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What are the Best Internships for Marketing majors?

Internships are a useful stepping stone between the classroom and employment in whatever industry. This is especially true for marketing, though. A marketing internship might be your first chance to run a social media channel, develop a marketing campaign, and apply the theory learned from textbooks to the real world. Essentially, internships for marketing majors are inevitable.

So, which are the best marketing internships? In our opinion, nonprofit internships abroad are beneficial, and we have a few reasons to think so. First and foremost, they offer all the skill development in communication, research, content creation, or marketing strategy, that any other internship would offer. On top of this, you get to live and work in another country. Most of all, you’ll put your marketing skills to use to further an important cause.

Reading this blog, you’ll find all the information you need to find the best marketing and communications internship for you. This article will go through some of the best marketing and communications major internships we have available in 2023 and our top tips on how to get a marketing internship with nonprofit organizations.

So, here’s our list of the best we currently have available:


To all the animal lovers out there, this is the marketing internship for you.
Come live on Costa Rica’s stunning coastline while supporting important sea turtle conservation by raising awareness.

You’ll join an organization that works to monitor sea turtle populations and protect their habitats by engaging local communities in conservation work. Your job will be to create content documenting their work and communicating its importance. You’ll learn a wealth of tips and tricks for marketing strategy and content creation while rallying support for the protection of this endangered species.

scenic view of ocean during dusk


If you’re also interested in communications major internships, this program might be of interest. With this diverse marketing internship, you’ll gain fundraising and communications experience too.

This program places you with a conservation nonprofit based on Brazil’s Cocoa Coast, an area of vital significance for global conservation with remarkable biodiversity. You’ll join an organization dedicated to studying and protecting the unique ecosystems there. As an intern, you’ll have a range of duties, including promoting their mission locally and globally, organizing fundraising efforts, and enhancing partnerships.


Are you interested in media communications internships supporting environmental conservation? Here’s an opportunity to build a wealth of content creation experience, build a diverse portfolio, and, simultaneously, contribute valuably to important conservation work.

This organization employs manifold strategies in its conservation efforts, so you’ll have all kinds of exciting activities to document. You’ll also get to explore a variety of mediums and marketing channels. From reforestation to community engagement, you’ll have a wealth of subjects to showcase through graphic design, photography, videography, and more.


This program places you with a nonprofit striving to diversify clinical trials, enhance clinical research in Africa, and provide public information on their findings. Currently, they’re trying to expand their reach and are seeking an intern to help with digital marketing.

You’ll contribute to their mission by crafting clear, accessible content on public health. Your marketing internship jobs will encompass blog writing, website development, social media management, and managing public relations to improve visibility for the organization.


Gain valuable writing skills and hands-on nonprofit communications experience while living on the beach in rural South Africa. This is the perfect marketing internship for those with a passion for social development, creative writing skills, and a penchant for remote travel destinations with exceptional surfing and hiking opportunities.

Based in Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast of South Africa, you’ll collaborate with an education-focused nonprofit that combats poverty and unemployment in the area. Your job will be to write stirring stories about the organization’s beneficiaries, communicating the importance of the organization’s work.


Travel to the pristine shores of Lake Malawi and develop your skillset in strategic marketing. This remote marketing and communications internship has you supporting a nonprofit eco-lodge that serves as a community and conservation volunteer hub in Malawi.

You’ll contribute through marketing research, strategy development, SEO, and social media management. With this versatile marketing internship, you’ll sharpen your skills in communication, marketing, and strategy, all while learning more about the tourism industry and the nonprofit sector.

landscape photo of a sunset in lake malawi


If you’re interested in youth development, this might be the best marketing and communications internship for you. Join a nonprofit in Ghana that works to enhance life skills, nurture talent, and bolster the confidence of underprivileged children through sports coaching.

As a marketing and fundraising intern, engage in tasks like research, grant applications, program evaluation, system development, communication strategy, and website assistance, gaining diverse experience and insight into the nonprofit sector’s dynamics. You’ll also have the chance to get involved with the charity’s sports coaching and mentoring initiatives.

4 Tips for Finding Marketing and Communications Internships

Finding the best marketing and communications internship for you can be hard. Vying for nonprofit internships abroad makes it even more difficult. Still, it’s worth the extra work. If you’re willing to do the legwork, you can find truly rewarding experiences that allow you to enhance your professional skills while contributing to important causes around the world.

So, here are some tips on how to get a marketing internship in the nonprofit sector:

1. Research and Identify Nonprofit Organizations

Your journey begins with researching and identifying nonprofit organizations.

One of the best reasons to do your marketing internship with an NGO is that it gives you the chance to make a difference. So, seize the opportunity! Whatever cause is close to your heart, be it sustainability, social justice, healthcare, or anything else, look for organizations committed to that cause.

Exclusively seeking opportunities with organizations that align with your values and interests will help narrow down your options a lot. It will also ensure that you end up with a marketing internship that you’re enthusiastic about.

a group sitting in a round table using their phone and laptops

2. Make Use of the Resources available to you

Properly utilizing online platforms and websites that specialize in advertising internship opportunities will be key to your success. Websites like Idealist, LinkedIn, InternMatch, and Indeed often list marketing intern jobs specifically with nonprofits. Also, with these platforms, you can filter your search based on your preferences, which will greatly streamline the process.

Our top tip here: get specialist help. For instance, at Roots, we have years of experience and can offer insider knowledge when it comes to nonprofit internships. What’s more, we select our partners carefully. So, the marketing and communications internships we offer are with impactful, trustworthy organizations that can offer valuable professional development for interns.

3. Network and Attend Events

Networking is a powerful tool for finding nonprofit internships. Not only can it introduce you to new leads, but getting to know an organization better will help you determine if a particular internship is a good fit for you.

One way to do this is through in-person events: local nonprofit events, workshops, seminars, and career fairs. If this isn’t an option in the area where you live, then look online for digital seminars and online forums. These events provide excellent opportunities to connect with professionals already working in the nonprofit sector and ask for advice on marketing intern jobs.

Who knows what valuable insights and referrals you might gain? If nothing else, they should give you a few extra talking points for your interview.

Diverse successful businesswomen smiling and walking together in modern workplace

4. Reach Out Proactively

If you want to be a communications intern, you can’t be prissy about reaching out to people.

The best way to get to know an organization, see what internship opportunities they offer, and impress your potential supervisors, is to contact them. This proactive approach demonstrates enthusiasm and initiative, and this could be what sets you apart from other candidates. Moreover, in this specific case, you’ll be exhibiting the exact skills required for

Even if an organization hasn’t posted any internship positions, a well-written email expressing your interest in their work is still a good idea.

How to Get a Marketing or Communications Internship with Roots

The impact marketing can make in the nonprofit sector has never been bigger. Each year, digital platforms grow more omnipresent in our lives, and nonprofit organizations are starting to recognize the value of having some marketing expertise on their teams. So, if you’re a marketing major with a heart for making a difference, you might find the best marketing and communications internship for you in the nonprofit sector.

Following these tips will help you find and land the best marketing internships for you. It will take work, but eventually, you’ll find a rewarding marketing internship that suits you.

Alternatively, you could find great internships for marketing majors much quicker and easier with us. Reach out to us, and we’ll match you with an organization where you can make an impact for a cause that’s important to you while gaining the skills you need.