Education Internship in Cambodia


Help to run educational programs and vocational training for impoverished communities of Siem Reap

Join a community center in the rural outskirts of Siem Reap, Cambodia, and assist with a range of vital educational programs. This program offers fantastic teaching experience, insight into curriculum development, and the chance to make a real difference.

You’ll join a locally-founded NGO dedicated to combating poverty in the rural areas of the Siem Reap province. The main focus of their work is in providing these impoverished neighborhoods and families with proper housing and proper sanitation systems. As well as this, they run a range of educational and vocational programs from their very own community center.

This is where you come in. Your role will revolve around devising and facilitating lessons in English language and basic computer skills. You’ll work closely with local teachers to devise curricula and leading classes. This will gain you valuable classroom experience and allow you to build deep connections with the communities you serve,

Learning objectives

  • Gain real-world of experience leading classrooms
  • Build practical teaching skills
  • Develop insight and understanding into developing curricula
  • Improve communication skills


This is a locally-founded NGO working to improve living conditions among impoverished communities of Siem Reap. Founded in 2014 by locals in the city, this organization is dedicated to addressing a lack of basic necessities like drinking water and sanitation facilities. The organization combats this by providing families and neighborhoods in rural areas with proper housing, wells, WASH systems, and solar systems.

As well as their building programs, the organization runs a community center. Here community members can find daily computer and English language classes. In providing safe, secure housing, sanitation facilities, and education the organization hopes to help break the poverty cycle and support its families on their journeys to self-sufficiency.


Your day-to-day will be spent largely in the classroom and collaborating with local teachers to devise lesson plans. You’ll also get the chance to arrange extra curricular activities and events for the students.


  • Teaching English as a foreign language
  • Leading classrooms and managing student’s behavior
  • Collaborating with local teachers to devise curricula and yearly development plan
  • Regularly meeting with teachers to report progress and assess
  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of a health education program
  • Build close connections with and inspire students


  • Academic background or professional experience in teaching
  • Ideally TEFL qualified
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to connect with students
  • Organizational skills
  • Willingness to learn at least the basics of local language, Khmer


Interns will stay in a local family-run guesthouse in their own rooms, comfortably furnished with personal bathrooms and fan (with the option to upgrade to an A/C room). You’ll have access to the guesthouse, restaurant, laundry facilities, and Wifi. Walking distance from Siem Reap’s yet away from the hustle and bustle, the guesthouse provides a quiet refuge conveniently located for those wanting to explore the restaurants, bars, and nightlife of the town.

Safety & Support

Safety & Support

The guesthouse where interns stay has its own 24/7 security, as well as a doctor and nurse on call. Siem Reap is known as both the safest and the easiest city to travel in Cambodia. Nonetheless, interns are advised to practice basic safety precautions: avoid walking alone at night, guard valuables, and consult a doctor for necessary medical precautions.



Interns have access to the guesthouse’s Wifi. You can also find many local cafes and restaurants with Wifi around town. It is possible to purchase a local SIM card to stay connected with family and friends – as long as your phone is unlocked for international carriers.



Interns will receive breakfast as part of the internship package and will have the choice of many affordable restaurants in Siem Reap for lunch and dinner.

Location details

Location details

Known by most as the gateway to the famous ancient Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia’s provincial capital is well geared for tourists and expats. English is widely spoken throughout the city and while a quieter city than Phnom Penh, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of local restaurants, bars, and amenities. Of course, you’ll also get the chance to explore the millenia old Angkor Temples and the beautiful natural surroundings in your downtime too.


Fee Breakdown

Internship start and end dates are flexible and will be discussed with you during the application process.

What you’ll pay (2024 rates)

8 WEEKS USD 1,867

10 WEEKS USD 2,155

12 WEEKS USD 2,443 

16 WEEKS USD 3,020

18 WEEKS USD 3,308


  • Careful matchmaking. It takes time to find the right internship for each person, and we take this process very seriously.
  • Initial interview with one of our team to gauge your skills, interests, and desired learning outcomes.
  • An academic internship eligible for university credit. Check with your university to confirm if this internship qualifies for credit or alternatively we can assist you with purchasing transfer credits.
  • Accommodation in a single room with a fan at a local guesthouse. If you’d like a room with A/C, please contact us for the rates.
  • Airport transfers upon arrival and departure
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily transport to the project site
  • Assistance with your visa arrangement and other preparations
  • An orientation program with your supervisor
  • Supervision and support during your stay
  • Regular check-ins during your internship with your supervisor
  • Troubleshooting if needed
  • A reference letter at the end of your internship


  • Flights to Siem Reap–Angkor International Airport
  • Visa and medical/travel insurance costs for the duration of your placement – must include cover for repatriation
  • Lunch, dinner, drinks, snacks, and items of personal nature (f.e. curios, gifts, clothing)
  • Costs for additional excursions or activities


Some of our most commonly asked questions for programs in Cambodia.

What can I expect from an internship in Cambodia?

Participating in an internship in Cambodia guarantees a dynamic and enriching experience. This Southeast Asian gem, known for its profound historical legacy and cultural heritage, serves as a unique backdrop for both professional development and personal growth. Interns can expect to gain valuable knowledge in various sectors, actively contributing to impactful projects, and immersing themselves in the local culture. Whether working in urban centers or rural communities, these internships offer exposure to diverse challenges and opportunities, fostering an in-depth understanding of Cambodia’s social, economic, and cultural landscapes. Beyond the workplace, the chance to explore historical sites, engage with the warm and welcoming community, and savor the local cuisine adds an extra layer of richness to this internship adventure. If the possibility of undertaking this internship has piqued your interest, explore further to discover the motivations for pursuing an internship in Cambodia and uncover the distinctive experience this country holds for you.

How will a nonprofit internship in Cambodia help my career development?

Embarking on a nonprofit internship in Cambodia offers a transformative experience for career development. Your involvement contributes to meaningful initiatives, as you become part of a greater endeavor dedicated to grassroots projects. This opportunity allows you to apply your skills to a worthwhile cause, creating a tangible difference in the community. By being a vital component of something larger than yourself, you forge deeper connections with local communities, gaining priceless insights into their challenges and strengths. This immersive experience not only enhances your professional skills but also nurtures a sense of social responsibility, positioning you as a well-rounded and socially conscious professional. Delve deeper to explore the career benefits of participating in a charity internship.

How can I prepare for my internship?

Prepare for your upcoming adventure by immersing yourself in the vibrant history and culture of Cambodia. Take the time to reflect on your internship goals, envisioning the impact you hope to make during this enriching experience. Be reassured that our support goes beyond mere preparation – we are your partners throughout this journey. Feel empowered to contact us with any questions related to placement logistics, matchmaking, or for guidance on visa and insurance matters. Throughout your placement we’ll check in regularly and make sure you’re on track to reach your goals. We’re dedicated to assisting you at every stage of your experience, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey.

Can I get university credit for an internship in Cambodia?

Undoubtedly! Numerous interns have successfully earned university credit for their experiences in Cambodia. To ensure a seamless process, consult with your academic supervisor or the relevant department at your university. They can provide guidance on specific requirements and procedures for obtaining credit. Moreover, you have the option to purchase transfer credits, enhancing the overall value of your internship journey.


LOCATION: Siem Reap, Cambodia
PROGRAM FOCUS: Community Development NGO
TASK FOCUS: Teaching, Curriculum Development, Lesson Planning
LENGTH: Min. 8 weeks
COST: From USD 1,867


  • Gain international experience in the nonprofit sector
  • Build skills and confidence leading a classroom
  • Develop insight into curriculum development and running educational programs
  • Play an important role in childrens’ education and development
  • Live and work in Cambodia


If you’re ready to apply for this internship, here’s what to do:


Fill in the application form (it will show in a new screen) which includes sharing your CV to us.



We’ll set up a call with you to go through your application.


If we feel it’s a good match, we’ll set up a call between you and the supervisor for this internship.


If everyone’s happy, we’ll provisionally confirm your placement! We’ll then send you the invoice for the deposit, getting started with the booking process and all the info you need.


Only once we receive payment of the deposit your placement will be confirmed.


Or if you’d just like to ask us some questions about this internship first, just fill in the contact form below. We’ll be happy to assist!


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