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How to fund a nonprofit internship

We think it’s hugely valuable to do a nonprofit internship. But there are obviously costs involved in doing this; you’ll need to get to your destination, there are living costs that need to be covered, and you might want to do a bit of traveling while you have the opportunity. And since you’ll be working with a nonprofit organisation, your internship will be unpaid. But there are ways to raise funds for your experience, and we’re happy to help you explore them!

Here are a few ideas on how to fund a nonprofit internship to help you get started.

how to fund a nonprofit internship

university funding

Some universities offer funding for international exchange programs and internships, which you might be able to apply for. Check in with the international office or career services at your college or university to find out whether there are any options available. If you require information from us for an application, we’ll be happy to assist. 

funding a nonprofit internship

grants and scholarships

There’s a range of grant and scholarship programs out there for volunteer, research, and internship programs abroad. Depending on the focus of your internship, you might be able to find a program that you’re eligible for. Have a look at this guide to internships abroad scholarships from Go Abroad to help you get on the way with your search. 

funding a nonprofit internship


Crowdfunding campaigns are a common – and often very successful – way to fundraise for a volunteer program or nonprofit internship. If people in your environment learn about the good cause you’re going to be part of, they might be happy to support you in making it all happen. Make sure to make it personal, set a realistic target, and find creative ways to bring it to people’s attention. You can create your own campaign on our Roots account on Fundmytravel – or you can use one of the many other platforms, such as Go Fund Me.

how to fund a nonprofit internship

fundraising challenge

Or how about setting yourself a fundraising challenge, and getting friends and family involved for sponsorship? You could create a fundraising event (like a nice dinner, or a quiz night), run a sponsored marathon (if you’re the active type), or get creative with some of your specific talents. You might also ask for donations instead of birthday or Christmas presents.