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Why venturing to this South African city for your internship is a great idea

An internship abroad is a great opportunity to kickstart your career, as it allows you to gain experience in your field of study, add an international element to your resume, and have a foreign adventure at the same time. It’s personally and professionally enriching, regardless of your academic field. But one area that lends itself perfectly to international internships is communications, as it’s a field that overlaps with practically all industries. If you’re a communications student – or if you’re studying anything that aligns with communications – we have some exciting opportunities for you in Cape Town, South Africa, a city that offers a rich and stimulating environment for interns from around the world. Here’s why doing a communications internship in Cape Town is a great idea.
– By Tabitha MacClean

Add international experience to your resume

Working abroad is an amazing and powerful experience; it’s the perfect chance to grow as a professional, but as an individual as well. As an intern in Cape Town, you will not only be enthralled into the South African culture, your fellow interns will be from all over the world as well. It’s an exciting opportunity to grow a sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity, as you’ll work in a foreign environment you learn to face challenges and adapt to your new situation. These experiences stimulate flexibility and innovative thinking. And being able to navigate in an international environment and overcome challenges can really boost your confidence.  

Moreover, having an international experience on your resume will make you stand out among other candidates. The skills and knowledge you acquire from working abroad is something that many workplaces desire, and it might give you a headstart in your career. 

Be part of a good cause as a communications intern

There is an abundance of nonprofit organizations in South Africa that address the many social and environmental challenges that the country faces. Many of these nonprofits are understaffed and underfunded, and welcome the support of skilled interns, including those who are keen to work in communications. You’re likely to be a tremendous asset to a small team, and your contribution will be highly appreciated. 

The greatest significance of interning with a nonprofit is the feeling that your work is making a difference. Knowing your work is contributing to an incredible cause gives one a sense of accomplishment and joy, and the overall experience will be very rewarding. 

On top of this, you can expect to have a diversified work experience. As a communications intern with a nonprofit in Cape Town, your tasks can vary greatly; you might manage social media channels, write content, run digital marketing or fundraising campaigns, and write reports and funding proposals. Depending on your experience, you might also have the opportunity to get involved on a strategic level, helping design and develop various communications-focused strategies.

You get to spend time in Cape Town

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city that is brimming with natural beauty and culture. It’s a place of great cultural and visual variety, a wonderful culinary scene, and an international vibe. The city is a real hotpot of culture, history, and beauty. The city’s natural surroundings are, arguably, even more glorious. It’s encompassed by spectacular mountains, a rugged coast line, and a number of national parks.

As an intern, Cape Town will offer you an endless amount of exciting neighborhoods to explore, beaches to visit, and physical challenges to take on. During evenings and weekends, you can take a cable car up to Table Mountain (or hike, for the more ambitious!), explore Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, or hang out with the penguin colony on Boulder’s Beach. You might also want to explore the city’s amazing culinary scene by going to local food markets, eating at some of the many brilliant restaurants, or doing wine tasting at wine estates in or around Cape Town. 

All this exploring can be done with fellow interns from around the world that you’re likely to come across, as Cape Town is a real hotspot for international students.

You’ll get to explore South Africa’s travel highlights

Apart from exploring your direct surroundings while you’re interning in Cape Town, you might want to take some time to visit other areas of South Africa, a country of great diversity and beauty. An obvious highlight is a safari in Kruger National Park. One of Africa’s largest game reserves (it’s roughly the size of Belgium!), Kruger is home to an amazing array of animals, including the famous Big Five; lions, buffalo, elephants, leopards, and rhinos. Another option for great game viewing is KwaZulu-Natal, an area in the north east of the country that is home to a number of smaller – but no less exciting – game reserves, such as Hluhluwe and ImFolozi.

A little closer to Cape Town is another travel highlight; the Garden Route. This coastal route offers great road trips that will take you past rugged beaches, quaint towns, and stunning national parks. And another road trip you could take from Cape Town, but in the other direction, is one to the West Coast, where you can stay in small fishing villages, swim in lagoons, and visit the West Coast National Park – particularly famous for its far-stretching fields of spring flowers.

Who should apply for a communications internship in Cape Town?

Communications internships in Cape Town can be a brilliant option for students with a wide range of focus areas, as it can overlap with many different fields. Obviously it will be an ideal opportunity for communications students, but these internships also apply to students of marketing, journalism, and fundraising. Most of our communications internships in Cape Town offer a broad range of tasks, requirements, and responsibilities. 

On top of this, there’s often a fluidity and flexibility in terms of tasks within a communications internship. As you’ll be part of a small team, you’re likely to be able to develop your tasks as you go.

Examples of communications internships in Cape Town

Communications and Fundraising Internship at Film Making NGO, Cape Town

You will be part of an organization that uses the power of media and a solar-powered cinema to make a social impact. As a communication and fundraising intern, you will have an opportunity to gain experience in communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Communications Internship with NGO, Cape Town

If you are keen on getting experience in marketing and helping refugees and migrants, this is the internship for you! You will be working with an organization that provides support services for migrants and refugees; and they also promote human rights and integration.

Marketing and Communications Internship, Cape Town

Become a marketing and communications intern for a community center that provides a safe place for children to play and learn. As an intern for this wonderful project, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in digital marketing, communications, and fundraising.

Communications Internship, Cape Town

Here’s an internship that offers experience in managing social media channels, creative writing, and digital marketing. You will have a chance to work with a growing organization and interns from around the globe. 

Interning in Cape Town is a Valuable Opportunity

Cape Town, South Africa is the land of opportunity for anyone looking for an internship! There is an abundance of organizations that are searching for a communications intern to promote their cause. You will also be able to see how valuable your work is as you contribute to remarkable causes. Your contributions to these organizations will bring you a sense of joy and accomplishment. Working internationally is not only worth it for the professional experience, but to have the ability to work in such a unique place like Cape Town.

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