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Do an internship that matters.

When it comes to finding an internship, the choice is often between one that will enhance your resume and one that you’re truly passionate about. We believe it can be both. At Roots Interns, we offer academic internships with grassroots projects. You’ll be a large part of a small team doing something amazing.

Nonprofit management internship

Our Story

Our ‘roots’ lie with Greenpop, an environmental nonprofit based in Cape Town. Greenpop has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2010, partly because it has always thrived on interns and volunteers from around the world. Over the past decade, over 250 people from more than 25 different countries have joined the organization to get their hands dirty. Interns at Greenpop work hard, accomplish great projects, and have heaps of fun. And without the input of interns, the organization could not have achieved what it has.

We’re a sprout of this success story. Inspired by the mutual growth that we witnessed, we nurtured the concept and allowed it to expand and thus Roots Interns was created; a platform for matching good causes with people on a mission to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Not only do we offer nonprofit internships at Greenpop, we also place people with a wide range of purpose-driven nonprofit organizations, widening the choice of projects and increasing the impact on sustainable growth.

Through the years, our ‘roots’ have spread around the world to partner with nonprofits/NGOs, Social Enterprises and do good organizations in a range of countries and focus areas. Whatever someone’s passionate about, we strive to connect interns with organizations doing meaningful work on the ground in their communities. It’s a win-win for all involved!

We’re proud to be part of the Impact Travel Group, a collective of companies that provide transformative travel experiences to people around the world. Driven by the mission of creating global citizens, the Impact Travel Group offers responsible and intercultural expeditions, volunteer programs, internships, and study abroad opportunities.

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