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charity internships in Africa

Nonprofit Internships & Programs

Rewarding Learning Experiences with Grassroots Organizations

Internships are an opportunity to turn your knowledge into practical work experience that can be added to your resume. But they’re also an opportunity to explore different sectors, live in foreign places, and immerse yourself in new cultures. On top of all this, we believe internships are also a chance to make a difference. Through our nonprofit internships around the world, you can combine resume-building with contributing to important causes. You’ll join an inspiring social impact, environmental, or conservation project on a grassroots level.

We offer a variety of programs globally including: year-round & summer internships, research/thesis projects, remote internships, and gap year placements. Our NGO internships are academically high level positions and can fulfill university requirements or be completed for university transfer credits. Each internship is customized to your interests and skills to give you a tailor-made experience while working towards an inspiring mission.

Whether you’re looking to finally travel to your bucket-list location or open to exploring new regions based on opportunities related to your studies, we have a variety of options available for you in a range of grassroots organization. Search through our nonprofit internships by destination or by academic focus area to narrow down which program entices you most.

Find your ideal nonprofit internship below by filtering your preferences below or browsing through our full offering, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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