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We invite you to join one of our engineering or IT internships! As an intern, you’ll immerse yourself in the dynamic world of continuously pushing boundaries of problem-solving and innovation. As you delve into the real-world application of your IT or engineering skills, you’ll be making a true impact in the lives of local communities and hardworking organizations. These internships invite you to use your specialized skills to make a difference in the efficiency and impact of projects addressing global issues at a grassroots level.

During any internships in IT or in engineering, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a determined team of volunteers and professionals who are passionate about the cause they work for. No matter what tasks your internship involves, you’ll be a large part of the team as you’ll be applying your specific knowledge and skills to tackle challenges that organizations face in their daily work. This is your opportunity to combine your passions and technical skills with the values of social responsibility.

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Why choose Roots Interns for Engineering & IT Internships?


You’ll join an organization that works directly with their community to solve problems on the ground and make a real impact.


We’ll help you find and prepare for an internship with the organization that’s right for you and your skills, background, and passions.

Academic placements

Working abroad is an experience like no other and your internship will be tailored to your studies and interests.

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Four Asian children with glass of water

Open for applications

Impact and Water Waste Research Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Research, Data Analysis, Reporting, Presentations
Build valuable research skills whilst contributing to an often overlooked cause in the climate crisis
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Boy behind computer

Open for applications

Technical Support Internship

  • Min. 12 weeks
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • CRM Management, Data Analysis, IT
Travel to Cambodia and help a social impact nonprofit to better utilize software and digital tools in their work.
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volunteer inside a dental clinic

Open for applications

Public Health and WASH Engineering Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Shandia, Ecuador
  • Education, Research, Operations, Construction, Engineering, Public Health
Help a rural community develop systems for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
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Monitoring and evaluation internship

Open for applications

Monitoring & Evaluation Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
  • Data Collection, Evaluation, Analysis, and Reporting
Join a South African media distribution nonprofit for an internship focused on measuring and reporting impact.
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Other Academic Focus Areas

Benefits of Engineering & IT Internships

Make an impact

By joining an engineering or IT internship, your niche skills will be used to address global issues and contribute to making a tangible difference in the lives of disadvantaged communities.


As an intern, you’ll work on solving challenges and get the opportunity to apply your technical knowledge to create innovative solutions.


An engineering or IT internship involves a lot of collaborative teamwork, which will allow you to connect with various professionals and volunteers.

Practical experience

Whatever your internship focuses on, you’ll get hands-on working experience in your field, along with learning how to work with a diverse team in an international context.

Personal growth

Interning in the nonprofit industry is sure to foster qualities such as leadership, adaptability, resilience, and open-mindedness.

Personal enhancement

Internships in IT or engineering with a nonprofit will showcase your commitment and dedication to social impact and your ability to apply your technical skills to real-world problems.

Best Places for Engineering & IT Internships

Why Choose Roots Internships in Engineering & IT

Find out from our previous interns how internship positions in Engineering & IT can boost your professional career and grow your interpersonal skills.

My 3-month remote internship was nothing short of amazing. All the organization’s members were patient, passionate, and hardworking individuals from whom I learned a lot. I was lucky enough to work and interact closely with one of the founders, who gave me the chance to really expand my boundaries in terms of how I interpreted people’s ideas, beliefs, and behaviors into tangible sources of change and impact. I also took on tasks from the Operations Director and Program Assistant, who were encouraging and patient with me, allowing me to have a growth in confidence in my work. Overall the experience has been enriching in allowing me to not only apply my academic knowledge but in realizing the value of passion while undertaking humanitarian work, and the fulfillment it gives. And that was entirely because of Roots’ support and guidance!

Phoebe, Strathmore University, Sudanese – Remote Monitoring & Evaluation Internship

Engineering & IT FAQs

Who can apply for internships in IT or engineering?

Given the technical nature of these engineering or IT internships, they do require a relevant academic background or experience in the field; you can check the specific requirements with each listing. You’ll need to be adaptable and open-minded with a driven and determined mindset to work in nonprofits. As you’ll join a small team, you’ll get to play a large role by taking on various responsibilities with different tasks. If you need help deciding which internship is best, send us a message and we’ll match you with the organization that is right for you and your internship goals.

Why should I do my nonprofit internship abroad?

Doing an internship abroad provides a unique perspective on global issues where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your field operates on an international scale. As an IT or engineering intern, you’ll get the opportunity to build an international network which can be a gateway to collaborative opportunities with professionals from various countries. In today’s ever-changing global job market, adapting to a new culture and work environment is a crucial skill so why not get some experience now! This is the perfect opportunity to gain working experience in a foreign country, explore new places and travel during your free time, and make an impact for a worthwhile cause with your technical skills. And don’t worry, Roots will be there to help you along the entire journey!

What can I expect to learn during my Engineering or IT Internship?

Depending on your engineering or IT internship, you’ll improve and enhance your technical skills such as data analysis & reporting, entry level programming, product/hardware design, network management, and more. However, this all depends on which organization you join for your internship as their needs are ever-changing. Without a doubt, you’ll join a dedicated team doing important work on a grassroots level. You can expect to learn a unique set of skills and gain insights that blend your technical skills and knowledge, with a focus on humanitarian and social impact.

What does the application process look like?

Are you ready to apply for one of these internships? Great! Here’s what to do;

  • If you know which internship(s) you’d like to apply for, fill out the application form, and send your CV to internship[at] If you’re not quite sure which internship would suit you best, send us a message and we’ll help you narrow it down.
  • Next, we’ll set up a virtual call to discuss your application, find out more about you and your internship goals, and answer any questions you may have about securing a nonprofit internship.
  • We’ll then pass your application on to the person who would be your supervisor at the organization. If they think it might be a good match, there will be a second interview, which will go into more detail about the specific tasks and projects you could get involved in..
  • If everyone’s happy, you’ll receive an internship offer and if you accept it, we’ll start the process of organizing your internship!


If you’re ready to apply for this internship, here’s what to do:


Fill in the application form (it will show in a new screen) which includes sharing your CV to us


We’ll set up a call with you to go through your application.


If we feel it’s a good match, we’ll set up a call between you and the supervisor for this internship.


If everyone’s happy, we’ll provisionally confirm your placement! We’ll then send you the invoice for the deposit, getting started with the booking process and all the info you need.


Only once we receive payment of the deposit your placement will be confirmed.


Or if you’d just like to ask us some questions about this internship first, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll be happy to assist!