Animal Welfare Internships in Africa

If you’re studying animal sciences, veterinary studies, or related fields, or if you’re simply passionate about animal welfare and would like to intern with an animal charity, we have some exciting opportunities for you. As an intern, you can be part of animal charities that focus on the welfare of street animals in South Africa or Zambia, and contribute in a way that aligns with your study program or professional interests. Whether you’ll be doing fundraising or communications work, or working with animals hands-on, you’ll gain valuable work experience. You’ll also contribute to an important cause.

Find out more about our animal welfare internships below, or get in touch if you have any questions!


digital marketing internship with animal rescue center


Digital Marketing Internship with Animal Rescue Center

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote

Website Management, Fundraising, Marketing, Grant Writing, Research

Find yourself rewarded by doing impactful digital marketing, and surrounded by puppies!

writing internship with dog charity

Open for applications

Writing and Communications Internship with Youth & Dog Charity

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote

Creative writing, Communications, Content Creation

Gain experience in managing a variety of communication channels

dog charity internship

Open for applications

Organizational Development Internship with Youth & Dog Charity

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote

Fundraising, Monitoring. Reporting, Research

Assist with research, online fundraising campaigns, proposal writing, and impact monitoring.

animal welfare puppy


Animal Charity Communications Internship

Min. 8 weeks


Communications, Writing, Fundraising,  Research

Help a new charity improve the lives of stray dogs and cats in Southern Africa

Animal Rescue Management Internship

Open for applications

Animal Rescue Management Internship in Livingstone, Zambia

8-16 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia

Coordination, Project management, Community Education, Animal Welfare

Get involved in the overall management of a grassroots charity that supports street animals.

Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship

Open for applications

Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship in Livingstone, Zambia

8-16 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia

Fundraising, Animal Welfare, Communications

Help drive a variety of fundraising initiatives that will support street dogs and cats in Zambia.


If you’re passionate about animal welfare, and you’re looking for a meaningful and valuable internship in this area, it’s worth considering joining a nonprofit organization in a country that deals with a large street animal crisis. In most African countries, street animals are a prevalent problem; not only do large populations of stray animals mean bad living conditions for these animals, it also spreads disease and causes problems for human populations. Doing an internship with a nonprofit organization in a place with a vast overpopulation of animals ensures that you’ll contribute to an important cause, and allows you to have interesting practical work experience.

Penda photography internship
Dogs in Livingstone


Cape Town, South Africa
You can join us in Cape Town for a communications internship with a nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of street animals. You’ll be based on the Southern Peninsula, a stunning area on the outskirts of the city, where you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds; you’ll be a short distance away from Cape Town’s city center, but you’ll be surrounded by beaches, mountains, and a wealth of fun things to do.

There’s an estimated 250,000 street dogs in Cape Town; dogs that are often underfed, unhealthy, and sometimes abused. As an intern, you’ll help address this issue by raising awareness of the issue, and supporting vaccination campaigns, education programs, and rescue and homing projects. It’s a varied internship focused on an important cause, based in an incredible setting.

Livingstone, Zambia
We’re excited to offer the opportunity of doing an animal welfare internship in Livingstone, Zambia. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, and just a short drive from the mighty Victoria Falls, Livingstone is a friendly community with picturesque surroundings. You’ll experience rural Africa, while enjoying safaris, river cruises, and visits to the Victoria Falls during time off.

You’ll join a small group of people with a strong passion for improving the lives of dogs and cats in the local community. You’ll assist this nonprofit organization with the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of injured or sick animals, and with educating the local population on animal welfare.

Remote Internships
If you’re interested in doing a remote animal welfare internship, this could be an option too, depending on your focus area. Just get in touch if you’d like to work remotely, and we can assess whether it’s an option!


What kind of work will I do during an animal charity internship in Africa?

Your exact tasks depend on the role you take within the organization. At Roots, we always want to ensure that as an intern, you’ll meet your desired learning outcomes, and that the work you’ll do fits well within your academic focus and career goals. Our internships with animal charities have a range of focus areas; communications, content writing, fundraising, project coordination, and overall nonprofit management. If you’re not sure which exact internship fits you best, just get in touch, and we’ll help you figure it out!

What are the requirements for your animal welfare internships?

This depends on the internship you’re applying for. The specific requirements are listed on each individual internship page, so do check this out. But overall, it’s important that you have a flexible attitude and that you’re willing to take on a variety of tasks (as you’ll be part of a small organization). And it helps to have a passion for animals!

Where will I stay during my internship?

We’ll arrange comfortable and convenient accommodation for you, both in Cape Town and in Livingstone. You’ll share a house or lodge with other international students, volunteers, or travelers, so that you’ll land in a comfortable social environment. We’ll arrange it all for you – and we’ll meet you at the airport when you arrive, and get you settled in!

How will doing an animal welfare internship abroad help my career?

There are so many ways in which an animal welfare internship in Africa can help build your resume, steer your career, and inspire you. First of all, you’ll get great exposure to the animal welfare sector. As part of a small and field-based organization, you can expect to get a thorough understanding of everything involved in operating a successful animal charity. If you’re planning on working in this field, the experience you’ll have will be invaluable. It will also give you great insight into the nonprofit world in general.

Moreover, you can expect to have more responsibility than you’d have during a more traditional internship, and you’ll gain a wealth of experience in the specific focus area of your choice, which might be communications, fundraising, or project management.

Your internship will easily translate into useful knowledge and experience for very different types of careers. So even if you’re not planning on a career in the nonprofit sector, you can expect to have a resume-building, confidence-strengthening experience that will help you going forward.