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Explore our Creative Writing Internships

We’re excited to offer a wide range of writing internships with development programs that tackle social or environmental issues on a grassroots level. As a writing intern with one of these organizations, you’ll help tell stories from the field and put the impact into words, so that potential donors and current beneficiaries are aware of what’s happening on the ground which is vital for funding. These creative writing internships have various focuses; some are purely focused on grant writing for nonprofits, while others allow you to write content for several platforms including blogs, newsletters, websites, press releases, and impact reports.

This is a unique opportunity to blend your passion for writing with your determination to contribute to positive change. It not only allows you to advance your writing portfolio and career prospects, but enables you to be an advocate, storyteller, and driving force behind an organization’s mission and goal. Join a creative writing internship and embark on a literary exploration, where the power of words is exercised, your creativity brought to light, and your storytelling used to make meaningful contributions to an important cause.

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Why choose Roots Interns for Creative Writing Internships?

Grassroots work

You’ll join an organization that works directly with their community to solve problems on the ground and make a real impact.


We’ll help you find and prepare for an internship with the organization that’s right for you and your skills, background, and passions.

Academic Placements

Working abroad is an experience like no other and your internship will be tailored to your studies and interests.

Browse All Creative Writing Internship Projects

NGO storytelling internship; Sustainable Coffee Bay

Open for applications

NGO Storytelling Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Coffee Bay, South Africa
Hone your storytelling and communication skills while contributing to impactful social initiatives with an NGO, creating a meaningful difference.
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UN-Research and grant writing internship; Uniq Foundation


Research & Grant Writing Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
Develop strong research and writing skills while gaining practical experience in securing grants, conducting impactful research and projects.
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Permaculture internship Ghana

Open for applications

Remote Agroforestry Project Communications Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Remote
Assist in developing and managing communication channels for an agroforestry project, enhancing community engagement and sustainable practices.
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writing internship in Zambia

Open for applications

Writing & Communications Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Livingstone, Zambia OR Remote
Support a social impact nonprofit by expanding their outreach and refining your writing and communication skills for impactful narratives.
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writing internship with dog charity

Open for applications

Writing & Communications Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
Craft impactful stories and messages, leveraging your writing and communication skills to inspire positive change and community connection.
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Writing internship with GBV Project


Writing Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Harness your writing skills to contribute meaningfully to the fight against gender-based violence, leaving an impact through your written voice.
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Content Writing & Communications Internship

Open for applications

Remote Content Writing & Communications Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Remote
Uplift rural African communities through impactful content creation, using your writing skills to support and promote a nonprofit's initiatives.
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Remote Content Marketing Internship

Open for applications

Remote Writing Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Remote
Channel your creativity to support artistic expression by bringing your writing and communications skills to this vibrant dancing NPO.
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SEO Content Writing Internship in tourism

Open for applications

SEO Tourism Content Writing Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
Elevate your writing game with a unique blend of creativity and SEO expertise, producing compelling content that stands out in online searches.
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Content Writing Internship

Open for applications

Content Writing Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
Master the art of creating engaging and optimized content, while building a diverse writing portfolio to enhance your professional profile.
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Communications Internship

Last minute

Communications Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Join our team at Roots and assist with managing and developing our communication channels, playing a key role in enhancing outreach efforts.
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creative writing internship

Open for applications

Creative Writing Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Sharpen your writing prowess, build a compelling portfolio, and make a meaningful impact as you actively contribute to environmental advocacy.
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Other Academic Focus Areas

Benefits of Creative Writing Internships

Portfolio Building

Writing internships enable any passionate writer the chance to build a robust portfolio of written work that demonstrates your ability to craft compelling and engaging content.

Personal Network

Get the opportunity to engage with professionals in the nonprofit sector while building a network that can lead to future opportunities in the field.

Make an impact

Creative writing internships allow you to delve into the art of compelling and captivating narratives that portray the human side of the organization’s work and mission, making the content more relatable and deeply resonant with the audience.

Personal growth

As an intern, you’ll contribute to meaningful causes through your writing and raise awareness to wide audiences about the various challenges faced around the world.

Content creation

Writing internships allows you to produce engaging content for the organization’s website, newsletters, social media platforms, and blogs helping to engage and retain the audience.

Community connections

Contribute to community engagement efforts, where you’ll not only craft messages and materials for local education and outreach programs but also build meaningful relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Best Places for Creative Writing Internships

Why Choose Roots Internships in Creative Writing

Find out from our previous interns how internship positions in Creative Writing can boost your professional career and grow your interpersonal skills.

I’ve been in charge of social media, Google Ads, data entry and analysis, designing graphics, and creating a Wikipedia page. The experience has been very enjoyable and I’ve gotten to do a lot of work. Probably the biggest project I’ve gotten to work on is their national television campaign in Malawi, which used graphics I created as part of the programs. Besides the experience it has added to my resume, this internship also gave me a lot of insight into what I want to do in the future. I learned about how a nonprofit operates, which was very illuminating. The internship met my expectations and provided an engaging and meaningful work experience.

Noah, Northeastern University, American – Remote Journalism / Content Writing Internship

I am very much enjoying the writing I am doing, and how it impacts the organization’s mission. Writing can have such a major impact on the conveyance of an organization’s achievements and goals, and I am happy to be a part of that. Blog writing, I am enjoying the most. There are so many topics to tackle and so many different ways to tackle each one. It is also incredibly interesting to learn about the impact that writing can have on an online platform – in its content, blogs, and promotions. I was able to learn about SEO, backend editing of websites, and purposeful blog writing all within the comfort of my own home. This has been immensely helpful, and I know it is a skill that will carry with me beyond this internship.

Taylor, University of Michigan, American – SEO Content Writing Internship, South Africa

Amazing remote internship experience. I learned so much about the organization. My supervisor was very hands-on from day one and because of my gained experience, I am more comfortable with my writing abilities and social media content-creating and managing skills. I wish I could’ve done this internship in person but Isaac made me feel right at home. Our youth are our present and future. The internship has and will continue to help with my writing/journalism side ventures and my career in ethnography. I have improved my skills and gained confidence through experience.

Dexter, Portland State University, American – Remote Communications Internship

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Creative Writing FAQs

Who are Writing Internships for?

If you’re keen to become a journalist, a copywriter, or a professional writer in some other capacity, exploring our creative writing internships is a great idea as they will help sharpen the main skills you’ll be using in your future career. In addition, it will boost your confidence, expand the type of platforms you’re comfortable writing for, and allow you to build a portfolio of written work.

Most importantly, writing is an essential skill in a wide range of jobs and industries. You’ll need to be a strong writer if you’re interested in a career in areas such as communications, fundraising, or digital marketing. It overlaps with many corporate careers too, and it would certainly help if you have plans to be an entrepreneur.

You might even have a more personal goal in mind with your writing if it is more of a passion than a career move. So the answer is that a writing internship is a great idea for anyone interested in honing their skills

What will I learn during a Writing Internship?

First of all, you’ll get to practice your penmanship. By writing a lot, you’ll be developing your skills, and gaining confidence in your voice as a writer. Second of all, you can expect to learn how to adapt your writing style for different audiences and purposes. As a writing intern, you’ll likely have the opportunity to practice different styles of writing. Third of all, depending on the organization and your personal interests, you might learn about writing for SEO. Search engine optimization is important for any online business, but can be key for nonprofits too. Learning how to approach content writing from a strategic marketing perspective is a skill that’s likely to come in handy in your future career.

Finally, you’ll learn more about yourself as a writer. Actually doing it, writing as a job, will help you define your passion for and mission with your penmanship, and it may shape your future career decisions.

Why should I do a Creative Writing Internship with an NGO?

Unique and inspiring content is vital for nonprofit organizations. It helps them tell their story effectively, reach a wider audience, and engage people with their projects. As a writing intern for an NGO, you’ll be a vital part of raising awareness for an important cause. Furthermore, the writing opportunities are often varied, and they allow for creativity too. You’ll get to write for a variety of platforms, such as blogs, external publications, newsletters, and grant proposals. Your topics will be wide-ranging too; you might be writing the individual stories of people helped by nonprofit projects, or maybe about the larger social development space that your nonprofit organization is working in. To sum it up, you can expect to be focusing on inspiring topics.

Should I join in-person or do my Writing Internship remotely?

It depends on a few things! First of all, some writing internships are only available on-site while others are fully remote writing internships, so it may depend on the requirements. Second of all, the choice can be based on what works for you! There are obvious benefits to both; venturing abroad to live and work in a stunning place is an exciting experience in itself which is sure to offer an enriching experience. Moreover, working on the ground with the organization you’re part of, and seeing its projects in action will obviously add to your experience in a number of ways; it will allow you to be a physical part of the team, and see the results of your work first-hand.

On the other hand, working from home has a number of advantages; it’s cost-effective, flexible, and more environmentally friendly. Doing a remote writing internship means you’ll do the same work – and enjoy international work experience – but you won’t need to travel or change your routine. You might even do it part-time while studying or working at the same time.

So it fully depends on you. We’re excited to be able to offer a variety of learning experiences, and we’re always happy to help you find the internship that suits you and your situation best.


If you’re ready to apply for this internship, here’s what to do:


Fill in the application form (it will show in a new screen) which includes sharing your CV to us.



We’ll set up a call with you to go through your application.


If we feel it’s a good match, we’ll set up a call between you and the supervisor for this internship.


If everyone’s happy, we’ll provisionally confirm your placement! We’ll then send you the invoice for the deposit, getting started with the booking process and all the info you need.


Only once we receive payment of the deposit your placement will be confirmed.


Or if you’d just like to ask us some questions about this internship first, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll be happy to assist!