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Where to find the Best Education Internships Abroad?

Where are the best education internships? The nonprofit sector.

Educating the next generation is a pivotal part of creating long-term positive change for any cause. If an organization wants to contribute to environmental conservation, female empowerment, public health, or poverty relief, education is a fantastic way to do it.

This means two things. There are a huge number of incredible internships for education majors, and there is truly worthwhile work you can do by taking part in them.

While you won’t likely find paid internships for education majors in the nonprofit sector, you will find unique learning opportunities, practical experience, and the chance to make a difference in children’s lives. On top of all this, you can find education internships all around the globe.

So, where are the best education internship places, geographically? In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best destinations for education internships we have available. For those interested in how to get a teaching internship, we’ll also lay out exactly what to do to secure one.

an old woman walking a cow in Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia


There are so many reasons why Peru is great for NGO internships. From the historic city of Cuzco to the coastal allure of Puerto Inca, interns can immerse themselves in Peru’s vibrant communities while making a meaningful impact through teaching and mentorship. With its captivating landscapes and rich heritage, Peru provides a captivating backdrop for those passionate about education and cultural exchange.

One education internship we offer in this destination sends you to Puerto Inca. There, you’ll help to protect the Peruvian Amazon by lifting local communities out of poverty through education. You’ll work with remote communities living on the outskirts of the Amazon to aid them in developing sustainable practices and the necessary skills to preserve the area for future generations.

And for those wondering how to get a teaching internship without an education degree, this is one of our education internships that doesn’t require qualifications.

Check Out Our Teaching internship in Peru


Ecuador, nestled in the heart of South America, is a great destination for education internships. Its diverse landscapes and welcoming communities provide an ideal backdrop for meaningful educational projects. You’ll engage with welcoming communities, shape impactful educational projects, and immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of cultures. Expand your horizons in this enchanting South American destination.

With Roots, you can join an organization doing important work for the indigenous Kichwa community in the Amazon Rainforest. Here, you’ll gain plenty of teaching experience, not just with children of primary and secondary school age but with adults in evening classes too. You’ll engage in meaningful educational projects that address the unique needs of local communities while exploring the country’s rich biodiversity and vibrant culture.

This enchanting country promises both professional growth and a profound cultural experience for aspiring educators.

Check Out Our Education and Youth Development Internship in Ecuador

aerial shot of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Lively cities, lush rainforests, and globally celebrated culture are just a few of the reasons to consider internships in Brazil. This country is a great choice for the best education internship places. As an education intern in this country, you can contribute to rainforest conservation, professional development, and social issues like female empowerment.

One of our best education internships in this country has you working to inspire the country’s next generation of conservation leaders. You’ll work with a small seaside community to develop sustainable practices while supporting professional development, social justice, and improving employment prospects in the region.

Experience the vibrant rhythms of Brazil, where samba beats meet stunning beaches, while helping to build a brighter future for Brazilian children.

Check Out Our Community Development and Education Internship in Brazil


Zambia: a country where you can experience authentic African traditions, visit wonders of the world, and make a real impact through nonprofit education internships. Education internships in Zambia let you collaborate with local organizations to promote long-term educational development while experiencing the beauty and diversity of African culture and nature. Your contributions will not only support educational initiatives but also foster sustainability, making a lasting difference in the lives of Zambian children.

We offer an opportunity in Zambia to join an organization working to break the cycle of poverty in the rural communities surrounding the town of Livingstone. You’ll gain practical teaching experience by assisting with numerous community-led projects in the area. This internship provides great opportunities for community integration and places you within walking distance of one of the wonders of the world, Victoria Falls.

Check Out Our Curriculum Development and Teaching Internship in Zambia

South Africa

South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, is a land of contrasts. An education internship in this country lets you meet people from all walks of life, witness a range of jaw-dropping scenery, and engage with innovative solutions to social issues. You can also find some of the most exciting cities in the world, globally-renowned safari experiences, and learn of the country’s important history

In South Africa, we have one of our best education internships for those with an interest in migrants and refugees. This program offers you the chance to gain practical experience teaching English to migrants and refugees. Empowering diasporic communities with language skills to integrate into this culturally diverse nation contributes not only to their future success but that of the whole nation.

Interns in South Africa’s nonprofit education internships will gain hands-on experience, developing crucial skills in teaching, community engagement, and cultural sensitivity while making a lasting impact on underprivileged communities and contributing to a brighter educational future.

Check Out Our English School Assistant Internship in South Africa

Chiradzulu, Southern Region, Malawi


Discover the heart of Africa in Malawi while helping to shape the minds of the nation’s next generation. Make a meaningful impact, develop curricula, and empower students in Malawi while experiencing the warm hospitality of this beautiful African nation’s people.

If you’re training to be a teacher, studying education or pedagogy, or if you’re a teaching professional looking for a way to use your skills in a purposeful way, we have a great education internship for you in Malawi. Based on the shores of Lake Malawi in Nkhata Bay, you’ll take on a big role for a small primary school. You’ll get involved with all aspects of the organization’s work, so this is a great program for those with an interest in NGO management as well as teaching.

Unlock your potential as a change-maker in Malawi. Embark on a nonprofit education internship and empower communities through education.

Check Out Our Nonprofit Education Internship in Malawi

How to Get an Education Internship

Now you have an idea of the opportunities out there, lets dig in to our step-by-step guide to finding the best nonprofit internships for education majors.

1. Research and Preparation:

Start by thoroughly researching Roots and finding the best education internships for you. Understand the organization’s mission, values, and the communities it serves. Reflect on your passion for education and your desire to make a difference.

2. Check Eligibility

Review the eligibility requirements for Roots’ internship program. This may include academic criteria, relevant coursework, or specific skills. Confirm that you meet these requirements before proceeding.

3. Complete the Application

Visit Roots’ official website and the internship application forms. Fill out the application form with accurate and detailed information about your background, education, skills, and motivations. Attach an up-to-date, tailored resume and a well-crafted cover letter emphasizing your commitment to nonprofit education.

a panel of people conducting an interview

4. Ace the Interview

If your application is successful, be prepared for an interview with Roots. This is your chance to demonstrate your passion for education and your understanding of nonprofit work. Highlight how you can contribute to their mission and be an asset to their team.

5. Secure Funding

Alas, there aren’t many paid internships for education majors in the nonprofit sector. So, consider the financial aspects of an international internship. Explore scholarship and grant opportunities that can support your journey with Roots. Many universities and organizations offer funding for students pursuing nonprofit internships abroad.

Find the Best Place for Your Education Internship

The best education internships abroad can be transformative experiences. One that not only broadens your horizons but also allows you to make a tangible impact on the lives of students and communities worldwide.

As we’ve explored, there are remarkable destinations around the globe where you can immerse yourself in the field of education and contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of learners.

By following these detailed steps, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on an education internship abroad in your chosen destination. Remember that each location offers a unique experience, so choose the one that aligns best with your goals and aspirations in the field of education.

If you need help narrowing down your options, reach out to Roots. You’ll benefit from our years of experience, expansive network, and expert insights into nonprofit internships.

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This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge