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Why Intern Abroad in Mozambique

Mozambique has one of the most stunning coastlines in Africa and some of the most exciting scuba diving destinations in the world. It also has a fascinating recent history and electrifying culture that features unique architecture, effervescent art, flamboyant fashion, and a bustling music scene. There are many reasons to travel to this country, but why intern in Mozambique? The simple answer because your support can go a long way.

Mozambique is a developing country with the 3rd lowest GDP in the world and among its greatest resources are its oceans. Tourism is a great source of income for the country and by working to protect their coastline, you could help the country break the cycle of poverty whilst developing sustainably.

Moreover, the Mozambique Channel is an incredible site that’s valuable to the promotion of marine conservation science, with many organizations doing vital research on how to preserve and regenerate our oceans. With a Mozambique internship, you could significantly contribute to ocean conservation and our understanding of marine life.

a turtle under the deep blue sea with a streak of sunlight

If you’re not already convinced, then here are five of the top reasons to do an internship in Mozambique:

1. Marine research and conservation opportunities

So, ‘Why intern in Mozambique?’ The most common answer is for scuba diving and marine science.

That goes without mentioning that the coastline of Mozambique is important for marine science research, with one of the largest marine protected regions in Africa. The country hosts some of the most biodiverse coral populations on the planet and is one of the best sites to study whale sharks, manta rays, and dugongs. It, and the marine life of the area, also face a number of threats such as overfishing, pollution, climate change, unsustainable tourism practices – to name a few.

By seeking marine conservation internship opportunities in Mozambique, you’ll be closer to helping protect important ecosystems and the species that call them home. The marine research carried out in this country not only assists in preserving its own waters but also oceans worldwide. There are species of marine life and research possibilities here that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It goes without saying that for those interested in a career as a professional diver, this is one of the best places in the world to train!

2. International work experience in a nonprofit context

Mozambique is a great place to gain valuable work experience in a variety of fields, including marine science, tourism, education, healthcare, and social work. Internships in Mozambique can give you the opportunity to work on real-world projects that make an impact for a meaningful cause.

As with any internship abroad, it’ll open you up to international networking opportunities and help you develop a more global mindset. Many of the internship opportunities in Mozambique are in the nonprofit sector and will offer valuable insight into NGO jobs in Mozambique. On top of all this, interning here will look great on your CV and really make it stand out. It communicates independence, adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and a belief in your own ability to make positive change in the world.

interns eating together on top of a mountain

3. Personal Growth

Traveling to a foreign country, meeting people from different ways of life,and working for important causes are all fantastic opportunities for personal growth. One of the best reasons to intern in Mozambique is for self-development.

Interning abroad will inevitably improve your confidence, independence, and resilience as you step outside your comfort zone and rise to new challenges. Internships in Mozambique also have a number of unique challenges. Living and working with people who lead such different lives will improve your ability to connect and empathize with others, regardless of the differences between you. Further, you’ll experience the ups and downs of the nonprofit work environment during your internships in Mozambique. In this you’ll learn creative problem-solving, adaptability, enterprise, and to practice positivity.

4. Make an impact

There is tremendously exciting work happening for marine science in Mozambique. Researchers there are conducting critical research into coral bleaching and expanding human understanding of coral reef systems around the world. Internships in Mozambique give you the opportunity to not only protect regional marine life in Mozambique but also further marine conservation globally.

There are also valuable community outreach programs at work in the country, teaching locals to respect and protect this natural resource. Mozambique is a developing nation, with vast swathes of its population living in poverty. The economy is driven by the tourism industry and seeks to develop sustainable practices, which is another reason to intern in Mozambique.

5. Learn culture, history, and language

Mozambique is a country with a rich culture and a remarkable recent history. Only gaining independence in 1975 and still recovering from a civil war that ended in the early nineties, Mozambique has a unique socio-political climate. Despite the challenging, disadvantaged lives of people in the country, they enjoy a lively, flamboyant culture.

A Mozambique internship will expose you to the flamboyant fashions crafted from capulana fabrics, the customs and traditions of the indigenous Bantu cultures, spirited music and dance scenes, and the spiciest piri-piri in the world.

Also, for anyone looking to polish up on their Portuguese, this is the country’s most-used language, so interning there is a great way to improve your skills.

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Top Internship Opportunities in Mozambique

Hopefully you’re being convinced on why to intern in Mozambique. If so, there’ll be a few things you need to do to prepare but the first step is finding the right internship program. There are a range of internship opportunities in Mozambique; however, not all of them are online. So, researching to find one that offers the type of experience you’re after can be difficult.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help with that. Below, we’ve compiled two of our best internships in Mozambique:


Live in a tropical paradise, study one of the world’s most biodiverse coral reef systems, dive with whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and turtles, while gaining hands-on marine research experience. For anyone making their first steps into a career in marine science, there are a lot of reasons to intern in Mozambique; this program has them all..

Based in Africa’s first permanent marine observatory, you’ll develop expertise observing, mapping and analyzing marine ecosystems. You’ll work as part of a dedicated team of scientists and conservationists, helping to better understand the marine life of the region. As you do so, you’ll develop a thorough knowledge of marine research tools and practices, as well as a detailed understanding of the multifaceted nature of marine conservation and NGO jobs in Mozambique.


If your goal is to make a difference for ocean conservation, this is the Mozambique internship for you.

Here, you’ll work with the same organization, but with your focus directed more towards the day-to-day running of a field-based NGO. You’ll still get the chance to assist with research dives and data processing, while developing your knowledge of marine life in the Indian Ocean. However, you’ll also have the chance to work on the development, management, and maintenance of a variety of projects, from research to community outreach, to educational programs.

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Convinced a Mozambique Internship is Right for You?

Internships in Mozambique can be a life-changing experience. Mozambique is a fascinating and truly exciting country to visit for any reason. You’ll experience new cultures, see untouched natural sights, and meet great people. As an intern in Mozambique, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the country and work with exciting organizations doing vital work. You’ll see a side of the country that many don’t get to see all while building important professional skills and gaining valuable work experience.

If you’re looking for an internship that will challenge you professionally, test you personally, and help you grow as a person, then Mozambique is a great option.

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This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge