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5 Best internships in South Africa

We can’t boast enough about South Africa, but can you blame us? While South Africa is our central hub where most of our internships take place, it’s also the ultimate internship destination. From city life to wildlife to sea life, this place is teeming with sights to see. On top of that, we supply internships in South Africa that have a variety of focuses. This includes writing, communications, women’s empowerment, photography, nonprofit management, psychology, business, and much more.

At these internships, we guarantee you will work with amazing partners who are creating positive change in their communities and the world at large. On top of all of that, you get to go to South Africa! What could be better? This is our conclusive list of the 5 Best Internships in South Africa that are worth your time.

1. Writing and Communications Internship with Youth and Dog Charity

If you’re passionate about dogs and writing, we think we have the internship for you. The Underdog Project is a new partnership that teaches youth from underprivileged backgrounds to train rescue dogs. Ultimately, their goal is to decrease the number of street dogs in South Africa, while teaching empathy to at risk youth. As a Writing and Communications intern, your tasks will be diverse. One day you might write an article about the benefits of training dogs for at risk youth, another day you might draft a newsletter or put funding proposals together. You could even manage multiple social media channels, it all depends on their needs and your skillset. This is an exciting opportunity to try your hand at multiple types of writing. The world needs good writers like you!

2. Gender Equality Internship

Gender based violence is its own epidemic in Africa, and its victims are often left without resources. Kwanele is a new start-organization that is developing an app to support victims of gender based violence. Their goal while designing their app was to provide trauma support to girls and women who are abuse victims, developing gender based violence training for outreach workers, providing legal support, tracking cases, and researching trends around gender based violence.

As an intern, you will help develop programs, systems, and networks around Kwanele, helping boost its outreach and get the program on its feet. Your tasks could include researching GBV issues, creating a communication strategy, managing social media channels, assisting programs or doing fundraising. If you would like to personally help victims of GBV in a place that is in need, this is an opportunity to do so.

3. Nonprofit Photography Internship

This photography internship was the 2020 winner of Go Abroad’s Innovative New Program, Intern Abroad Award! As an intern, you will be a part of an NGO program that uses photography to drive social change. You will document nonprofit projects in and around Cape Town. Depending on your skillset, you will be able to see how several nonprofits function, all with different focuses and interests. One day you might photograph dogs and kids for an animal welfare program, another day you might photograph elephants for a program with an interest in sustainability. There’s also a possibility in getting involved in the coordination and development of these projects, or taking part in some fundraising. We take into consideration your own interests, abilities, and wants, as well as the goals of our partners.

4. Tourism Marketing and Business Development Internship

At Roots Interns, we also hire interns for ourselves! If you’re a student interested in marketing and business development, considering doing our internship as part of your college experience. We work with many students on getting college credit for their work, plus your work experience will be excellent for your future resume, cover letter, and interview! As an intern, you will play a large part in our main objective which is to support grassroots nonprofits across Africa and offer unique work experiences for international interns!

You will see first-hand the work we do with our amazing partners, and positive change we create in our wake. Some of your responsibilities might be marketing research, SEO analysis, assisting with marketing campaigns, writing reports, and much more! Much like in our other internships that we provide, we are more than willing to work with you on what you are most passionate and/or interested in.

5. Advocacy and Human Rights Internship with NGO

Are you addicted to shows like How to Get Away with Murder, Suits, and Law and Order? Are you planning on going to law school someday? This internship focuses on refugees, ensuring that their rights are protected. As an integral member of an Advocacy program, you will offer legal advice, assist in the asylum application process, document xenophobia/hate crimes in the area, research South African legislation, and other refugee issues. This is a special opportunity to help the worldwide refugee crisis, as well as gaining valuable work experience for your application to law school.

Which internship in South Africa is best for you?

Choosing the right internship in South Africa depends on what makes you excited to learn and grow. If you adore nature and animals, a wildlife internship in the breathtaking national parks might be your calling, letting you work closely with diverse wildlife. For those passionate about making a difference in communities, internships focused on social work or education could be perfect, allowing you to help and support local people. If business sparks your interest, internships in vibrant cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town might offer great exposure to industries like finance, tech, or startups. Whatever path you choose, think about what ignites your passion and guides you to learn and develop while exploring the beautiful landscape of South Africa.

This blog was written by Moira Callahan.