Creative Writing Internships in Africa

Are you ready for the writing opportunity of a lifetime? Pack your bags and explore our creative writing internships in Africa! As so-called reclusive writers we are often told that “a writer is only as good as the sum of their experiences.” Break out of that solitudinarian stereotype! Start an experience with a grassroots charity in Cape Town, South Africa! It’s a great way to build a writing portfolio, jumpstart creativity, while personally contributing to a worthy cause to boot.

As a creative writing intern at a nonprofit, you’ll be part of development programs that tackle social or environmental issues in South Africa. You and your fellow wordsmiths will help send their message out that engages audiences through eloquent and high quality content.

Depending on the internship, you can get experience with the following:

  • Creative writing for internal blogs and external publications
  • Online content writing
  • Writing newsletters, press releases, and other communication tools
  • Report writing and grant applications

Browse through our creative writing internships in Africa below, check our FAQ about writing internships or get in touch if you have any questions!


Permaculture internship Ghana

June 15, 2021

Communications Internship with Agroforestry Project

Min. 8 weeks


Marketing, Communications, Content creation

Help develop and manage the communications channels of an agroforestry project in Ghana.

food writing internship

May 13, 2021

Food Writing Internship

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Marketing, Communications

Practice you penmanship by writing about ethical food production for an online platform.

food security internship

Apply now for 2021

Communications & Fundraising Internship with Food Security Program

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Communications, Writing, Fundraising

Help increase food security and encourage economic development in and around Cape Town.

writing internship in Zambia

Open for applications

Writing and Communications Internship, Zambia

Min. 8 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia OR Remote

Writing, Social Media, Fundraising, Communications

Help a social impact organization define their message and grow their reach.

Writing internship with GBV Project


Writing Internship with Gender Based Violence Project

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Blog writing, Report and proposal writing

Use your writing skills to contribute to the fight against gender based violence in Cape Town.

Content Writing & Communications Internship


Content Writing and Communications Internship

8-26 weeks


Digital Marketing, Writing, Communications, Fundraising

Help a radio nonprofit uplift rural African communities with your writing skills.

Remote Content Marketing Internship

Open for applications

Remote Writing Internship with South African Charity

8-26 weeks


Writing, Social Media Management, Fundraising

Bring your writing and communications skills to this dancing NPO.

SEO Content Writing Internship in tourism

Open for applications

SEO Content Writing Internship in Tourism

Min. 6 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote

Creative writing, SEO, Social Media, Blogging

Sharpen your writing skills and learn to write content that is creative and optimized for search engines.

Grant Writing Internship

Open for applications

Remote Grant Writing Internship

Min. 5 months


Fundraising research, grant writing

This is a wonderful opportunity for gaining international fundraising experience, while working remotely.

Virtual content writing Internship

Open for applications

Remote Content Writing Internship with Social Enterprise

Min. 4 weeks


Writing, SEO, Social media, Blogs

Learn all about digital content writing and gain a wealth of online writing experience.

Content Writing Internship

Open for applications

Content Writing Internship at Photography Organisation, Cape Town

8-26 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Creative Writing, SEO, Social Media, Strategy, Blogging

Improve your creative writing skills, learn about SEO, and build a varied writing portfolio.

Communications Internship

Last minute

Communications Internship in Cape Town

8-26 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Communications, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Writing

Join our team at Roots and assist with managing and developing our communications channels.

virtual creative writing internship

Open for applications

Remote Creative Writing Internship with Environmental Nonprofit

Min. 4 weeks



Sharpen your writing skills and build a portfolio during this online internship.

creative writing internship

Open for applications

Creative Writing Internship at environmental NGO

8-26 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Digital marketing, creative writing

Sharpen your writing skills and build a portfolio while being part of a green cause.


There are numerous perks to being a writer. We tell stories. We are excellent communicators. Yet mostly importantly, the best perk of being a writer is the ability to have a profound effect on someone. For most writers, it is the main reason why they write! So, if you’re hoping to make a difference, using your creative writing skills to assist a nonprofit organization is a great way to achieve that goal. We have a wide range of organizations that tackle numerous important issues at a local level. Our organizations are often small, so your role as an intern will be invaluable and the impact you will make will be significant. Exploring any of our creative writing internships in Africa will ensure your betterment as a writer and a contribution to a worthwhile cause.


Who are writing internships for?

If you’re keen to become a journalist, a copywriter, or a professional writer in some other capacity, exploring our creative writing internships in Africa is a great idea. Further, it will help sharpen the main skills you’ll be using in your future career. In addition, it will also boost your confidence, expand the type of platforms you’re comfortable writing for, and allow you to build a portfolio of written work.

Most importantly, writing is an essential skill in a wide range of jobs and industries. You’ll need to be a strong writer if you’re interested in a career in areas such as communications, fundraising, and digital marketing. It overlaps with many corporate careers too, and it would help you be a more successful entrepreneur.

You might even have a more personal goal in mind with your writing, if writing is more of a passion than a career move. So the answer is that a writing internship is a great idea for anyone interested in honing their writing skills.

What will I learn during my writing internship?

First of all, you’ll get to practice your penmanship. By writing a lot, you’ll be developing your skills, and gaining confidence in your voice as a writer. Second of all, you can expect to learn how to adapt your writing style for different audiences and purposes. Blog writing requires a different approach from proposal writing, for instance. As a writing intern with us, you’ll likely have the opportunity to practice different types of writing. Third of all, depending on your organisation and your personal interests, you might learn about writing for SEO. Search engine optimization is important for any online business, but can be key for nonprofits too. Learning how to approach content writing from a strategic marketing perspective is a skill that’s likely to come in handy in your future career.

Finally, you’ll learn more about yourself as a writer. Actually doing it, writing as a job, will help you define your passion for and mission with your penmanship, and it might help you make the right decisions for your career.

Do I qualify for a writing internship in Cape Town?

Our different writing internships all have different requirements. Some require a certain amount of experience, and might ask some writing samples. Others might be more flexible in who they’ll accept as an intern. So regardless of your experience and skills, it’s worth looking at our different internship opportunities, and letting us know that you’re interested. We’ll here to help you find the right internship for you.

Why should I do my writing internship with an NGO?

Good content is vital for nonprofit organisations. It helps them tell their story effectively, reach a wide audience, and engage people with their programs. As a writing intern for an NGO, you’ll be a vital part of raising awareness for an important cause. Furthermore, the writing opportunities are often varied, and they allow for creativity too. In addition, you might write for a variety of platforms, such as blogs, external publications, newsletters, and proposals. And your topics will be wide-ranging too; you might be writing the individual stories of people helped by nonprofit projects, or you might be writing about the larger social development space that your nonprofit organization is working in. To sum up, you can expect to be focusing on inspiring topics.

Want to know more? Read our blog about why you should do a writing internship with a charity.

Will I get credit for my articles?

Yes, depending on which organisation you’re part of, and the type of writing you’ll be doing, you can get a byline for your online articles and blogs. If you’re keen for this, make sure to check on the different opportunities with the writing internships you’re exploring.

Should I come to Africa, or do my writing internship remotely?

It depends on a few things! First of all, some internships are only available either on site in Africa or remotely. Second of all, it depends on what works for you! There are obvious benefits to both; venturing to Africa and living and working in this stunning place is an exciting experience in itself. It’s a stunning and fascinating city, and living and working here for a few months will offer an enriching experience. Moreover, working from the office of the organisation you’re part of, and seeing its projects on the ground, will obviously add to your experience in a number of ways; it will allow you to be a physical part of the team, and to see the results of your work first-hand.

On the other hand, working from home has a number of advantages; it’s cheaper, more flexible, and more environmentally friendly. Doing an online internship means you’ll do the same work – and enjoy international work experience – but you won’t need to travel or change your routine. You might even do it part-time, while studying or working at the same time. Remote internships can be brilliant opportunities under certain circumstances, and writing internships lend themselves perfectly to this setup.

So it fully depends on you. We’re excited to be able to offer a variety of learning experiences, and we’re always happy to help you find the internship that perfectly suits you and your situation.