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Explore our Marine Conservation Internships

Intrigued by the deep blue and undiscovered species of the sea? A place that is known to many but experienced by few. Time to dive into one of these marine conservation internships! Surrounded by magnificent views and creatures, you’ll join a team conducting important marine research and conserving marine life. An ideal way to learn about the day-to-day of this profession and refine your skills in lab work and research procedures.

With endless creatures to discover and a need to protect marine life, our conservation internships prioritize the research and protection of aquatic life. These programs offer practical work experience through the means of lab work, marine biology, and direct involvement with local conservation efforts. As a marine science intern, you’ll learn a whole lot about the rich, biodiverse area of where you are based, its sea life, and the need for conservation in our oceans globally. Being based in any of these idyllic and alluring locations, you’ll be surrounded by white shores, placid waves, and welcoming locals. Take on this opportunity to live and work in an area unique in beauty and culture, while subsequently engaging in a specialized learning experience.

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Why choose Roots Interns for Marine Conservation Internships?


You’ll join an organization that works directly with their community to solve problems on the ground and make a real impact.


We’ll help you find and prepare for an internship with the organization that’s right for you and your skills, background, and passions.

Academic placements

Working abroad is an experience like no other and your internship will be tailored to your studies and interests.

Browse All Marine Conservation Internship Projects

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Open for applications

Marine Conservation Internship in Zanzibar, Tanzania

  • 3 months
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Education, Data Collection, Turtle Conservation, Monitoring
Travel to Zanzibar and gain extensive experience in marine conservation work
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aerial picture of cirenas

Open for applications

Conservation Research Internship

  • Min. 2 months
  • Manzanillo, Costa Rica
  • Data Capture, Permaculture, Conservation, Education, Monitoring, Research 
Specialize in Marine or Land Ecology, or get a taste of both with this versatile Conservation Internship.
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Marine Science field research internship

Open for applications

Marine Science Field Research Internship

  • 2-4 Weeks
  • Simon's Town, South Africa
  • Research dives, Data collection, Mapping, Reporting
A comprehensive crash-course in Marine Science and Conservation
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Marine conservation program

Open for applications

Marine Conservation Program

  • 2-6 Weeks
  • Simon's Town, South Africa
  • Community outreach, Data collection, Surveys, Reporting
Gain international experience in a marine conservation context
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Marine Research assistant

Open for applications

Marine Research Assistant Internship

  • 8-12 Weeks
  • Simon's Town, South Africa
  • Research dives, Data collection, Mapping, Reporting
Make your first steps on a career path in Marine Science
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divers underwater

Open for Applications

Marine Research Assistant Internship

  • 4 weeks
  • Bulak, Dauin, Philippines
  • Data Analysis, Research, Reporting, Education
Assist with the furtherment of Marine Science studying coral reefs in one of the most biodiverse marine regions in the world.
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Open for Applications

Marine Research Fellow Internship

  • 3 months
  • Bulak, Dauin, Philippines
  • Data Collection & Analysis, (Lab) Research, Reporting, Mentoring, Education
Transform global marine ecosystems through locally-led community based conservation strategies.
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two divers underwater reading a map

Open for Applications

Research Assistant and Divemaster Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Bulak, Dauin, Philippines
  • Data Collection & Analysis, Monitoring, Research, Reporting, Education
Put your marine science skills and passion to work by conducting critical research on marine ecosystems in the Coral Triangle.
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Marine Research Internship

Open for applications

Marine Research Internship

  • Min. 4 weeks
  • Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
  • Research, Reporting, Monitoring, Education
Get field experience in marine research on a stunning island.
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Marine Conservation Internship

Open for applications

Marine Conservation Project

  • 8 weeks
  • Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
  • Operations, outreach, research
Learn about the day to day running of a field based marine NGO
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Other Academic Focus Areas

Benefits of Marine Conservation Internships

Practical experience

Participating in any of our marine conservation internships offers you the opportunity to actively engage in marine preservation initiatives that contribute to the protection of our planet’s oceans and biodiversity.

Environmental awareness

As an intern, you will develop an in-depth understanding of marine ecosystems, the importance of preserving the ocean’s health, and the challenges constantly being faced in this mission.

Personal network

In our marine conservation internships you will work hand-in-hand with marine experts and organizations which allow you to build a professional network in the field that can foster future collaborations and job opportunities.

Make an impact

You will directly contribute to marine conservation initiatives, ranging from protecting endangered species to promoting sustainable practices. Participate in making a tangible difference in the conservation of our oceans.

Personal growth

Joining a marine biology internship, will instill a sense of environmental responsibility and a lifelong commitment to protecting the ocean. This goes beyond career development and promotes an active citizen responsibility.

Global perspective

As the oceans weave through many countries and continents, international collaborations are essential to protect them. This commitment will enable you to meet and engage with people from all walks of life with a commonality to preserve marine life on a global scale.

Best Places for Marine Conservation Internships

Why Choose Roots Internships in Marine Conservation

Find out from our previous interns how internship positions in Marine Conservation can boost your professional career and grow your interpersonal skills.

I went there without any expectations and I ended up being in a beautiful place, with very friendly people, surrounded by nature and the ocean, amazing food, breathtaking night skies and sunsets and unforgettable wildlife experiences. I have gotten a lot of field work experience that will be very useful for other marine science jobs I’m planning to do in the future. I highly recommend this marine science internship!

Daniel, Barcelona Autonomous University, Spanish – Marine Research Internship, Mozambique

I was lucky enough to get the experience with a very optimistic and hard-working research team. My internship taught me to bring nature into my life in a more sustainable way as well as learn more about scientific academia. Moreover, having a good work community is key. The team was a great bunch of people and taught me a lot in terms of engaging with others in your work environment. The beauty of Benhuerra made passion easy; the dives were great for macro sightings and the team was very energizing.

Gigi, University of Cape Town, South African – Marine Conservation Program, Mozambique

Marine Conservation FAQs

Who can apply for marine conservation internships?

Depending on location, requirements for each internship are likely to differ. Ideally, you should have either an educational or career link to the field of marine conservation. You’ll be required to have a PADI Open Water Diver certificate or one that is of equal standard; if your last dive exceeds 6 months to date, a refresher course will be needed. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a scuba certificate you can do it on-site upon arrival! Besides the fundamentals, all you will need for this angelic experience is a big heart for ocean life and an eagerness to explore the water!

Can an internship kickstart a career in marine conservation?

Yes yes yes! Our internships allow you to adventure into the world of marine conservation and test the waters to see if it’s something you actually enjoy and could make a profession out of. Gaining practical work experience expands your skills within the field, as well as your resume. Keeping in mind the keyword “kickstart”, it is a great way to immerse yourself in a network full of professionals and acquire an understanding of what specific area you’re interested to learn more about.

How can I apply for a marine science internship?

If you’re ready to apply for a marine conservation internship, here’s what to do;

  • If you know which internship you’d like to apply for, fill out the application form. If you’re interested in various internships, or you’re not sure which one would suit you best, let us know and we’ll help you figure it out.
  • We’ll set up a short online chat to discuss your application, find out more about you and what you’re hoping to get out of the experience, and answer any questions you might have.
  • We’ll then pass your application on to the organization’s internship supervisor. If he/she thinks it might be a good match, we will be able to confirm the placement (an interview with the host might be part of the selection process).

What activities will I be part of during conservation internships?

You will complete many tasks and take on multiple roles during your time as a marine conservation intern. Subject to your chosen location, the activities will differ based on the needs of the organization. You will ultimately contribute to the daily running and operations of the conservation center where you are based. This can include and is not limited to collecting data during diving expeditions, tagging marine life, lab work, 3D seabed mapping, permaculture projects, and raising awareness of marine conservation among the local community.


If you’re ready to apply for this internship, here’s what to do:


Fill in the application form (it will show in a new screen) which includes sharing your CV to us


We’ll set up a call with you to go through your application.


If we feel it’s a good match, we’ll set up a call between you and the supervisor for this internship.


If everyone’s happy, we’ll provisionally confirm your placement! We’ll then send you the invoice for the deposit, getting started with the booking process and all the info you need.


Only once we receive payment of the deposit your placement will be confirmed.


Or if you’d just like to ask us some questions about this internship first, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll be happy to assist!