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Welcome to Internships in Cambodia

A Southeast Asian gem with rich history, stunning temples, warm culture, lush landscapes, and diverse cuisine and life-changing nonprofit internship opportunities.

Travel to the land of ancient temples, dense jungles, breathtaking beaches, and booming, bustling cities, and kickstart your career with a nonprofit internship in Cambodia. It’s truly one of the most thrilling destinations in Southeast Asia. With myriad contrasting landscapes of jungles, mountains, cityscapes, and beaches, proud heritage and culture, a deep, expansive history, and famously hospitable people, this country has something for everyone. What’s more, in spite of being such a cookie jar of traveling treats, it’s surprisingly under-explored and unspoiled by tourism.

Cambodia is also a remarkable destination for nonprofit internships. We have a number of partners in this country doing incredible work in education, community development, and disability care programs. Here, you’ll engage in vitally important work to empower underserved communities, assist in educational initiatives, and enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. You’ll work on intuitive programs with experts in their fields, building professional skills, practical experience, and career insights, all while watching the lives of local communities improve thanks to your effort. A nonprofit internship in Cambodia will provide an enriching experience that combines professional development, personal growth, and making tangible positive change in the world.

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Cambodia Highlights

Friendly Locals

Cambodians are well-known for their warmth and hospitality, giving interns a great opportunity to integrate with local communities and immerse themselves in the culture.

Meaningful Impact

Interns can contribute to nonprofit organizations addressing critical issues like poverty, education, healthcare, and conservation, making a tangible impact on communities.

Adventure Opportunities

Beyond internships, interns can explore Cambodia’s incredible natural beauty, from lush forests to serene beaches and a whole host of adventure activities between the two.


Cambodia offers a relatively low cost of living, making it an attractive destination for interns on a budget.

Browse All Internship Opportunities in Cambodia

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Open for applications

Mental and Physical Health Development Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
Empower through health development with the opportunity to independently design care programs for mental and physical well-being in Cambodia.
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Boy behind computer

Open for applications

Technical Support Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
Assist a nonprofit in optimizing software and digital tools, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving positive impact for meaningful change.
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Open for applications

Communications and Marketing Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
Build communication and marketing skills, aiding initiatives to uplift families from poverty through impactful outreach and awareness campaigns.
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smiling children cambodia

Open for applications

Education Program Development Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
Collaborate on designing impactful educational programs to break the cycle of poverty and shape a brighter future for children and families.
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Important information about Cambodia

Internship locations in Cambodia

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a vibrant city in northwestern Cambodia, known as the gateway to the Angkor Archaeological Park. It’s renowned for its ancient temple complexes, including the iconic Angkor Wat. The city offers a mix of cultural experiences, bustling markets, and a range of attractions for visitors to enjoy as they explore this historical treasure trove.

More Cambodia Information

Weather and Climate

Cambodia experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The wet season typically runs from May to October, characterized by heavy rainfall and high humidity. The dry season, from November to April, offers more pleasant weather with lower humidity and cooler temperatures. Be prepared for the extremes in each season: high humidity during the wet season, and potential heat waves during the dry season. Plan clothing and activities accordingly when interning in Cambodia to accommodate these climate fluctuations.

Safety and Support

Throughout your internship in Cambodia we’re here to support you.With a combination of personal responsibility and assistance from hosting organizations interns can enjoy a safe, comfortable experience. Interns should stay informed about local safety conditions, follow any travel advisories, and take precautions regarding health and security. Hosting organizations typically provide orientation, accommodation assistance, and guidance on cultural norms. They may also offer a support network and emergency contacts. However, maintaining personal awareness and adhering to safety guidelines remain crucial for a successful and secure internship experience in Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel Requirements

  • Visa – For internships shorter than 6 months, a business visa or tourist visa is typically sufficient. You can extend a tourist visa once for an additional 30 days if needed. If you intend to stay longer than 6 months, you will need a business visa and may also need to obtain a work permit. It’s important to check with the Cambodian embassy or consulate in your home country for the most up-to-date visa requirements and regulation
  • Travel Insurance – You want to have a carefree experience during your internship abroad, so it’s important to get the right travel insurance; a package that is suited for your upcoming trip. Check out our page with more information on flights and insurance.
  • Police Clearance / Background Check – This is a standard policy for most of our internships, as you are often working with vulnerable individuals. The procedure on how to obtain a police clearance/background check varies per country.
  • Vaccinations – Recommended vaccinations and medical precautions for internships in Cambodia typically include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, and polio vaccinations. Malaria prophylaxis may also be necessary, depending on the region of Cambodia you’ll be in. Consult with a travel medicine specialist for personalized advice. Additionally, practice good food and water hygiene, and consider carrying a medical kit with essentials like rehydration salts and insect repellent.


Are there any language requirements for a nonprofit internship in Cambodia?

While English is commonly used in many nonprofit organizations in Cambodia, some may require proficiency in Khmer, the official language. Even if it’s not necessary, learning the basics will certainly improve your experience. Language requirements will vary depending on the specific internship and role you select.

What are the eligibility criteria for nonprofit internships in Cambodia?

Eligibility criteria can vary, but most organizations require interns to be at least 18 years old, proficient in English, and committed to their mission. Specific requirements may differ depending on the organization and the internship role.

Are nonprofit internships in Cambodia paid?

Nonprofit internships in Cambodia are often unpaid. In rare cases, interns may be offered a modest stipend. However, most organizations rely on volunteers and interns to support their work, so it’s essential to inquire about costs when applying.

Are there any cultural sensitivities or norms I should be aware of when interning in Cambodia?

Yes, Cambodia has its cultural norms and customs. It’s essential to be respectful and sensitive to Cambodian culture, including dress codes, etiquette, and religious practices. Learning a few basic Khmer phrases can also be helpful in building relationships with locals.

Can I receive academic credit for a nonprofit internship in Cambodia?

Some educational institutions may offer academic credit for internships, but this varies by institution and program. If you wish to receive academic credit, you’ll need to clarify this during the application process. This way, we can coordinate with your school’s internship or study abroad office to ensure that your internship meets their requirements. Alternatively we can assist you with purchasing transfer credits.

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