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Internship opportunities in Uganda can be a truly transformative experience. First and foremost, you’ll develop professional skills and gain valuable experience. You’ll also get to explore a far-off country and immerse yourself in its culture. Most excitingly, you’ll help make a positive impact on the world.

Unfortunately, they also require a lot of legwork. From finding your internship to securing your placement to preparing for your trip, each step in the process will provide its own challenges. There are limited internship opportunities in Uganda, and there is strong competition for those opportunities. Then there are the challenges of infrastructure and communication within the country. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap detailing how to get internships in Uganda. We’ll cover the essential steps, including identifying organizations aligned with your goals, navigating visa requirements, ensuring your safety, and understanding the local customs. So, get ready to start your hunt for the best Uganda internships.

8 Steps to Get an Internship in Uganda

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1. Research and Identify Organizations

You’ll begin by researching internship opportunities with NGOs in Uganda.

The best advice we can offer here is to make sure you know what you want. Set clear intentions and goals for what you want from your internship experience. These goals should account for the professional skills you want to develop, the tasks you want to complete, and the cause you want to contribute to. Knowing your own wants and needs will help narrow down your options and help impress interviewers when you get to that stage too.

It’s also important to look for organizations that have a track record of hosting interns. One method for this is to thoroughly explore their websites, social media pages, and any available reports or publications on their projects and impact. Alternatively, you can apply through an intern-placing company (like Roots), which finds the top companies in Uganda, vets their capacity for interns, and spares you the donkey work.

2. Contact Potential Organizations

Once you’ve identified the top companies in Uganda you want to intern with, reach out to them, ask questions, and express your interest.

Your priority here should be clearing up any uncertainties you have about the internship. So, inquire about application deadlines, specific requirements, the tasks and responsibilities you’ll be assigned, and the mentorship and support on offer. Contacting the organization is the best chance you’ll have to get a clear idea of the program you’re applying to and gather other essential information.

Bear in mind, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, and you want to get off on the right foot. To this end, send a personalized message in a professional manner that demonstrates your enthusiasm for their work.

Our top tip: reach out sooner rather than later. A common mistake here is to wait too long before getting in touch. The sooner you contact the organization, the sooner you’ll know if the internship suits your needs. Simple as that.

3. Prepare Application Materials

Once you’ve found internship opportunities in Uganda you’re interested in pursuing, you’ll have to prepare your application materials. Gather all required documents, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, identification, and so forth. An essential part of this is customizing your resume.

Firstly, make sure your CV is up-to-date with all your relevant experience and skills. Then, it is absolutely pivotal that you personalize your application. Stock cover letters and CVs will damage your chances when applying to any job, and internship jobs in Uganda are no exception. Craft a tailored resume that highlights your relevant experiences, skills, and education. Critically, ensure you respond to the requirements in the job listing.

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4. Submit Applications

Each organization will have its own specific application process. Make sure you follow them. Follow the application instructions provided by each organization. Pay close attention to details, ensure all documents are properly formatted, and proofread for any errors.

Again, this is vital advice for how to get internships in Uganda, and how to get jobs in general. A poor eye for detail is a quick turn-off for any employer.

5. Interview Process

Once you apply for internships with NGOs in Uganda, you’ll be asked to interview.

Research common interview questions and prepare thoughtful responses that highlight your skills, experiences, and passion for the organization’s work. Be ready to discuss how your background can contribute to their projects and demonstrate your genuine interest.

6. Visa and Legal Requirements

If you want an internship in Uganda, visa applications are an unavoidable part of the process. Research the visa and work permit requirements for Uganda based on your nationality and the duration of your stay. Useful resources we recommend for this are Travel.State.Gov for US citizens and Gov.UK for British citizens.

Be sure to leave plenty of time for visa processing before your intended departure date. With Uganda being a developing country, this is especially important. Limited bureaucratic capacity and infrastructure can slow the application process dramatically.

7. Funding and Logistics

Sorry to break it to you, but there are simply very few paid internships in Uganda. You might be able to find internships that offer stipends or cover certain expenses, but even then, you should be prepared to cover additional costs if needed. As such, a crucial step towards an internship in Uganda is working out how you’re going to fund it.

Start by evaluating the financial aspects of interning in Uganda, including travel costs, accommodation, insurance, meals, and local transportation. Uganda is a budget-friendly destination, but these costs still add up.

Once you have a rough idea of what the costs will be, start saving. You could also try organizing fundraising events: sponsored runs, bake sales, and so forth. If you’re doing a fundraising internship, this could be a valuable experience in more ways than one.

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8. Health and Safety

Your health and safety is your responsibility. Contact your doctor for the required vaccinations and obtain the necessary insurance before your trip. Uganda’s a fairly safe country, but you’ll still need to familiarize yourself with local customs, culture, and safety recommendations. Then, stay informed about any travel advisories or health precautions relevant to your destination before and throughout your internship.

Common Questions about Internships in Uganda

Are internships paid in Uganda?

In Uganda, many internships, especially within the nonprofit and public sectors, are mostly unpaid. In profit-making corporations, interns will occasionally be offered a small stipend to cover basic expenses, but this is uncommon. Fully-paid internships are even less common. That’s why, it’s important to thoroughly research specific opportunities and organizations to understand their compensation policies.

Is a visa required to intern in Uganda?

For most Western travelers, if your internship is under three months, you can just apply for a tourist visa. You can even renew a tourist visa and upgrade to a ‘special pass’ which will allow you to stay for a total of five months. Alternatively, you can apply for a multiple-entry visa, which is valid for six months, and comes with the perk of being able to leave and re-enter the country.

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3 Internships in Uganda to consider


Join a nonprofit organization in Uganda that provides music classes for underprivileged children with no access to instruments. The aim of these lessons is to inspire children and instill life lessons while providing them with a safe space to grow and have fun.

As an intern, you’ll aid in the overall development of the organization by exploring new fundraising, communications, and monitoring strategies. You’ll enjoy diverse work across your internship, getting involved with grant writing, managing social media, running online fundraising campaigns, assisting with digital marketing strategy, and more. Requires a self-driven, flexible, passionate intern ready to try anything


Here’s one of the best internship opportunities in Uganda for music enthusiasts. If you’re handy with an instrument and want to make a difference in the lives of children, listen up.

You’ll work with the same organization as the above internship, only this time, you’ll take on the role of teacher. By sharing your musical talent, you’ll directly impact underprivileged children and adults.

a hand holding the guitar handle and a music book on top of a piano

Take advantage of Uganda’s internship opportunities

There aren’t a huge number of internship opportunities in Uganda, but the ones there are, are fantastic. Working with NGOs in Uganda can benefit your professional development, personal growth, social responsibility, and global awareness. You’ll get to make an impact for an important cause, explore a hidden gem of a travel destination, and learn about new cultures and ways of life, all while furthering your career. What more could you ask for?

This guide tells you exactly how to get internships in Uganda, now go follow the steps. If you’re keen on finding intern jobs in Uganda, but are put off by the process of finding one, then get some help. Get in touch, and we’ll find you the best internship Uganda can offer.

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This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge