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Embark on a journey of personal and professional growth in the very heart of Europe. You might be wondering why do an internship in the Netherlands? Well, we are here to give insight to any young enthusiast interested in embarking and discovering the beneficial internships the Netherlands has to offer, and some valuable recommendations of programs offered at Roots to ensure you start your internship off on the right foot. With Roots, we guarantee that your needs for career development and growth are met while being able to contribute meaningful change in local communities.

Here is your chance to discover a world of opportunities and enhance your career in a range of internships. If you have recently completed high school or are attending an undergraduate program and are interested in partaking in an internship, the thought of it might be as exciting as it is stressful.

Look no further and stress no longer, as this blog will offer you the best reasons to do an internship in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why go to the Netherlands for an internship?

A country known for its culturally diverse society, there should be no question as to why you should do an internship in the Netherlands. Embarking on an internship here will expose you to a diverse group of people, enabling you to broaden your global mindset and cross-cultural skills.

The Netherlands offers a high quality of life whereby interns from foreign countries can have a sense of safety and be immersed in a well-organized environment that values a healthy work-life balance. This ensures that your internship experience will be more enjoyable and less stressful.

Easy means of transportation to explore the country

You must be thinking ‘why the Netherlands’ and why should it be on your internship bucket list destinations?

As one of the leading countries in the world largely known for its use of bicycles as its main mode of transport, the country enables easy accessibility to the country’s most captivating sites. Easily explore the country on two wheels while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

A vibrant culture to explore and friendly people to meet

A country filled with enchanting landscapes and canals weaving through the city’s fascinating architecture. Float through the canals in a cruise and enjoy Amsterdams light festival where the city’s streets and canals are transformed into a magical light art exhibition. It is a must visit destination infused with bright and colorful cities, delicious selection of cheeses, exemplary art, and a vibrant culture. Take part in the lively and colorful yearly Carnival event consisting of parades, music, dancing, and costumes.

As the majority of Dutch locals speak English, you will have no difficulty exploring the many sites it has to offer as well as the chance to meet new people and form long-lasting friendships. Offering you an amazing destination to embark on your next internship promising you the opportunity to meet hospitable Dutch locals. Such cultural characteristics should be a key factor on why you should go to the Netherlands.

a woman wearing make up and a costume for the Rotterdam Festival

Build your career prospects and connections

Commence on a transformative journey through the country’s captivating cities, alluring countryside, and its multitude of cultural and historical attractions, the country is sure to keep you energized and motivated to explore further what it has to offer as well as what you are most passionate about. Such an adventure will lead you on a path of progression in your career expectations, enabling you to engage with a culture possibly unbeknownst to you and further broaden your mind. Promising not only professional growth but a life-changing opportunity infused with unforgettable adventures and global connections. Roots can help in this transformative process by helping you participate in a Social or Event Management Internship Programs. Either of these will aid in building a network of connections and a diverse skill set!

Sustainability conscious society

If you are passionate about the environmental challenges that we currently face, the Dutch society is one you would want to integrate into as they are head strong on prioritizing sustainability. An internship in the Netherlands can contribute to valuable insights into green practices and changes in one’s current lifestyle habits for the betterment of the earth.

Other travel explorations

Get the opportunity to easily explore other neighboring European countries as you will be in the heart of Europe. Exposing you to a multitude of diverse cultures, languages and traditions all a train ride away from your stay in the Netherlands. Step out of your comfort zone and gain the chance to build an international network by meeting people from various backgrounds. As this can be great for your personal growth, it can be beneficial for your professional growth as you’ll be exposed to broader career opportunities and collaborations. Challenge yourself and become more adaptable as travelling fosters independence and self-confidence.

Top NGOs in the Netherlands for Internships

With all these amazing possibilities to intern in the Netherlands, it can be challenging to find the top NGOs in the Netherlands that cater to your academic, professional, and personal skills.

A lot of considerations come into mind when deciding on why you should do an internship in the Netherlands and how you can effectively apply your acquired skills into meaningful work in the community.

Here’s some of the top NGOs in the Netherlands to ensure your needs are satisfied and accurately catered to, all provided by Roots.

people walking in the streets of Groningen, Netherlands

Event management

Explore the internship prospects provided by Roots and find some of the top NGOs in the Netherlands which enable you the opportunity to put your organizational skills to use in their Event Management Internship Program. Tap into your creativity and think outside the box with this internship as you’ll get the chance to gain hands-on experience in organizing, planning, and executing a range of events including working directly with local communities and NGOs. This internship will help enhance and develop your verbal and written communication skills as it is crucial when working in event management.

Social internship Program

In the same bustling capital city, Roots offers you the opportunity to customize your interests and experiences surrounding a Social Internship Program. Internships in the Netherlands such as this allows for a rewarding experience, offering you a wide range of benefits.

You will be placed in the heart of the social movement, participating in social work and working alongside both volunteers and on community-focused initiatives which will allow you the chance to gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting. It will provide you the opportunity to develop a diverse set of skills surrounding communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving which are valued in varied career paths. Contribute to positive initiatives that make an impact on the less fortunate while enhancing your understanding of social issues and its complexities.

Work with top local NGOs in the Netherlands and corporate companies looking to contribute meaningful change. Build significant and long lasting relationships with a variety of organizations, community leaders, and like-minded volunteers with the same goal as you. Working with the top NGOs in the Netherlands will offer you the advantage to develop a deeper understanding of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

people gathered along the river in Amsterdam, with several individuals riding in boats

Choosing an Internship in the Netherlands with Roots

You must be wondering why Roots is the best option to find the top NGOs in the Netherlands. Well the answer is simple, Roots offers you the opportunity to customize your interests and experiences that best caters to your needs for career development and personal growth. Among the range of internship programs offered by Roots, the Event Management Internship Program and Social Internship Program offers fascinated individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in an inclusive and inspiring culture that sparks personal and academic growth. These are just a few reasons to do an internship and better yet an internship in the Netherlands with Roots.

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