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Community Development internships

If you’re passionate about tackling issues affecting groups of people through collective action, a community development internship is perfect for you. As an intern, you’ll join nonprofit organizations that promote sustainable social development. Topics range from women’s empowerment to organic farming to refugee support and more, depending on your interests and skill set. By applying your knowledge with these organizations, you can be part of substantial social change in communities.

Our projects have various focuses including marketing, urban greening, and filmmaking. With community development coming in different shapes and sizes, they cater especially to students with many academic interests. These opportunities are invaluable to anyone striving to foster change at a grassroots level.

These social development internships are offered in stunning locations worldwide, and can provide a testament to how your practical contribution makes all the difference.

Browse what specific community development internships are available, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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Community Development Internship

Open for applications

Community Development Internship

  • 8-26 weeks
  • Nkhata Bay, Malawi
  • Education, Community Development, Networking

Be part of a hub for social impact initiatives in a rural community in Malawi

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Events Internship

Open for applications

NGO Event Management Internship

  • 8-26 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Event Management, Coordination, Planning

Gain practical work experience while managing events for community development projects.

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Youth social Work Internship

Open for applications

Youth Social Work Internship

  • 4-26 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Youth development, social work

Provide support and positive activities to children with troubled backgrounds.

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Migrants and refugee charity internship

Open for applications

Migrants & Refugee Charity Internship

  • 12-26 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Refugees and migrants, all-round

Be part of the day to day running and development of programs that assist refugees.

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Empowerment of Refugees Internship

Open for applications

Empowerment of Refugees Internship

  • Min. 5 months
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Refugees and migrants, skills development, monitoring, reporting, social welfare

Help migrants and refugees settle in South Africa socially and/or economically.

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Education internships in Zambia


By accepting this opportunity, you get the chance to work alongside nonprofit and socially oriented organizations. As a community community development intern, your tasks will vary, keeping days colorful. Why not seize the chance to use your skills to make a tangible impact that you’ll carry with you throughout your career? You’ll be able to immerse yourself in local cultures and explore some of the many highlights your area has to offer.

Our development internships will allow you to take on multiple responsibilities and get a glimpse into what it takes to run a grassroots project. Be prepared to live out true social work through dedication and innovation. We guarantee this will be a journey to remember!

FAQs about community development internships

Why should I do a sustainable development internship with an NGO?

An NGO works to embody the values of sustainable development: humanitarianism, duty, and improvement. You’ll find your tasks aligned with your work environment, prompting an electrifying internship. This opportunity will not only be relevant to your studies and career, but also complement your interests and passions.

Joining an NGO means joining a team. Though it may be small, your contribution will be immense. You will directly help nonprofit organizations expand their scope, gaining invaluable skills along the way. Above all, there is a chance for fulfillment that not all internships grant. Nonprofit work is dedicated to its focus area, rather than profit, which means you’ll be leaving behind a footprint that you can be proud of.

Who is a community development internship for?

Cherish the magic of collective action? A community development internship is a match for you. Whether you’re a student majoring in a related discipline like business, anthropology, or, social/sustainable development, or a recent graduate seeking work experience – look no further for a meaningful internship. These opportunities are fit for those curious about social change and ready to act upon this concern. You’ll soak up practical adventures that nod to the core of community development: practical involvement.

Interns should appreciate the mission of grassroot initiatives and enjoy making valuable connections with various members of society, such as children and refugees. Anyone excited by the thought of lending a helping hand to others on a strategic level, join us!

How do I apply for a community development internship?

If you’re ready to apply for a nonprofit community development internship, here’s what to do; 

  • If you know which internship you’d like to apply for, fill out the application form. If you’re interested in various internships, or you’re not sure which one would suit you best, just send us an email to internship[at] and we’ll help you figure it out. 
  • We’ll set up a short online interview to discuss your application, find out more about you and what you’re hoping to get out of the experience, and allow you to answer any questions you might have. 
  • We’ll then pass your application on to the person who would be your supervisor on the ground. If he/she thinks it might be a good match, there will be a second interview, which will go into more detail.

What can I expect to learn as a social development intern?

The list is endless! A few include communication skills, strategy planning, and event management. On a more personal level, you’ll learn the values necessary in a flourishing society, like empathy and acceptance. Regardless of your specific focus, your internship provides first-hand experience that offers knowledge unattainable from a guidebook; it’s only acquired when experienced. Not to mention, you’ll discover how an NGO collaborates with its community and other stakeholders. These small but dedicated organizations will show you how to appreciate the step-by-step journey required to reach bigger goals.

So, dive in! We guarantee there’ll be unexpected lessons learned along the way. Who knows? Be it a story from a coworker or the new perspective of a local, you’ll learn what social development is all about from multiple viewpoints.

Which organizations can I join as a community development intern?

We offer placements with organizations that exhibit our core value: ‘‘making a difference that matters’. They are all grassroot initiatives directly working in their community to bring about sustainable change. Committed to raising awareness of their focus area, they hope interns will also sprout a passion for their projects. Examples of these focuses include animal welfare, women’s rights, early childhood development, social entrepreneurship, and urban greening. Interns will delve into an inspiring work environment with driven individuals helping you make the most of your experience. Our partners are sure to exceed your expectations on the dedication and impact of NGOs!