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Why go to Kenya for an internship?

While often overlooked as an internship destination, the internship opportunities in Kenya are not to be missed.

There are a whole heap of convincing reasons to do an internship in Kenya. This East African behemoth of industry, with its diverse natural beauty, rich cultural tapestry, and rapidly growing economy, has a lot to offer an intern and yet goes unnoticed by many.

So, why go to Kenya for an internship? Because you’ll get to work alongside world-respected industry experts, benefit from their years of experience, and collaborate with them on innovative solutions to real-world issues. This is even more true if you intern with NGOs in Kenya.

interns talking together while leaning on a table

Beyond the professional development, you’ll have stunning natural landscapes to explore, iconic wildlife to encounter on safaris, and so much culture in Kenya to immerse yourself in. What more could you want?

In this blog, we’ll run through all the reasons Kenya makes such a great internship destination. We’ll unpack the reasons why travel to Kenya for an internship, plus the extra benefits of interning with NGOs in Kenya.

1. Professional Development

This is one of the top reasons to do an internship in Kenya or anywhere else. The primary focus of working out how to pick the best place for a nonprofit internship needs to be professional development.

Kenya doesn’t disappoint here. Kenya’s booming professional landscape provides the ideal environment for interns to cultivate skills, gain hands-on experience, and contextualize their work on a global scale. Whether contributing to healthcare initiatives, conservation efforts, or entrepreneurial endeavors, interns find themselves at the forefront of innovative projects.

Nowhere is this more true than in the nonprofit sector. Working with NGOs in Kenya lets interns take part in meaningful work addressing serious issues. For instance, the medical internship opportunities in Kenya are some of the best on the continent. They offer internationally respected experience working on the frontlines of Kenya’s healthcare systems.

2. Personal Growth

Why go to Kenya for an internship? For personal growth. Interns’ key internship takeaways are about personal growth as much as professional development.

Negotiating the complexities and challenges of daily life in Kenya encourages a unique kind of self-discovery. It pushes interns to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and our global community.

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An intern’s development during an internship in Kenya extends far beyond the confines of the office. The immersive experience of living in a society marked by cultural complexities and diverse ways of life often has a profound effect on interns and visitors of all kinds.

Again, this is especially true for nonprofit internships. Working with NGOs in Kenya, interns forge adaptability, resilience, and a nuanced global perspective. Nonprofit internships often have you in the field, working shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities. This chance to connect with those around you can have a powerful effect on how you view your own life.

3. Making an Impact

This is another reason why go to Kenya for a nonprofit internship specifically. Nonprofit internship opportunities in Kenya invite interns to go where their work really matters. It gives interns a chance to not just learn skills but share them too, allowing them to grow and give back at the same time.

Whether collaborating on education, healthcare, or environmental initiatives, interns play a role in instigating positive change. They get the chance to leave a lasting imprint on the communities they serve, substantiating their commitment to social responsibility and making the world a slightly better place.

Engaging in socially responsible projects by NGOs in Kenya allows interns to witness the tangible impact of their efforts. It creates a sense of purpose and accomplishment that you won’t find in other internships.

4. Networking Opportunities

One of the most commonly overlooked reasons to do an internship in Kenya. This country is a hive of international business and trade, both inside and outside of Africa. Kenya’s booming professional landscape offers interns valuable chances to cultivate international connections.

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Interning with businesses and NGOs in Kenya, you’ll collaborate with both local and international professionals. Not only could these be important career connections, but this kind of international experience fosters broadened perspectives and improved communication.

5. Healthcare Innovation

This is one of the best reasons to do an internship in Kenya. There are internship opportunities in Kenya spanning a range of industries; however, their medical internships are world-renowned.

As one of Africa’s key figures in healthcare innovation, Kenya is home to truly incredible organizations doing vital work on public health issues and medical research. Whether you get a public health internship with a nonprofit, conduct medical research, or work in-field in Kenya’s healthcare, interns can actively contribute to improving healthcare access and outcomes.

What’s more, interning in Kenya provides exposure to healthcare challenges and innovative solutions in a developing nation. This experience allows interns to gain insights into global health issues and learn from the resilience of healthcare professionals in resource-limited settings.

6. The Natural Beauty

Ask most people, ‘Why go to Kenya?’ and they’ll tell you about the country’s natural beauty. From the iconic savannas of the Maasai Mara to the idyllic beaches along the Indian Ocean, this country offers true spectacles of nature and geological wonders.

Interns can witness iconic African wildlife, explore diverse landscapes, and connect deeply with nature. More than the sheer abundance of natural beauty, a connection with nature forms a significant part of culture in Kenya. This connection with nature adds an enriching dimension to the internship experience, regardless of the field.

7. Culture in Kenya

Why go to Kenya for an internship? Expressed through its traditions, art, music, literature, and culinary delights, the rich culture in Kenya offers a few reasons to do an internship in Kenya.

Internships in Kenya will expose you to a bustling work culture and provide great insight into your industry in a global context. What’s more, culture in Kenya features proudly celebrated music, fashion, literature, and festivals. So, you’ll have a lot to do in your downtime too.

women wearing cultural clothes in Kenya

Interns in Kenya will also enjoy fantastic opportunities for cultural immersion, especially considering the chance for community collaboration when interning with NGOs. This cultural exchange not only enhances personal growth but also enriches the overall internship experience.

8. Explore Eastern Africa

At the heart of Eastern Africa, Kenya’s location makes it a fantastic base for exploring the region. So, internship opportunities in Kenya offer the chance to travel to neighboring countries and enjoy their diverse landscapes, cultures, and histories as well.

Bordered by Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania and well connected with transport routes, you’ll be perfectly positioned to see all of Eastern Africa during an internship in Kenya. You can even get the East Africa Visa, which lets you travel freely around Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya.

Interns, in their explorations beyond Kenya’s borders, broaden their horizons, building a global perspective that transcends the confines of their internship experience.

Current Internships with NGOs in Kenya

Medical Internship in Kenya

Develop your skills as a medical intern working on the frontlines of Kenya’s healthcare system. As the best of our medical internship opportunities in Kenya, this program will have you working at a number of health institutes and NGOs in Kenya.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your medical students to work alongside and learn from experienced professionals. You’ll gain hands-on experience in triage services and medical screening, get a lot of practice performing basic procedures, and get the chance to observe surgical procedures or assist with community outreach programs.

a doctor holding a stethoscope

This versatile internship provides fantastic practical experience and a choice of areas to explore, depending on your skills and interests. It offers well-rounded career development, and that’s on top of all the other reasons to do an internship in Kenya.

Choosing an Internship in Kenya with Roots

So, now that you have a better idea of why go to Kenya for an internship, you might be interested in planning your own. If you’d like help finding, selecting, and securing your dream internship with NGOs in Kenya, Roots would be an exceptional choice.

Our programs place a heavy emphasis on two things: fantastic career development and meaningful work for important causes. Opting for an internship with Roots promises fantastic learning opportunities, practical experience, and benefits that extend far beyond professional development.

Whichever of the reasons to do an internship in Kenya that sparked your interest, we can provide an internship program to provide it. If you’d like to know more, then get in touch.

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