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Make your internship abroad a meaningful one

If several lockdowns have given you the urge to travel, and you’d like to do something valuable during your foreign adventures, we’ve got you covered! Join us in Africa for an internship with a nonprofit organization, and enjoy a unique and rewarding experience in an exciting setting. Our internship opportunities are spread across nine African countries, and they’re all with impact-driven, grassroots organizations that are on a mission to uplift communities, fight climate change, or protect wildlife. As an intern, you’ll get to see your work make an impact – and you’ll get to explore a beautiful part of the world. Keen to hear more? Here are some of the best internships in Africa in 2024.

Marine Research Internship, Mozambique

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. This internship combines a tropical island setting with an incredible range of marine life – and the mission to protect this. You’ll venture to Benguerra Island, a palm tree lined island just off the coast of Mozambique, and join a team of scientists and environmentalists on a mission to preserve the rich ecosystem of this part of the Indian Ocean.

Your work will involve diving amongst whales, dolphins, and turtles, and observing colorful and biodiverse coral reefs. Through surveying, mapping, and testing, you’ll contribute to the innovative research work happening at this station. It’s a marine research internship that’s both a life-changing and meaningful experience.

Who should apply? 

To become a marine research intern, you’ll need to be studying marine biology, environmental sciences, or a related field. Obviously you need to have a hunger for adventure, and a passion for marine biology. Any relevant practical experience is a bonus, but it’s not required. (If you don’t have this academic background, but you’d like to join this program, have a look at our 8-week Marine Conservation Project.)

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Nonprofit Photography Internship, South Africa

If you’re a keen photographer, and you like the idea of making an impact through your lens, check out this award-winning nonprofit photography internship program. You’ll venture to Cape Town – in itself a highly photogenic destination – and join a team of impact-focused photographers.

To start with, you’ll enjoy a one-week workshop by a professional humanitarian photographer, and learn what it takes to effectively document the work of a nonprofit organization. Afterwards, you’ll be embedded with nonprofits as their photographer, and you’ll work to create a portfolio of images that the organization will be able to raise awareness for their cause.

Who should apply? 

To join this photography internship in Cape Town, you will need to have a good camera and some experience as a photographer. You don’t need to be a pro, but you do need to have solid technical skills, and a good creative eye. On top of this, it should excite you to do documentary-style photography for charitable organizations. It’s a wonderful opportunity for photography students, or any enthusiastic photographer keen for an impactful experience.

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Marketing & Fundraising Internship, Zambia

If you’d like to get digital marketing, communications, and fundraising experience in a nonprofit context, do check out this excellent opportunity. As an intern, you’ll join a heart-warming and impactful education center in Livingstone – a short drive away from the Victoria Falls, one of the World Heritage Sites. The center creates community upliftment by providing schooling for kids and skill-development workshops for adults.

Your role will be somewhat multidimensional, as you’ll help raise awareness of this nonprofit initiative through a variety of channels and platforms. This internship will give you rich and rewarding work experience, as well as the opportunity to explore the surrounding area during game drives in National Parks, boat cruises on the Zambezi, and walks around the falls.

Who should apply? 

This internship in Zambia can provide a valuable experience – and a great resume addition – for students of a wide range of academic backgrounds. You’ll just need to have a knack for communications, a desire to get stuck in digital marketing and fundraising tasks, a willingness to have a varied workload, and a passion for social impact work.

Find out more about this internship in Zambia!

Gender Equality Internship, South Africa

If you’re passionate about women’s empowerment, and you’d like to get some work experience in the nonprofit sector, we invite you to apply for our gender equality internship in Cape Town. You’ll help fight gender-based violence, something that is prevalent in South Africa, as part of a young nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting women and providing vital support to victims.

Your role is somewhat flexible, and can be adapted according to your strengths and interests. But your work will likely involve doing research, assisting with communications and website management, and putting funding proposals together. As you’ll work in a startup environment, this internship is an opportunity to make a substantial impact into the development of an incredibly important mission.

Who should apply? 

Ideally you’re a bit of an all-rounder, given the varied nature of this gender equality internship. It’s important that you can work quite independently, and that you have a strong passion for the cause you’re working for. Relevant experience is a bonus, but not required.

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Grant Writing Internship, South Africa

If you’d like to explore a career as a writer, have a look at our grant writing internship in Cape Town. You’ll join a small team of fundraisers that work with local nonprofit organizations in an effort to make them more successful at getting donations, and consequently more effective at creating an impact. As a grant writing intern, you’ll do fundraising research on behalf of nonprofits, and you’ll draft grant applications and funding proposals.

This grant writing internship will not only give you the chance to sharpen your writing and get an understanding of the nonprofit world – it will also allow you to live and work in Cape Town, a stunning and incredibly diverse city. During your free time, you can visit beaches, venture onto Table Mountain, roam the city’s many vibrant neighborhoods, and explore nearby game reserves, national parks, and winelands.

Who should apply? 

To qualify for this internship, the main thing you need is excellent writing skills. You need to be fluent in English, confident in your penmanship, and flexible in your approach. Obviously it helps if you’re passionate about nonprofit work, and using your skills to help with the development of various social impact causes.

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Wildlife Research Internship, Zimbabwe

Here’s a chance to have a wild African adventure! Set in a wildlife-rich national park, you can join a team of researchers dedicated to protecting animals and their habitats. As a wildlife research intern, you’ll venture out on drives to monitor and study elephants, lions, giraffes, and more. The data you’ll collect will contribute to a wider understanding of conservation challenges in the area, and drive solutions to mitigate issues.

This wildlife research internship is a wonderful opportunity to live in the African bush – a truly inspiring experience – and to add value to important conservation work happening in this area. In your free time, you’ll get to visit welcoming Zimbabwean communities, visit the Victoria Falls, and venture onto the mighty Zambezi River.

Who should apply? 

To apply for this wildlife internship, you’ll need to – ideally – be in the process of getting a relevant degree. You’ll need to have a strong attention to detail, and – needless to say – a passion for wildlife and conservation.

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Charity Development Internship, Uganda

Music can be a great tool for inspiring and uplifting people. Based on this principle, a small nonprofit organization offers music lessons to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s an inspiring initiative that’s sparking creativity in rural Ugandan communities. The nonprofit is in its infancy, but there’s absolute potential for growth.

As a charity development intern, you’ll help with the overall development and growth of this nonprofit organization. Depending on your skills and experience, this will involve developing and implementing communications and fundraising strategies, helping put monitoring and evaluation systems in place, and assisting with partnership development.

Who should apply? 

The ideal candidate for this charity developmention internship is someone with an ability to work quite independently, a passion for nonprofit work, and a willingness to tackle a variety of tasks. It’s important that you’re keen to work in a startup environment, and that you’re excited by the prospect of immersing yourself into a welcoming Ugandan community.

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