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8 Best Summer Internships in 2024

For all the future summer interns of 2024, that perfect time of year may still seem like a long way away. But that’s not true! Start planning today if you want to find the best summer internship possible. So, get the lengthy application process out of the way!

It’s best to start planning early if you can choose from some of the best summer intern programs. To help you get the ball rolling, we’ll introduce you to some of our top summer internships for 2024. We’ll give you an idea of summer internship options, explain why you should do a summer internship in the first place, and offer a final word on how to book a program with us.

Why Do A Summer Internship?

Summer internships aren’t just about career development: the truth is that career development is just the first of a long list of benefits that you might enjoy. There are so many reasons why you should do a summer internship, and even more reasons why you should do a nonprofit internship. Some of the main ones include personal growth, travel opportunities and making an impact.

What Are the Best Summer Internships for 2024?

A big decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to join a summer internship with a nonprofit or not. Going the traditional route, your 2024 summer internship could be a way to explore career paths, boost your university application, or build industry experience. Alternatively, with a nonprofit internship abroad, you could do all of the above while exploring incredible destinations and contributing to an important cause. 


When trying to imagine the best summer internship possible, it’s hard to stop traveling to one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and gaining veterinary experience at a wildlife sanctuary there.

This program places you at the forefront of biodiversity conservation. You’ll travel to the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica to join a wildlife sanctuary and orphanage. You’ll gain hands-on experience in wildlife care and animal husbandry.


There are a lot of great reasons to do a summer internship in Africa, and this program is one of them. This is one of our best summer programs for students and recent graduates of medicine.

You’ll travel to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, and experience life and work as a medical professional in Kenya’s healthcare system. This will include daily tasks like performing intake and triage services, performing basic medical procedures, and observing surgical procedures.


A strong contender for our best summer internship in Europe, this program has you supporting an overlooked cause in the climate crisis.

You’ll join an organization dedicated to combating water waste in the textile industry. They’re on a mission to transform the fashion and textiles industry to reduce the harmful abuse and pollution of natural water resources it causes.

As an intern, you’ll be tasked with gathering data and information on water waste in these industries and innovative solutions to reducing water footprints.


Use your business know-how to support sustainable projects in Spain with this ideal 2024 summer internship for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Based in Barcelona, you’ll become a key player in achieving the business goals of your host organization. You’ll spend your days collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data, collaborating with different departments to define KPIs, and then devising and executing business strategies.


Travel to a true tropical paradise and help its inhabitants achieve food sovereignty with one of our best summer programs for the adventurous and climate-conscious summer intern for 2024

You’ll join an organization addressing an important issue for the inhabitants of Isabella Island and the spectacular ecosystems there too. Their mission is to help the island achieve food sovereignty, reducing the need for harmful farming practices and reliance on carbon-cost imports from the mainland.

Your role as an intern will have you learn local techniques for sustainable tropical agriculture as well as a long-term sustainability strategy, then get to work implementing them.


Travel to the exotic and enchanting Spice Island, Zanzibar, in Tanzania, and study the aquatic wonders of the surrounding Indian Ocean. A bonus of nonprofit internships is that they can teach you how your career can be spent contributing to meaningful causes. This is often one of the most formative lessons learned from summer internships.

This internship has you collecting scientific data on fishing and tourism practices on the island and how they impact local marine life. The role will include working closely with fishing communities as you interview at local markets, diving with dolphins as you survey boat tours, and conducting underwater surveys to measure coastal pollution in coral reefs.


One of our best summer internships for aspiring psychologists or social workers, this program has you independently develop mental or physical care programs as part of a holistic approach to education. 

This organization is aiming to break the cycle of poverty in Siem Reap, Cambodia, through an innovative education and social support system. The organization doesn’t just provide a high-quality education for children in impoverished communities; it also offers holistic social support, including health and nutritional care.

Your role as an intern will have you working closely with these children to develop care programs. You’ll have the choice of specializing in either psychological or physical development.


Your 2024 summer internship could earn you a PADI Divemaster certification and equip you with vital career skills for marine conservation while making a significant impact on conservation science.

During this internship, you’ll work with a marine research center in Dauin, Philippines, that conducts long-term research with a special focus on coral reefs. Your day-to-day duties will include underwater research dives, analyzing the data collected, and contributing to reports and publications oriented toward the scientific community. 

How to Become a Summer Intern for 2024?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best summer internships available this year, you can see that there are so many opportunities out there! You know what to do for a summer internship, and you have a strong idea of why to consider summer internship options with nonprofits. You’ve even seen some of our best summer intern programs. Now, it’s time to get serious and start planning your 2024 summer internship.

If you’d like some help finding the best summer internship for your personal goals, then get in touch with Roots. With us, you’ll receive one-to-one consultation as we define your goals, then we’ll help you pick the best summer internships with nonprofits and guide you through every step of the experience.

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