offering Learning Opportunities for South Africans

We believe it’s important to offer skills development to members of the local community we work in, so we offer free services to a number of South African interns each year. We identify young people from Cape Town’s underprivileged communities, and provide them with valuable work experience, thereby ensuring that local talent is nurtured.

Exploring Africa as an Intern

Oh and wait, you’ll also have a blast! We’re excited for you to experience the beauty of the African continent, to explore a new area, and to meet dozens of other interns from around the world. It’s inspiring, personally enriching – and loads of fun.

Most of our internships are in Cape Town, a South African city with endless intrigue and opportunities. As an intern in Cape Town, you’ll never be bored; its stunning natural surroundings, many beaches, and vibrant culture will provide you with plenty of things to explore during your time off. We also offer NGO internships in other parts of Africa, including Zambia, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. Plenty of exciting African destinations to explore!


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