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These days, there’s a lot of pressure on young people to get ahead in their careers. So much so that some think asking, “Can you do internships after graduation?” would return an answer that it’s too late. We think this is preposterous.

In this blog, we’ll dispel the myths around this question. We’ll run through the benefits of a post graduation internship, offer tips on how to find internships for recent graduates, and recommend some of our best internships for recent graduates.

7 Benefits of Doing Internships After Graduation

Whatever your age, the reasons to do a nonprofit internship remain the same for the most part. You’ll gain skills, knowledge, experience, and hopefully professional contacts. Here’s a full list of the many benefits recent graduates can expect from an internship.

1. Validate Knowledge With Experience

The number one challenge recent graduates face when entering the job market is that, while they may have expert knowledge of their field, they have no idea how to apply it in practical settings. Can you do an internship after graduation and remedy this immediately? Absolutely!

For some fields like law, medicine, or scientific research, there’s no question of whether you can do internships after graduation. You absolutely must gain the necessary experience before entering such high-stakes work. In any field, though, if your experience doesn’t match your knowledge, it’s going to be difficult to find jobs. The good news is that there are internships for recent graduates that can solve this problem for you.

2. Build Skills for a Specific Role

Teachers need classroom skills, doctors need bedside manners, and these skills need real-world settings to practice. If you know you don’t have the necessary skills for your dream job, an internship for recent graduates is the perfect way to fill those gaps in your resume.

Equipped with these role-specific skills, you’ll be able to apply for a higher caliber of job and even negotiate higher rates of pay. What’s more, role-specific skills are just the first in a long list of skills you can expect to gain from an internship.

3. Gain Industry Insight

An equally common obstacle recent graduates face when entering the job market is that, although they know the field they wish to work in, they don’t know exactly where they would best fit. This is another reason that internships for recent college graduates are a great idea.

Post undergraduate internships give you a tour of your industry. They let you know the roles you could train towards within a marketing team, the applications of your event management skills, the kinds of businesses you could join, or the possibilities of starting your own. These opportunities allow you to discover how and where the skills acquired in college can be applied in the professional world.

5. Explore Career Paths

Can you do internships after graduation to explore career options? Yes, this is the main reason why many people choose this route. When you first went to college, you probably imagined that by graduation you’d know what job you’d want and even where to start the search. The fact is that many graduates leave college with little professional experience and no idea what to do for work.
Fortunately, there are internships for recent graduates that offer broad skill development, allowing interns to try their hand at different tasks and work out their strengths and career ambitions.

6. Expand Your Professional Network

If nothing else, an internship gets you in a room with industry professionals and gives you a reason to introduce yourself. Don’t underestimate what an opportunity that is. This can be one of the most effective ways internships help you get a job.

The best internships for recent graduates are the ones that give them wide exposure within their industry and equip their interns with a vast network of acquaintances, colleagues, and contacts. The people you meet during your internship could be future mentors, colleagues, or employers.

7. Contribute to a Meaningful Cause

Contributing to a meaningful cause can show you how the skills and knowledge you learned at college, or wherever else, can be used to positively impact the world. This, in our opinion, is the dream outcome of any internship.

This often overlooked benefit can be hugely influential in shaping an intern’s career. It’s also why the best internships for recent graduates are more alternative kinds of experiential learning, such as post-undergraduate internships abroad with nonprofits and start-ups.

How To Find Internships for Recent Graduates

Now you know the answer to the question, “Can you do internships after graduation?”. I’m sure you can agree that the answer is obviously yes. Let’s help get you to the point where you have an even better grasp on the importance of internships after graduation and how to ever find the right one for you!

  • Set your goals: Setting goals for your internship beforehand, will help you achieve them. Knowing the skills and experience you wish to acquire will be instrumental in searching for, selecting, securing, and completing your internship.
  • Research opportunities: There are plenty of online platforms to help you find internships for recent graduates. Keep your internship goals in mind, and be sure to research opportunities comprehensively. Learn not just about the positions but also about the organization you’ll work for and their values too.
    Seek advice: At some point during your search for internships for recent graduates, reach out and ask for advice from someone, or even just talk things through. This could be an employee or an old college professor. It could also be a friend or family member. Alternatively, you could get in touch with us for some expert guidance and help.
  • Apply: Personalize applications for each position you apply for, and remember that not everyone will be accepted. Don’t be disheartened. Our top tip for interviews is to remember that it’s your chance to make sure the position fits your goals, so come with some questions prepared.

3 Best Internships for Recent Graduates

1. Law and Advocacy Internship in South Africa

Here’s one of our best internships for recent law graduates. This program places you with a nonprofit based in Cape Town working to advance the rights of women. You’ll use your knowledge of law to assist with litigation, research, and advocacy campaigns and help to make women’s lives better.

2. Health and Physical Development Internship in Cambodia

Devise and implement developmental care programs for the mental or physical health of schoolchildren in Cambodia. You’ll join an incredible organization aiming to break the cycle of poverty in Siem Reap through holistic education programs that support a child’s mental, physical, and academic development. Working closely with a team of local social workers, you’ll help introduce new practices and structures for health care.

3. Public Health and WASH Engineering Internship in Ecuador

Live and work deep in the Amazon Rainforest and help develop systems for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in a rural community. This organization works to sustainably develop rural villages to reduce the need for harmful farming and deforestation practices. This versatile program lets you opt between different projects, including logistical planning for the construction of a water filtration system and developing WASH education programs.

Explore Your Options for Internships After Graduation

Can you do internships after graduation? Absolutely! This phase in your life is probably the best time to start. Ideally, it’s best to have some internship experience before the end of college, but if you haven’t, that’s no reason to be discouraged.

An internship can still have long-term benefits throughout your career. If you’d still like some help on how to start, then get in touch with us. Our expert guidance can help you find the best internships for recent graduates that’s meant for you!

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This blog was written by Sophia Brown