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Picturesque canals, stunning history, and laid-back biking; what better than to work in a place like this? Check out our internships in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to create a lasting impact while exploring a must-see European hotspot.

The Netherlands is a country renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and progressive society. Nowhere are these things epitomized more than its stunning capital, Amsterdam. Nestled in the heart of Europe, this vibrant nation offers a unique blend of professional growth, cultural enrichment, and an exceptional quality of life, making it an ideal nonprofit internship destination. Amsterdam’s iconic canals, the historic Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and world-renowned nightlife are just a few of the travel highlights waiting to be explored. With efficient public transportation and an extensive network of bike paths, you can easily traverse the country’s picturesque landscapes, visit world-class museums, and immerse yourself in its rich cultural tapestry. Moreover, the Netherlands’ central location makes it an ideal hub for exploring Europe during your downtime too.

Most importantly, there are some truly exciting nonprofit internships in Amsterdam for international students and young professionals. One of the greatest parts of the Netherlands’ appeal is its highly progressive society, thriving nonprofit sector, and prominent culture of philanthropy and voluntary work. Don’t be deceived by the famously brusque Dutch manner, social responsibility, altruism, and compassionate communities are cornerstones of this country’s way of life. As such, it is brimming with organizations dedicated to diverse causes, ranging from social justice and environmental conservation to healthcare and education. Like most Western European capitals, English is widespread, so there are plenty of Internships in Amsterdam for English speakers too. An internship in Amsterdam allows you to benefit from a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation, setting the stage perfectly for personal and professional growth.

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Netherlands Highlights

Robust Nonprofit Sector

The Netherlands boasts a thriving nonprofit sector with numerous organizations dedicated to various causes, and a prominent culture of philanthropic voluntary work.

Innovative Solutions

The Netherlands is known for its innovative and sustainable approaches to social issues, providing a unique learning environment for Amsterdam internships for international students.

English Proficiency

The majority of Dutch people speak English fluently, especially in the capital. This means you can find a host of Internships in Amsterdam for English speakers.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Beyond work, interns can explore the Netherlands’ rich cultural heritage, including the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and canal cruises, making it an enriching and enjoyable experience.

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Event Management Internship in the Netherlands

  • Min. 6 months
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sharpen your organizational prowess, creating unforgettable experiences and developing event management skills in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.
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Social internship Amsterdam

Open for applications

Social Internship in Amsterdam

  • Min. 3 months
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Make a positive impact on communities and individuals through social work, project coordination, and volunteer management for meaningful change.
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Important information about the Netherlands

Internship locations in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Everyone knows why people love visiting Amsterdam… Canals and bicycles! Seriously though, there are many factors making Amsterdam a global tourist hotspot and ideal destination for an internship for international students. From world-famous art to charming architecture to wild nightlife, and everything else on offer, an intern here won’t experience a dull minute.

More Netherlands Information

Weather and Climate

When you do your nonprofit internship in Amsterdam you’ll experience a temperate maritime climate. For a summer internship, Amsterdam will provide (June to August) mild and pleasant with average temperatures around 17-20°C (63-68°F). For winters (December to February) are cool, often hovering around 2-6°C (36-43°F). Rain is frequent year-round, with October being the wettest month. Interns should prepare for changeable weather and invest in waterproof clothing. Amsterdam offers a beautiful ambiance throughout the seasons, making it an appealing destination for nonprofit internships year-round.

Safety and Support

Throughout your internship in Amsterdam we’re here to support you. Interns in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, can generally expect a safe environment. Amsterdam is known for its low crime rate and is considered a safe city for both residents and visitors. Nonetheless, it is advised to exercise basic precautions when in public places, especially in regard to pickpocketers and scams. Nonprofit organizations will prioritize the safety and well-being of their interns, providing guidance on local safety measures, emergency contacts, and cultural orientation to help them navigate the city safely. Additionally, when doing your internship in Amsterdam, you can rely on the Netherlands’ robust healthcare system for any medical needs, further enhancing your safety and support during yourinternship.

The Netherlands Travel Requirements

  • Visa – Check with the Dutch embassy or consulate for specific requirements for internships in Amsterdam for international students based on your situation and nationality. Internships less than 90 days typically do not require a specific visa for most nationalities. Internships longer than 90 days may require a long-stay or student visa.
  • Travel Insurance – You want to have a carefree experience during your internship abroad, so it’s important to get the right travel insurance; a package that is suited for your upcoming trip. Check out our page with more information on flights and insurance.
  • Police Clearance / Background Check – This is a standard policy for most of our internships, as you are often working with vulnerable individuals. The procedure on how to obtain a police clearance/background check varies per country.
  • Vaccinations – Largely, vaccinations are recommended but not compulsory. That said, recommendations may include routine vaccinations, hepatitis A and B, influenza (seasonal), tick-borne disease precautions, traveler’s diarrhea prevention, meningococcal vaccine if applicable, COVID-19 considerations, and ensuring you have adequate health insurance and necessary medications. Always consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.


Are there any specific qualifications or skills required for nonprofit internships in the Netherlands?

Qualifications and skills needed for internships in Amsterdam vary by organization and role. However, strong communication skills, a passion for the organization’s mission, and adaptability are often valued qualities. With English widely spoken across the Netherlands, there are also many internships in Amsterdam for English speakers.

Can an internship in Amsterdam lead to full-time employment in the Netherlands?

Not directly. As a rule, you shouldn’t expect your host organization to offer full-time work after your internship. That said, if the organization happens to have a job opening, you are more than welcome to apply and might have an advantage over other applicants. Even without this, the global mindset and philanthropic qualities indicated by a nonprofit internship abroad will give your CV a huge boost as you approach the job market.

Is the Netherlands an expensive internship destination?

Yes, it is on the more expensive side, especially in Amsterdam. It being such a tourist hotspot the cost of meals out, taxis, and nightclubs tend to be quite high. That said there are plenty of ways to do it on the budget by eating in, public transport, and visiting the many free galleries and museums located throughout the city.

What is the typical duration of a nonprofit internship in the Netherlands?

Amsterdam internships for international students in the Netherlands can vary in duration. Some internships may last a few months, while others could extend up to a year or more. The duration often depends on the organization’s needs and your availability.

What is a nonprofit internship in Amsterdam?

A nonprofit internship in Amsterdam is a work experience opportunity offered by nonprofit organizations to individuals, often students or recent graduates, who want to gain practical skills and contribute to a social or charitable cause.

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