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Dive into why you should consider nonprofit remote internships

Remote nonprofit internships are where contemporary methods redefine traditional settings. True to the spirit of internships, it’s a fulfilling workplace experience but with a twist: you do the work from home. Still, it expands your network, elevates your skills, and guides your segway into professional job opportunities. The best part? You’ll get all these benefits while bringing good into the world. If this perks your ears, keep reading to find out why remote NGO internships deserve a spot on your resume. We guarantee by the end of this blog, you’ll see the appeal as much as we do!

1. Unlimited location options

The world is your oyster with a remote internship. Well, at least virtually. One of its main selling points is how it (literally) has no restrictions. You don’t have to be in the same town, or even country, as where your company is based, because everything takes place online. This opens up your opportunity pool: discover organizations beyond your local residence, diversifying your potential work projects while keeping your interests and skills in mind. Interns also discover the working culture of the country that the nonprofit works in. It’s an international experience that you can land wherever you are. Expect to be immersed into an NGO that values your contribution, even from halfway across the world. Grassroot initiatives know no distance.

Need a Visa? Nope. Flight tickets? Nope. As long as you’ve got a laptop, you’re all set. That’s why remote summer internships are perfect for resume-building, even if you can’t fly out. They’re a chance to work with well-known or on-the-rise groups that deliver meaningful internships at a community level. They’re also a great way to gain experience if you’re looking to change career paths or just starting out, especially for students who can’t commit to a travel yet.

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2. Flexible work hours

Got a busy schedule? Fear not. NGO remote internships understand interns have their own lives too, whether that’s school or work. The organizations collaborate with interns to create a personalized schedule to maximize commitment and work-life balance. Instead of rigid, by-the-minute times, they are open to a hands-off approach, giving you the reins to navigate tasks on your own. As long as you complete the required weekly hours or specified tasks, both parties end up happy. It’s up to you whether you group all your hours together or spread them out throughout the day,. With weekly schedules, position this experience into pockets of time you feel work best. Unlike an extra job, it’ll feel like a nicely fitted puzzle piece rather than a coerced juggle. Rest assured that there’s always time to propel goodness with nonprofit projects.

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3. Improve digital skills

As our world adopts a more digitized undertone, it’s important to keep up with the right skills in the workplace. A remote internship launches you in the right direction for exactly that. Participating online means your fingers and keyboard become best friends, as you gain exposure to platforms like Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Canvaetc. Going virtual means improving digital literacy, giving you an edge in your technical abilities. Depending on the organization, there might also be weekly meetings involving Zoom or other communication softwares. All these acknowledge the experiences from remote nonprofit internships are relevant for our advancing times!

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4. Practice independence

In a way, you’ll be your own boss. Although you’ll be in touch with supervisors and colleagues, you’re in charge of how you operate on a daily basis. With no manager physically shadowing you, it’s an opportunity to develop discipline. Definitely a skill needed in any workplace, be prepared to learn how nonprofit remote internships challenge you for the better. Taking initiative to ask for help when needed, organizing your own files, and staying accountable are a few of the ways you’ll become a self-sufficient individual. This freedom will be liberating, and a fruitful learning experience on many levels. It’s also great for those who prefer solo work as these internships lean towards one-man tasks, though they are ever vitally contributing to overall goals.

5. Interact with your desired field

Maybe you’re keen on exploring your field of interest or want to put your knowledge to use – either way, remote internships do just that. From marketing to agroforestry to law, something’s definitely in store for you to act upon your passions. For instance, Roots’ very own freelance writer, Tom, started off as a Creative Writing Intern for us. “I really got a handle of the style, requirements, and constrictions of writing within a marketing capacity,” he says. “Best of all, it gave me new reasons to be excited about a new field of work.”

We also currently have interns working on their bachelor’s thesis. Our projects place your interests in a global context to gain an accurate understanding. We are also open to possibly tailor-making a remote internship that suits what you are looking for!


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6. Cheaper alternative to traveling

Initiating meaningful change doesn’t need to cost a fortune. As remote NGO internships cut out expenses related to travel, it’s safe to say it won’t break the bank. This is ideal for those on a budget, such as university students seeking an affordable way to build their resume or professionals looking to expand their skills while maintaining their job. Although there are still fees required to participate remotely, these are minimal compared to on the ground internships. As hinted in the name, nonprofit organizations value charity over exploitation and financial bloom, so you can let your mind be at ease. The goal is to create sincere experiences in an ethical manner without ridiculous costs.

If you have questions about potential fees and placement, see if we can answer them on our ‘how it works’ page.

7. Career progression

Connections, connections… a guaranteed outcome of nonprofit remote internships. Your boss, supervisors, colleagues, are all new associates in your professional life who can provide valuable guidance. Who knows, they might recommend other opportunities, which in turn generates more connections and relevant career experiences. They say your network is your net worth, and we couldn’t agree more. On top of that, you might find other exciting internships. Here at Roots, we’ve had interns book different opportunities after their first one, helping them sail more smoothly into their career. These remote nonprofit internships aim to offer a foundational base for your future aspirations, all while making a difference that matters.

It’s time to explore your internship options!

Nonprofit remote internships are more than what meets the eye. We hope these 7 reasons introduced you to the magic of them. If you’re ready for this to be your next professional project, submit your application and embark on a transformative journey where meaningful contributions await. There are also other brilliant opportunities we have to offer, including nonprofit summer internships or NGO internships for university credit. Be prepared to create a meaningful impact, all from the comfort of your home!

Still got questions? Check out our FAQ page.


This blog was written by Kotomi Hasegawa. Photo credits to Anna Lusty.