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Explore our Public Health Internships

If you’re looking to get a glimpse into the public health field, you’ve come to the right place! As an intern on one of our public health internships, you’ll find yourself at the center of progress, actively addressing urgent health challenges that impact various communities. Internships in public health will offer you an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to projects and efforts that promote disease prevention, community well-being, and health equity. Embark on this transformative journey, where you’ll be part of impact-driven initiatives in under-served communities worldwide and join the mission for a healthier and equitable future for all.

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Why choose Roots Interns for Public Health Internships?

Grassroots work

You’ll join an organization that works directly with their community to solve problems on the ground and make a real impact.


We’ll help you find and prepare for an internship with the organization that’s right for you and your skills, background, and passions.

Academic Placements

Working abroad is an experience like no other and your internship will be tailored to your studies and interests.

Browse All Public Health Internship Projects

a volunteer holding a printed hamburger in front of the room in Tacloban City

Open for applications

Nutrition Internship

  • Min. 4 weeks
  • Tacloban, Philippines
  • Program Development, Nutrition Research, Seminar Leading
Empower communities by promoting healthy living and addressing nutritional disparities through hands-on engagement, research, and educational outreach.
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Women with information signs about breastfeeding

Open for Applications

Program Assistant Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Pretoria, South Africa OR Remote
  • Program Development, Coordination, Fundraising, Outreach, Reporting
Engage in impactful community development initiatives by organizing programs focused on nutrition, psychosocial supports, and skills development.
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Breastfeeding workshop

Open for Applications

Health and Nutrition Research Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Pretoria, South Africa OR Remote
  • Data Analysis, Literature Review, Reporting, Research, Writing
Embark on nutritional exploration, exploring breastfeeding, food dynamics, and psychosocial support to offer insights for enhanced well-being.
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Woman holding her baby

Open for applications

Mental and Physical Health Development Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Curriculum and Program Development, Education Methodology
Empower through health development with the opportunity to independently design care programs for mental and physical well-being in Cambodia.
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Community Health Internship

Open for applications

Community Healthcare Internship

  • Min. 4 weeks
  • Puerto Inca, Peru
  • Medical, Healthcare, Community Outreach 
Provide medical support at a health center in the Peruvian Amazon, enhancing community well-being and gaining valuable healthcare experience.
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Mental health research internship

Available from July 2024

Remote Mental Health Research Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Remote
  • Data Collection & Analysis, Reporting, Research, Public Health
Make a valuable contribution to the fight to improve mental health support, conducting research and implementing strategies for lasting impact.
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volunteer inside a dental clinic

Open for applications

Public Health and WASH Engineering Internship

  • Min. 3 months
  • Shandia, Ecuador
  • Education, Research, Operations, Construction, Engineering, Public Health
Aid a rural community in developing clean water and hygiene systems, enhancing health outcomes through collaborative engineering projects.
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NGO Management internship


NGO Management Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
  • Event Management, Fundraising, Digital Marketing
Actively engage in advancing the NGOs mission to combat period poverty and work towards dismantling societal taboos linked to menstruation.
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sports coaching internship Ghana

Open for applications

Sports Coaching Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Sports Coaching, Program Development, Mentoring
Coach talented youth in Ghana across various sports, contributing to the development of inspiring programs that foster growth and skill-building.
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girl empowerment internship

Open for applications

Female Empowerment Education Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Livingstone, Zambia OR Remote
  • Education, Facilitation, Research
Help develop educational materials to uplifts girls and women in this African community.
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yoga internship Cape Town

Open for applications

Yoga Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Yoga Teaching, Program Development, Communications
Apply your yoga expertise to enhance physical and mental well-being, uplift individuals, and contribute to the broader health of the community.
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Other Academic Focus Areas

Benefits of Public Health Internships

Community engagement

Provide health education, support, and resources that contribute to community well-being by participating in one of our public health internships.

Industry insight

As an intern, you’ll get a look into the public health sector and the practices, principles, and methods contributing to sustainability and success in the field.

Cross-cultural competence

A public health internship will develop your global perspective and all you to bridge cultures as you’ll be working on health projects in diverse communities internationally.


Expand your professional network by connecting with professionals in the public health sector that are actively working at a grassroots level to make an impact in the lives of individuals and their communities.

Practical experience

Participating in a public health internship will enable you to gain real-world experience in projects that are making a meaningful impact on the ground.


Enhance your interpersonal and teamwork skills by collaborating with project & community members from various backgrounds and expand your public health knowledge by taking on a range of tasks during your internship.

Best Places for Public Health Internships

Why Choose Roots Internships in Public Health

Find out from our previous interns how internship positions in Public Health can boost your professional career and grow your interpersonal skills.

I had a wonderful time working with Roots and my placement organization. I was walked through the interview process and enjoyed how well-heard I was. My interests, schedule, and goals were taken into account at every turn. I felt supported during my stay and the accommodations were very nice. One of the best parts about this internship was how flexible it was. In the beginning, this was a bit of a challenge but once you find your own rhythm and goals, it’s the best. I did everything from working one-on-one with a few of the kids from the school, facilitating a girl power group, facilitating lesson plans with teachers, helping create a business plan, mission and vision statement, and so much more. Each day was new and different, a real adventure. My whole experience was so pleasant that I decided to come back after my internship and I’ll be staying here for the rest of the year! My life has been changed for the better because of this experience.

Shelby – Female Empowerment Education Internship

When I decided to travel to South Africa, Cape Town, I didn’t know what to expect – but I knew that a unique experience was waiting for me. I had the opportunity to get to know the culture, locals, nature, and life here. After a short time, I knew that this place was my home. I feel so connected to nature and people here. Every day brings magical moments of rainbows in the ocean waves, butterflies landing on me, waterfalls, nature sounds, powerful storms, laughing children, pure forests, breathtaking views, etc. Once I let myself accept that Cape Town is a place that is neither fast nor perfectly organized, but very slow and quiet, I was able to surrender to the flow and let each day come to me full of curiosity. I made a new family, wonderful friends, and unique experiences here, and was also able to learn a lot about myself, life here, and the different cultures that come together in this country. I am deeply grateful and already looking forward to my return.

Leonie  – Yoga Internship

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Public Health FAQs

Why should I do my Public Health internship abroad?

Throughout the world, there is a shortage of medical access and health education. In many communities, there is limited access to decent health care, both on a physical and a mental level. By doing your public health internship abroad, you will not only upskill yourself through hands-on work experience, but you will also make an impact in the lives of people in under-served communities.

On top of this, you’ll get to spend time in a beautiful place, embrace new cultures, and add international experience to your resume. Doing an internship abroad has a whole wealth of advantages, both on a personal and a professional level!

Who can apply for a public health internship?

AnswerIt depends! Each of our public health internship programs has a different focus and requires different experience and skills. Check out each individual internship listing to find out if you meet the requirements. And if you’re not too sure which internship is a good fit for you, just give us a shout, and we’ll guide you through it.

Whta can I expect to learn during my internship?

The various internships for public health offer quite different experiences, and each is described in more detail in the individual listings. But what they all have in common is that as an intern, you’ll join a small, passionate team, doing important work on a grassroots level. You can expect a practical and highly rewarding work experience in a welcoming environment.

Throughout your internship experience, you’ll have the support of our Roots team, as well as your supervisor on the ground. We’ve got your back when it comes to preparing for traveling, setting you up with safe and comfortable accommodations, and checking in to make sure you’re settled. We’ll also be in touch with your supervisor to ensure you’re on track to meet your internship goals and have the experience you were hoping for.

At Roots, we are dedicated to creating valuable learning experiences that also make an impact on the ground. Our internships are a unique combination of learning, doing purpose-driven work, and having an exciting travel experience.

What does the application process look like?

Are you ready to apply for one of our public health internships? Great! Here’s what to do;

  • If you know which internship you’d like to apply for, fill out the application form, and send your resume to internship[at] If you’re interested in various internships, just send us an email and we’ll guide you through the process of narrowing down your options and applying.
  • Next, we’ll schedule a short virtual call to discuss your application, find out more about you and your internship goals, and allow you to ask any questions you might have.
  • We’ll then pass your application on to the person who would be your supervisor on the ground. If they think it might be a good match, there will be a second interview, which will go into more detail about the internship tasks and your specific role.
  • At this point, if everyone’s happy, we’ll send over an official internship offer! If you accept, we’ll start the payment and confirmation process of organizing your internship.


If you’re ready to apply for this internship, here’s what to do:


Fill in the application form (it will show in a new screen) which includes sharing your CV to us.



We’ll set up a call with you to go through your application.


If we feel it’s a good match, we’ll set up a call between you and the supervisor for this internship.


If everyone’s happy, we’ll provisionally confirm your placement! We’ll then send you the invoice for the deposit, getting started with the booking process and all the info you need.


Only once we receive payment of the deposit your placement will be confirmed.


Or if you’d just like to ask us some questions about this internship first, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll be happy to assist!