At Roots, we believe internships can have an impact.

Doing an internship in Africa is an amazing way to get practical work experience, absorb a foreign culture, have a travel adventure, and build your CV. But we believe internships in Africa can do more; they can also make an impact. We see this impact achieved in two ways;

Our interns support nonprofits at grassroots level. As an intern with us, you’ll be working for small organisations with big missions. These are charities that run worthwhile social development, environmental, or wildlife conservation projects around Africa; projects making tangible impact on people’s lives and their environment. Whether your focus as an intern is NGO management, fundraising, communications, or something else, your work will contribute to these causes. It’s a rewarding and much appreciated experience.

Our interns get inspired to do more. As a happy offshoot of our internships in Africa, many of our interns end up making positive life changes after their internship. They adopt greener lifestyles, actively fundraise for the cause they’ve been part of, or even adapt their career path and end up working in the charity sector. Find out more about the impact our internships have made!

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