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We’re all probably very aware that Peru is home to one of the best and most diverse biodiversities in the world. The country’s unique geography, which includes the Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest, and the Pacific coastline, contributes to its incredible range of ecosystems and habitats. Along with being a naturally beautiful country, there are also many great reasons to do an internship in Peru!

For aspiring changemakers and passionate individuals looking for meaningful internships, Peru stands out as an exceptional destination for NGO internships in areas such as education, social work, health, and much more! This blog will dive into the compelling reasons why Peru is the best country for those looking to make a good impact in their internship and gain a lot of experience in a working environment.

Why do an Internship in Peru?

There are many reasons why you should consider doing an internship in Peru. In the following section, we will talk about why Peru is a great location for an internship, and hopefully encourage you to intern in one of the most beautiful countries in South America!

1. Cultural Immersion

The country’s rich history, culture, and traditions are one of the many reasons why people travel to Peru. Immersing yourself in Peruvian culture is a fascinating and enriching experience that can be both exciting and rewarding, mainly because you’ll get to experience the rich traditions, try the traditional and delicious dishes, and witness the strong sense of respect and appreciation from the Peruvians for their country’s nature and landscapes.

By participating in an internship in Peru, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new and diverse cultural environment, far from what you’re probably used to. This can lead to many positive outcomes, such as personal growth, a broader worldview, and increased cultural awareness. This is especially beneficial if you are someone who likes to travel, as you will become more comfortable exploring and immersing yourself in new cultures from around the world.

Vinicunca in Peru

2. Experience The Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of the country alone is one of the main reasons to do an internship in Peru. For example, Machu Picchu, Vinicunca, the Amazon rainforest, Huascarán National Park, and Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve are all globally known as some of the most beautiful places in the world. Its breathtaking vistas make Peru a captivating paradise for everybody who enjoys nature, which is probably most of us.

There is nothing quite like seeing Machu Picchu, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, with your own eyes. During the free time that you get from your internship, make sure you take some time to visit it, or any other of the incredible destinations in Peru! The ability to say that you went and saw the most beautiful landscapes in South America is one of the reasons why you should travel to Peru.

3. Unique Professional and Personal Experience

Reasons to do an internship in Peru include gaining a unique professional experience that may not be accessible in your home country. You can gain exposure to different industries, work practices, and business strategies, adding depth to your resume and giving you a unique work experience.

Bolstering your personal experiences can also be a big reason why we encourage you to go to Peru for an internship. This is because you’ll be in a Spanish speaking country and in a culture that you’re probably not familiar with. One of the biggest benefits of interning abroad is that it challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. This is mainly because you need to adapt to a whole new environment and embrace unfamiliar cultures, which foster personal growth, independence, and a heightened sense of overall self-awareness.

4. Networking Opportunities

If you ultimately decide to choose an internship in Peru, you’ll be able to meet people from all around the world, as well as local people. In the duration of your internship, you’ll get the opportunity to meet and network with these people that can hopefully open up valuable opportunities for the future.

The chance to build a professional network is one of the many reasons to do an internship in Peru. Whichever area you decide to intern in, it will help you establish connections with local professionals, mentors, and fellow interns who can open up future opportunities for you around the globe.

5. Make a Positive Impact

There are a lot of underprivileged communities in the country, which is one of the reasons why Peru is great for NGO internships. By doing an NGO internship and participating in social impact initiatives, you can actively contribute to various development projects aimed at improving the lives of these communities. Whether it’s providing educational support to children, involving yourself in social work, offering medical support and assistance, or supporting young girls from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, interns can play a pivotal role in creating positive change.

The experience that you’ll gain from working hands-on in Peru’s diverse cultural landscape is one of the biggest reasons why go to Peru for an internship. Not only will it enrich the lives of the communities that you help, but also foster your personal growth, cross-cultural empathy, and a lasting commitment to social impact efforts beyond your internship period.

photo of Santa Catalina Monastery in Arequipa, Peru

6. Employability

Employers often view international experience as a valuable asset when reviewing a candidate’s CV. One reason why you should go to Peru is that you’ll have experience in a foreign country. This will demonstrate your ability to thrive in diverse environments and work effectively with people from different backgrounds. Also, if you do decide to do an NGO internship with Roots, it’ll show that you’re a selfless person, which can also be a big plus in the employer’s eyes.

This is one of the reasons why Peru is great for NGO internships, since it can really demonstrate your selflessness, flexibility, willingness to embrace diversity, and ability to thrive in different environments, which can give you a boost in the job market.

7. A Great Time

Living and working in a foreign country can be an adventure in themselves. The cuisine, landmarks, and traditions are just some of the reasons why Peru is the best country, or at least one of the best, to intern in. When you combine good food and fun activities together, it usually means that you’ll have a great time during your stay and make a lot of great memories!

During your internship, you will have the chance to explore new cuisines, engage in local traditions and customs, and create lasting memories with fellow interns and locals. This new experiences alone is why you need to go to Peru!

Top NGO Internships in Peru

Now that you have read all about why Peru is such a great place to intern, you may be wondering what internship opportunities we offer. In the following section, we will tell you about three internships that you may find interesting!

Community Healthcare Internship

Your role as an intern is to help provide medical support to the healthcare system in Puerto Inca, a remote province of the Huánuco region that struggles with poor infrastructure, overcrowding, and limited resources. There are a range of departments in need of help, so the exact nature of your work will be determined by your training and qualifications. In all cases, though, you can expect packed days dealing with the chaotic demands of healthcare provision in a rural, underdeveloped area.

woman standing on a hill with traditional Peruvian clothing

Teaching Internship

As an intern, you’ll be involved in a range of educational programs, from English and German classes to permaculture, business management, and creative arts and media. Your work will include devising classes, producing teaching materials, and running your own workshops. You’ll work closely with the community, teaching both children and adults, and building close relationships with your students.

Biology Research Internship

As an intern, you’ll work alongside national and international professional biologists monitoring endangered species. Your working field is about an eight-hour trek into the jungle. There, you’ll use camera traps and other wildlife observation methods to gather information on a variety of wildlife. In this way, you’ll help gather information and further knowledge on 54 species of mammals, 203 species of birds, 105 species of reptiles, 111 species of bony fish, and 190 species of plants.

a lake in Peru

Why Go to Peru to Gain Internship Experience?

We hope that you ultimately understand some of the reasons to do an internship in Peru! When it comes to picking your internship in Peru, choosing to do an internship with Roots is a great idea since you’ll gain a lot of valuable internship experience. Also, choosing one of Roots’ internships in Peru will expose you to a new and vibrant culture, allowing you to expand your cultural awareness and have a lot of fun as well! Overall, interning with Roots offers you a transformative experience that empowers you to make a lasting impact, while also helping you lay a solid foundation for your future career success.

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This blog was written by Gabriel Ruiz