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At Roots, we believe that learning and doing good can go hand in hand.

We create meaningful work placements and nonprofit internships in Africa for people around the world.

As an intern, you’ll gain valuable work experience, allowing you to grow your roots. At the same time, you’ll get to contribute to the important work that is happening at a grass-roots level in Southern Africa; a beautiful offshoot of mutual growth. We offer nonprofit internships in a wide range of academic focus areas, offering something for everyone. Learn more about our nonprofit internships, get in touch for some tailor-made advice about the perfect internship in Africa for you, and join us on our journey!

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My objectives were to get to know communications work in an NGO. What I've learnt is much more than communications analysis or capturing stories, and making big from small, it is also a way of thinking, of living and of being! It wasn't only a work experience but a true human experience. I am so thankful for the people I met and I will always remember their dedication to learning, their smiles and their happiness.

Justine, France, Nonprofit management Internship

Roots gave me comprehensive and relevant advice before my internship and the follow-up during my internship was very good. I think that my internship went well also because of their willingness to ensure students have an experience that matters.

Theo, France, Marketing-Fundraising Internship

For me, South africa seemed to far away and foreign when I started looking for an internship abroad that it was nice to have a company assisting me with everything that needed to be arranged. It was also easy to have a person to talk to, who replied back rather quick, as sometimes when contacting the company itself it can take a while before you get a reply.
It has been even better than I could have ever imagined it. It has made me more confident in starting conversations with people, as well as accepting larger tasks that take some planning and preparation.

Caroline, the Netherlands, Food Security and Urban Farming Internship

This internship is genuinely so much fun. The gardens are amazing, the kids are curious to learn, and I gain more knowledge about produce and organic farming everyday. On a personal note, I love seeing the direct impact that I have in my role because the company is small. They say it only takes one seed to make a difference, and it brings me so much joy to feel like I get to be a seed here!

Vera, United States, Food Security and Urban Farming Internship

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my experience. I could not have imagined how much I would learn in just a few months, and it's thanks to this experience that I now approach jobs since then with a sense of confidence that has been vital in making me competent and trustworthy in any professional environment.

Grace, United States, Marketing Internship

To be honest, my internship has exceeded my expectations. The first month was challenging for me. However, being here and doing what I did blows my mind and I'm glad I made the decision to work with Greenpop.

Elvira, Kenya, Urban Greening Internship

I have learned that any position can have an impact on an organization, big or small. You have to go head first into any task whether it's tedious or not, to realize the real impact you're having on a organisation.

Tanner, Canada, Marketing Internship

I went into it hoping I would learn a lot, be stretched out of my comfort zone, grow in confidence and feel as though I was helping in some way. As I reflect back I think all of these things have happened. I was able to do a myriad of different tasks, that were stimulating, challenging at times and I was making a difference even if in small ways.

Naomi, United States, Nonprofit Internship

I loved to see the amount of thoughtfulness and upcycling that goes on in the office, and working with a group of people that want to make a positive difference even when it’s an inconvenience. I don’t really think that my time with Cape Town or South Africa is finished, to be honest.

Anne, United States, Events Coordinator Internship

The time I spent in Cape Town was phenomenal. There are few words that can accurately describe it to those who have not yet had the privilege to visit. Taking an international internship where you don’t know anybody is extremely difficult and nerve-wracking but the reward is beyond worth it.

Robby, United States, Urban Greening Internship

I experienced everything and yet nothing on this trip and it has had a profound effect on me. As I return to Idaho I must quote one of my favorite sayings from Nelson Mandela, “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Tristyn, United States, Media Internship

I would also recommend to get an internship in an organisation you really believe in. The more you can support their values and what they stand for, the more you'll enjoy your internship, since you're not only learning but you're also part of something bigger you really believe in and want to add value to.

Reini, Belgium, Creative Writing Internship

I've just had a wonderful three months. Knowing I only have two weeks left is hands down the first time I've actually been remotely unhappy during my internship.

Anri, South Africa, Event Coordinator Internship