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Why do an Internship in Zambia?

Why do an internship in Zambia? There are more reasons than you might think.

Zambia is a well known tourist destination, and everyone knows the answer to: ‘Why visit Zambia?’. Victoria Falls, safaris, an authentic African experience; take your pick. However, reasons to do an internship there might not so readily spring to mind.

In spite of having some of the highest levels of poverty in the world, with 61% of its population living below the poverty line, Zambia is currently experiencing a lot of growth and development. There are incredible organizations doing vital work for all kinds of causes across the country. This means nonprofit internships in Zambia provide a perfect balance of valuable professional development and the chance to make a meaningful impact in the world.

In this article, we’ll run through the top reasons to inform you on why to intern abroad in Zambia, then make a few suggestions with some of our favorite current internships in Zambia.

1. Professional development

Zambia is a developing country, but it is developing fast. There are a lot of exciting opportunities to get worthwhile work experience in all kinds of industries and roles in this country.

One of the best reasons to intern abroad is for professional development. You’ll build skills, gain experience, and deepen your industry-knowledge while also developing bonus skills from interning in another country. Things like cultural awareness, improved communication, and a global mindset.

What’s more, the nonprofit sector offers learning opportunities that you won’t find in other internships. Whether your internship is in education, medicine, or NGO management, discover different perspectives, new approaches, and innovative methods for your work.

2. Personal Growth

There is potential for huge personal growth during an internship with NGOs in Zambia.

If you intern with any of our partners, you’ll be working alongside dedicated, experienced teams doing meaningful work for important causes. You’ll come into contact with entirely foreign ways of life and meet people with entirely new perspectives. Suffice it to say, the learning opportunities you’ll benefit from go far beyond professional development.

Furthermore, there will be plenty more logistical ways internships in Zambia can be personally challenging and rewarding. It might be your first time traveling alone, you might be working outside your field of experience, or it could be any number of things.

woman standing near the beautiful rock formation

3. Meaningful work

Why do an internship in Zambia? For the chance to join in meaningful work for important causes.

Yes, personal growth and professional development are great reasons to do an internship. But a nonprofit internship is also an opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to help make the world a better place. There are a huge number of available internships in Zambia, allowing you to join incredible organizations doing vital work.

We have programs allowing interns to support education, female empowerment, sustainable development, and so much more. Whatever it is that speaks to you, you can find an internship where you can learn, develop, and grow while contributing to your cause.

4. Travel opportunities

One of the most common reasons to intern abroad is for the travel opportunities. Internships in Zambia don’t disappoint in this respect.

First of all, there are some great answers to ‘why visit Zambia.’ There’s Victoria Falls, the safaris, the laid-back charm of rural Africa, the beautiful range of scenery, the spectacular variety of cultures—the list goes on.

As if that weren’t enough, Zambia is also a fantastic hub from which to travel around the rest of Southern Zambia. Livingstone is a short drive from the Botswana and Zimbabwe border, the TAZARA connects Zambia to Tanzania and Malawi by rail, and Lusaka has one of the larger airports in southern Africa, so it’s well-connected with cheaper flights.

5. Cultural immersion

One of the best answers to ‘why do an internship in Zambia?’, is to experience the remarkable cultural diversity of the country. The country has over 70 languages and over 70 indigenous tribal groups. It has a rich and important history, which it celebrates proudly, with many traditional customs still in place.

Internships in Zambia will give you the chance to experience Zambian ways of life, become acquainted with different cultures, and even pick up a language or two. With Zambia, though, you could stay there a year and still only skim the surface of all the country has to offer.

6. Stunning scenery and safaris

The landscapes and wildlife of Zambia are world famous. The country has a gorgeous variety of scenery, including highlights such as impressive natural wonders like Victoria Falls, the Mafinga Hills, and Siavonga Lake.

These panoramic destinations are populated by all of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, too. Zambia is a fantastic country to spot the Big Five, including black and white rhinos, and enjoy a range of safari experiences like walking safaris, boat cruises, and night drives.

standing giraffes scattered on a grass field in Africa

7. Get a taste of real Africa

‘Real Africa’ is a hotly contested term. Every country where chitenge is worn and westerners are called mzungu, will claim their culture is the most authentic, definitive experience of Africa. However, in every discussion of real Africa, Zambia is mentioned.

In truth, the term doesn’t really mean much since Africa is a huge and diverse continent that can’t be reduced to one thing. However, there is a certain idea that comes to mind when imagining African customs and traditions. Zambia epitomizes this.

From the vibrant, colorful cultures to the laid-back lifestyle to the rich heritage of folklore and spirituality, Zambia has so much to explore. That’s why one of the best answers to ‘why do an internship in Zambia?’, is to get a true experience of real Africa

Top Current Internships in NGOs in Zambia

Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship

This is a remote opportunity to support a small animal rescue organization addressing issues with street animals in Zambia. They’re-home neglected animals, run vaccination campaigns, and educate school children on animal welfare with workshops.

Your work as an intern will include fundraising and proposal writing. You’ll plan events, research funding opportunities, liaise with donors, and assist with marketing and content creation, all from the comfort of your own home.

Curriculum Development and Teaching

This is a teaching internship and then some! You’ll get great classroom experience and also get involved with curriculum development. Not only will you get all the benefits of a teaching internship in an NGO in Zambia, but you’ll also get insight into what it’s like to run an education nonprofit in a developing country.

a woman intern teaching two local students

Sustainable Development Internship

Join this inspiring social impact program and help with all aspects of running their community learning center in Livingstone. Their community center serves as a daycare in the mornings and a workshop space for adult education in the afternoons.

With this cross-disciplinary internship, you gain experience teaching classes, writing grants, creating marketing content, managing donor relationships, and handling the day-to-day struggles of nonprofit social work.

Writing and communications internship

Build a deep copywriting portfolio, learn marketing and communications strategy, all while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Working with the same community center in Livingstone as above, your role will be to spread the important work they do across a variety of online channels. You’ll finish your internship with a varied portfolio of content for blogs, websites, newsletters, social media, and more.

Female Empowerment and Gender Equality

Join this remarkable organization and help to close the prevailing gender gaps in Zambia and support young girls and women. This education-focused nonprofit runs a range of workshops on topics like sexuality, gender, and female empowerment aimed at teenage girls and boys.

This is another mutli-dimensionql internship, allowing you insight into all sides of the organization. You’ll assist with donor management, fundraising, marketing, and developing and facilitating educational projects on the ground.

Nonprofit Management Internship

Join this diverse, wide-reaching nonprofit and gain extensive experience in NGO management. This organization works with disadvantaged communities around south-eastern Africa, operating on a number of levels to address issues of education, health, gender equality, and sustainability.

You’ll build experience in marketing, fundraising, and project management while gaining extensive insight into nonprofit work.

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Choosing an Internship in Zambia with Roots

If you search ‘why do an internship in Zambia?’, one thing you’ll discover is that there are heaps of companies offering internships in Zambia. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to find the best one for you. That’s why we recommend getting some help.

Our role at Roots is to match young talent with nonprofit organizations where they can benefit the most and make the most impact. We’ll help you find, choose, and secure an internship perfectly suited to your skills and interests, then provide logistical support throughout the experience.

If you’re interested, be sure to look through our available internships in Zambia, and if you have any questions, then get in touch.

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This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge