Education Internship in Peru


Work closely with expert mentors to plan and deliver engaging lessons that transform the lives of children, teenagers, and adults.

Embarking on this incredible journey will not only provide you with invaluable international work experience but also offer you the guidance of expert mentors, making a significant impact on the lives of children, teenagers, and adults across borders. In this immersive program you will have the unique opportunity to expand your horizons while actively contributing to the transformation of individuals who have faced challenging beginnings.

As a dedicated student teacher within this initiative, your days will be filled with the rewarding task of meticulously planning and delivering engaging and interactive lessons. These lessons will serve as an important asset for the growth and development of children, teenagers, and adults, setting them on a path towards realizing their full potential.

By partaking in this program, you’ll not only acquire an international perspective on education but also leave an enduring impact on the lives of the students by offering them the chance to break free from the constraints of their disadvantaged beginnings and embrace a brighter future.

Learning objectives

  • Gain international experience in education in a nonprofit setting
  • Acquire extensive knowledge on how to create a curriculum.
  • Acquire knowledge about the culture of non-profit organizations.


This organization stands as a beacon of hope and progress in the community which is tirelessly dedicated to promoting the well-being and prosperity of all of their members. Their work is materialized through a series of innovative projects, including social services, technical training and economic empowerment to community members. Through these innovation projects, it results in a stronger and more resilient community of individuals.

At the heart of their mission and vision, PAZ Peru is governed by a set of strong values that are the moral compass of their work. Love and commitment drive every action they undertake, demonstrating that service to others is their reason for being. Proactivity leads them to constantly look for new ways to make a difference, while honesty and respect guide their relationships with everyone involved. Solidarity and justice are fundamental principles that guarantee that no one is left behind, and ethics and equity are the pillars that support its integrity and coherence at all times.


You will spend most of your days in the classroom.


  • Work directly with the director of the educational area of the organization for the planning and execution of curricula that help children, adolescents and adults in their academic development.
  • Teach classes to small groups.
  • Teach children, adolescents and adults to think critically and ask questions to deepen their knowledge.
  • Conduct individual evaluations and academic progress reports.


  • Training or experience in the pedagogical area or in a field related to teaching.
  • Passion for community development and education.
  • Independent, proactive, good with the interaction of children, young people and adults.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Intermediate level of Spanish for teaching practices.
  • Be more than 20 years old.
  • Minimum commitment of 2 months, to be completed in Arequipa (not a remote position).


Interns stay at a local hostel right in the middle of downtown Arequipa. They stay in small apartments where they enjoy a full-sized bed, private bathroom, cable TV and a kitchenette with all they need to prepare their own meals. They also have access to free WIFI, and a weekly cleaning service is provided as well.

Safety & Support

Safety & Support

Arequipa is generally a safe city but petty crime does occur. Avoid going out alone at night and if you need a (taxi) ride, it’s generally best to ask your host or the accommodation for a trusted taxi company.

Make sure to visit your doctor and dentist for a check-up before your internship and to get all the recommended vaccines and/or medications necessary to stay healthy. There hasn’t been a case of malaria in Peru for 20 years.



Your accommodation provides free WifI access to stay in touch with family and friends during your stay.



Meals are not included in the fees. You can prepare your own meals in your apartment. It’s also very cheap to go out for lunch or dinner. For a two course meal with a dessert and drink expect to pay between 10 to 15 soles (USD 3-5). Be on the safe side by only drinking bottled water.

Location details

Location details

You will stay in Arequipa, the capital of the region of the same name located in southern Peru. The city is considered to be one of the prettiest in Peru and is famous for its colonial architecture, white stone buildings and delicious food. It is located in the Andean mountain range, is surrounded by three volcanoes and is not far from Colca Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world.


Fee Breakdown

Start and end dates for the internship with this organization are flexible and will be discussed during the application process.

What you’ll pay (2024 rates)

8 weeks USD 1,732

12 weeks USD 2,136

16 weeks USD 2,539

20 weeks USD 2,942

24 weeks USD 3,345


  • Careful matchmaking. It takes time to find the right internship for each person, and we take this process very seriously.
  • Initial interview with one of our team to gauge your skills, interests, and desired learning outcomes.
  • An academic internship eligible for university credit. Check with your university to confirm if this internship qualifies for credit or alternatively we can assist you with purchasing transfer credits.
  • Transfer from Rodríguez Ballón International Airport in Arequipa to your accommodation
  • Accommodation at a local hostel (you’ll be in a small apartment)
  • Assistance with your visa arrangement and other preparations
  • An orientation program with your supervisor
  • Supervision and support during your stay
  • Regular check-ins during your internship with your supervisor
  • Troubleshooting if needed
  • A reference letter at the end of your internship


  • Flights to Rodríguez Ballón International Airport in Arequipa
  • Visa and medical/travel insurance costs for the duration of your placement – must include cover for repatriation
  • Daily commute to the project (40 minutes by bus)
  • Meals, drinks, snacks, and items of personal nature (f.e. curios, gifts, clothing)
  • Costs for additional excursions or activities


Some of our most commonly asked questions for programs in Peru.

What can I expect from an internship in Peru?

You can expect to be in bustling cities or a completely remote jungle, depending on your internship of choice. Also, you’ll be collaborating with local professionals and volunteers that will offer you insights into Peruvian work ethics and practices. Beyond your internship, your weekends and free time can be spent discovering the overall breathtaking beauty of the country.

How will a nonprofit internship in Peru help my career development?

During your internship in Peru, you’ll be able to utilize your professional and personal skills, as well as develop those skills that you feel could use more work. Also, employers may see your CV as more favorable, since it’ll show that you were a part of a meaningful international grassroots project, which shows a variety of transferable qualities. If you want to know more about how doing a nonprofit internship is good for your career, make sure to check this blog out!

While on an internship in Peru can I receive university credit?

Yes, but you must check with your university supervisor that this experience qualifies. You can also buy additional transfer credits to add onto your internship.

Can I receive a stipend while completing my internship?

Unfortunately, no. You can find other ways to fund your internship as you will not be paid while working with a nonprofit organization. Your internship experience will bring a wealth of new knowledge, along with opportunities for professional and personal growth which are both invaluable!


LOCATION: Arequipa, Peru
PROGRAM FOCUS: Community Development NGO
TASK FOCUS: Curriculum Development, Teaching, Evaluation, Progress Reports
LENGTH: Min. 8 Weeks
COST: From USD 1,732


  • Have a significant impact on the lives of your students, ranging from children to adults.
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from experienced educators.
  • Plan and deliver dynamic, interactive lessons that facilitate the educational progress of your students.
  • Refine your educational skills.
  • Live and work in Peru.


If you’re ready to apply for this internship, here’s what to do:


Fill in the application form (it will show in a new screen) which includes sharing your CV to us.



We’ll set up a call with you to go through your application.


If we feel it’s a good match, we’ll set up a call between you and the supervisor for this internship.


If everyone’s happy, we’ll provisionally confirm your placement! We’ll then send you the invoice for the deposit, getting started with the booking process and all the info you need.


Only once we receive payment of the deposit your placement will be confirmed.


Or if you’d just like to ask us some questions about this internship first, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll be happy to assist!


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