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Olivia, United StatesGender Equality Internship, South Africa AND Communications & Marketing, Zambia

Moving to Africa was very scary for me but luckily through the internships Roots placed me with the transition was very easy. I worked in South Africa for three months in the GBV space and realized aiding survivors of GBV is something I am incredibly passionate about. After my time in South Africa I moved to Zambia to work in a school / community center. This internship in Zambia taught me a lot about all of the different aspects of running a non-profit as well as showing me different sectors I could potentially work in. Both of these internships have changed my life for the better and have helped me to figure out what I want my future career to look like.

Jordan, United KingdomRemote Content Creation Internship

Roots and Penda have both completely exceeded my expectations. As someone who is currently on a gap year out of high school, I was worried that I wouldn't find an internship that would respect me as a member of the team, or give me tasks that were genuinely challenging and exciting - but Roots was able to do just that! This has been such a valuable experience. Thanks for finding me such a great placement!

Roy, The NetherlandsResearch Internship, Cape Town

For me, the setup of the office represents the Greenpop culture. It can be chaotic, quiet and thrilling, but it will always give you a sense of home. The Greenpop staff and interns are so involved with nature - all in their own way - and so intrinsically motivated to do something good for the world, one way or another. This was so evident that even from the Netherlands, preparing for my time abroad, I could tell that the organization would fit me like my favorite plants.

Jamie, United StatesDigital Marketing and Sales Internship, Cape Town

It's great to have all these different roles. I do things in this Nonprofit Internship in Cape Town many other interns don’t get the chance to. Monkeybiz really involved me in making certain business decisions.

Caya, The NetherlandsFood Security and Urban Farming Internship, Cape Town

Many children don't eat enough fruit and vegetables and sometimes don't even eat them at all. I wanted to show them healthy food can be really tasty as well. It was actually amazing to see the children who previously did not like vegetables, really liked making and eating spinach and parsnip cookies. You can image making the children enthusiastic about healthy food was one of my favorite parts of the internship.

Auriana, FranceConservation Internship, Greater Kruger

It was so amazing to have so much responsibility and I'm grateful that my supervisor let us be inc harge. In the end we were able to identify two leopards and found other elusive species which was very exciting.

Hendrik, GermanyEvent Coordination Internship, Cape Town

Throughout the strike, I thought it might be a little too much work. However, as soon as you see the process of building up the terrain and seeing things working out, a feeling of satisfaction arises. Looking back at the job I did there, it fulfilled me with pride and satisfaction!

Smrita, IndiaRemote Business Development Internship

This internship has exceeded my expectations. With the right placement and the right people, I have grown so much. It started off as something to kill time but it ended up being what I want to do for the rest of my life. I've met amazing people full of purpose and verve. They helped me reach out to nonprofits with amazing causes where I could help put with my strategy skills.

Amanda, United StatesCommunity Development internship, Malawi

Roots Interns connected me with the perfect organization to grow my personal and professional skills. With their help I was able to travel to Malawi and be a part of projects that make a tangible impact in the community. I was able to see first-hand how nonprofits function in a developing country and the work I did made changes that I could see reflected in my time on the ground. This internship changed my life by exposing me to a whole new way of life and I couldn’t be more thankful to Roots Interns for the role they played in giving me this experience.

AlfieRemote Fundraising & Communications Internship

I felt proud to work for an organization that does something very unique, interesting, and powerful for a really good cause. It was a great experience that definitely has met my expectations. And it has already has helped me for applications - and it will definitely help me in the future when applying for jobs.

Abdul, SyriaCreative Writing Internship, Cape Town

Roots made the whole process very smooth and also helped me find accommodation in Cape Town as well as a lift from the airport. They would also instantly reply to my endless questions about other interns, Greenpop, Cape Town, and literally anything else I was confused about. Moreover, they would suggest amazing things to do in Cape Town. They were a very reliable source for when I needed advice for activities. To be honest, at first I was doubtful about going to Cape Town but Roots really made me feel at ease.

Mallorie, United StatesPsychology Internship, Cape Town

I am so grateful that Candi introduced me to Frances. With her help, I was able to truly get an internship that fit my learning desires. The program she made put me doing things that helped me gain more experience in the field of psychology I want to have a career in.

Jan-Niclas, GermanyRemote Creative Writing Internship

This internship has opened my eyes to a new creative world. I was always stuck on the path of writing and was planning to go on to either study something in the environmental field or become a writer. But through this, I realized that that's not necessarily what I'm supposed to do and so I applied for a program which is all about language in the marketing industry and about designing campaigns and creating ads, etc. Without this internship, I wouldn't even have thought about doing this but now I can't be more excited.

Ariane, RwandaRemote Monitoring & Evaluation Internship

I am happy to say that it was a pleasure working with Roots! Thanks a lot for getting me the remote monitoring & evaluation internship, it was really a good experience! Thanks so much for constantly checking if things were okay and enjoyable!

Merle, GermanyRemote Communications Research Internship

I wrote my bachelor thesis on fundraising communication strategies for the German market in order to help Move for Two expand its pool of monthly donors internationally. I learned a lot about fundraising marketing and am so happy that I was able to broaden my horizon. Move for Two was always extremely supportive and encouraging, making my bachelor thesis pleasant and fun. I look forward to staying in contact with them and helping implement new ideas wherever I can.

Daphne, United KingdomFundraising Internship, Zambia

In general, I can conclude this was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend an internship at ZAWS and even though it might sound cheesy, I would not have traded this experience for all the money in the world. Doing something with your skills in an organization that really needs it, and seeing that what you do really makes a difference, gives you a feeling of satisfaction you will never have experienced before. That, and a setting that is very rough, but also very beautiful, makes this internship worthwhile. If you love animals and you are keen on doing a marketing and communications internship in Africa – look no further.

Eefje, The NetherlandsFundraising and Business Development Internship, Cape Town

I would like to encourage other people who feel too old to give up their safe and settled life for a few months. Booking a ticket to Cape Town was the best decision of 2018. I am charged with new energy to find my dream job and have a clear goal to work on. I would love to build a life in South Africa and I will work on making this dream come true!

Gaia, ItalyMarketing and Fundraising Internship, Cape Town

This experience in Cape Town is a unique opportunity for several reasons. The impact of a relevant historical background is still somehow displayed in social relationships and inequalities. A flatmate once told me: “Cape Town is so close to a first-world city, but it still displays third-world dynamics.” You will experience contrasts and inequalities. You will learn how to deal with them both during work and more generally during your life here.

Denver, United KingdomMarketing and Communications Internship, Cape Town

My three months of work were fueled through the everyday love and appreciation received down in the township. It also evoked a sense of responsibility towards new volunteer members. Working at the projects is a massive source of inspiration and motivation that carried me through my stay at the projects and my accommodation Yoga Shala.

Bailey, United StatesEmpowerment of Refugees Internship, Cape Town

I have loved interning in one of the best cities in the world. Cape Town is such an amazing city and it is full of such amazing people. Coming from Idaho, I wasn´t quite sure what to expect, but I think it´s safe to say that Cape Town has been amazing!!! As an intern at the Scalabrini Centre, I have been able to work closely with refugees and immigrants, which has always been a dream of mine. I have learned so many valuable life skills, which will help me so much in my future endeavors. This is an experience I will never forget.

India, United KingdomCreative Writing Internship, Cape Town

Walking into the Greenpop office was an experience like no other. It was like a breath of fresh air, and unlike any office I had ever come across before. The desks were made from old wooden pallets, there was an abundance of plants that lit up the room. I was lit up by smiling faces. So this, I thought, is the creative haven of an environmental NGO. It was exactly how I hoped it would be.

Luco, The NetherlandsUrban Greening Internship, Cape Town

Going abroad for a couple months really changed my life. I learned so much about new cultures and it was really interesting to see how the urban greening is applied in Cape Town. Besides my internship I also had enough time to discover the beautiful city and meet a lot of new friends. I had a great time in Cape Town and I would definitely do it again if I had the chance.