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Environmental Management Internships in Africa

If you’re studying environmental sciences or a related field and are interested in doing an internship abroad (or remotely), these internships could be a great match for you. All internships are with African based nonprofit organisations that are tackling environmental issues in the field. The focus of their work ranges, and includes agroforestry, land and water management, urban greening, food security, permaculture, and environmental education. As an intern with these environmental NGOs, you’ll get a thorough understanding of their methods, goals, and operations, and an opportunity to put gain practical work experience in this sector.

Through a well-structured and guided internship that will meet your desired learning outcomes, you’ll get valuable work experience, as well as the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile environmental cause. You’ll also get to live and work in a beautiful part of Africa! (Or work online, if this work better for you and if the internship allows it.)

Find a list of environmental management internships in Africa below, or get in touch to find out how to apply! (Please note that while specific internship roles are outlined below, we often customise (research) internships for students with specific requirements.)



woman digging the soil

Open for applications

Research and Nature Conservation Internship

Research and Nature Conservation Internship

Min. 8 weeks

Bahia, Brazil

Research, Monitoring, Data analysis, reporting, education

Gain practical research experience protecting biodiversity and creating sustainable change

Forest Management Internship_feature

Applications open for Aug-Oct 2023!

Forest Management Internship

Forest Management Internship

Aug-Oct 2023

Cape Town & Garden Route

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, Data Analysis, Reforestation

Gain field experience in the impact assessment and sustainability of forest restoration programs.

Open for applications

Remote Agroforestry Research Internship

Remote Agroforestry Research Internship

8-26 weeks


Research, agroforestry

Research and gain insights into sustainable land management in Ghana

NGO Management Internship

Open for applications

NGO Management Internship in Malawi

NGO Management Internship in Malawi

2-6 months

Nkhata Bay, Malawi OR Remote

NGO Management, Fundraising, Marketing, Communications

Assist with the management of an NGO that supports permaculture clubs for school children,

Permaculture Internship

Open for applications

Permaculture Internship

Permaculture Internship

8-26 weeks

Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Permaculture, Organic Farming

Based in rural Malawi, help develop and run workshops for permaculture clubs in schools.

Urban greening internship

Open for applications

Urban Greening Internship

Urban Greening Internship

8-26 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Facilitation, Research, Reporting, Monitoring, Education, Tree planting

Gain field experience as part of projects that provide greening and eco-education in townships.

UH-Food Security Internship

Open for applications

Food Security & Urban Farming Internship

Food Security & Urban Farming Internship

8-12 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Food security, urban farming, education

Help develop and manage food gardens and host eco-workshops at schools in townships.


internships in South Africa

South Africa

Join us in one of the most popular countries to visit on the African continent! It’s no coincidence that this is the destination of choice for so many travelers; with breathtaking scenery ranging from lush forests to arid deserts to a beach-lovers paradise, you won’t be disappointed. It’s also one of the best countries for animal safaris, and you’ll be able to spot all of the Big 5! All of that aside, South Africa is one of the most environmentally diverse places in the world. The flora and fauna here are one of a kind; many plant species here are endemic to the Western Cape, so you won’t get to study them in their natural habitat anywhere else in the world. For a student of environmental studies or someone interested in working for a worthy cause, this is one of the most ideal locations on the planet to do an internship.

Ghana internships


We’re pleased to be able to offer a unique opportunity to do an environmental internship with a nonprofit organization in Ghana! This country in West Africa is full of rich culture and friendly people who you no doubt will get to know during your permaculture internship! Join us in working for a worthy cause in Ghana.

Malawi Schools Permaculture Club


Not only will you gain valuable experience by doing an environmental internship with an NGO in Malawi, but you’ll get to live right on the shore of Lake Malawi! This paradise will be your backyard, and after-work hangout spot; does it get any better than that?! Besides the idyllic location, you’ll be working with one of the most reputable nonprofit organizations in the region. Malawi Schools Permaculture Club is a nonprofit that promotes permaculture principles to children in Malawi by running after-school permaculture clubs. In this environmental internship you can rest easy knowing that you’re working towards a more sustainable future for the people of Malawi.

Victoria Falls


How would you like to combine a valuable environmental learning experience with a visit to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders? In our Climate Change Academic Program in Zambia will take you to the infamous Victoria Falls, a sight you won’t forget! Besides the exciting opportunity to see the famous waterfall, you’ll gain knowledge and insight into topics such as deforestation, sustainable forest management, alternative energy sources, and food security.

remote internship tips


We understand as much as everyone that it’s not so easy to jet around the world for an internship right now. Even so, we didn’t want to deprive any of our potential interns of the chance to gain valuable work experience with our amazing environmental NGO partners in Africa; so, we’re happy to be able to offer remote nonprofit internships! They are an attainable alternative and the next best thing to coming to Africa for your environmental management internship. You’ll still have access to some of the brightest minds in environmental sustainability in Africa and know that you’re working towards a good cause, plus you won’t have the added stress of packing.


How experienced do I need to be to join an environmental internship?

It depends on the specific internship program; some require more experience than others, but we do offer something for applicants of all levels. So whether you have or are working towards a degree in environmental sciences, or you are just passionate about helping save our planet (and kudos to you), we can offer you an environmental internship that will suit your level and goals.

Who is an environmental science internship for?

Our environmental management internships can be a great opportunity if you’re a student majoring in any environmental program, or have just graduated with a degree in environmental science, and are looking to gain valuable work experience. You’ll get a chance to use your knowledge and skill-set in a new context. Our environmental management internships are also suitable for someone who is passionate about sustainability and the environment and wants to learn how an environmental NGO works. No matter what your intended outcome is, as long as you are open to learning, willing to help, and like working with others, we have an environmental internship that will suit your needs!

What can I expect to learn as an environmental intern in Africa?

We offer a range of focus topics in our environmental internships, from permaculture to food security to organic farming. No matter which focus area or location you choose to do your environmental internship in, you’ll have the pleasure of working in a reputable organization that has tons of experience. So be prepared to learn a lot! The more you are willing to soak up as a student, the more you will learn. And the learning doesn’t stop at environmental issues; as an intern working for an organization based in Africa, you’ll also get a chance to learn about a whole new country and culture. The possibilities are endless!

Why is Africa a great destination for an environmental sciences internship abroad?

Africa is a very large and diverse continent, and we happen to offer environmental internships in countries from just about every corner of it. Besides the valuable learning experience you’ll get regarding diverse ecosystems and environmental sustainability methods, you’ll also gain knowledge that you otherwise wouldn’t if you were to do an internship in your own city or country. That’s something that not many people can put on their resumes! Another advantage is the fact that all of our internships placements are with nonprofit organisations or social enterprises, so you will also gain experience and knowledge of the nonprofit sector. We at Roots Interns are proud of the organisations that we partner with, and the list of internships we have on offer.
Besides the valuable learning experience you’ll gain and the exceptional impact you will make for our planet, there’s also the obvious reason that Africa is an exciting continent full of breathtaking landscapes, exotic animals, and bucket list-worthy travel destinations! Who wouldn’t want to combine a work experience with the trip of a lifetime?!

If you have any more questions regarding our environmental management internships in Africa, give us a shout!