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Why go to Tanzania? There are a lot of reasons to visit Tanzania, and even more reasons to do internships in Tanzania.

Its landscapes feature vast, open savannahs, dense forests, tropical islands, and Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro. The country offers world-class safaris in the Serengeti and world-class diving in Zanzibar. With 126 languages spoken, a mix of religions practiced, and over 120 ethnic communities, including the nomadic Masai Mara, there’s so much of Tanzanian culture to learn about too.

Most importantly, incredible organizations are doing important work here, especially in relation to marine science and conservation. The coastlines of Tanzania are a hotbed of marine biodiversity, and studying the marine ecosystems here could help us protect our oceans worldwide.

It’s never easy to figure out how to pick the best place for a nonprofit internship. So, in this article, we’ll run through all the top reasons to do an internship as well as recommend some of our top NGO internships in Tanzania.

1. For Marine Science Research

Yes, the land of Tanzania contains leagues, but nowhere near as much as the oceans below. A global hotspot for marine biodiversity containing many endemic species and positioned along the migratory routes of many marine mammals, Tanzania’s coastline, and Zanzibar in particular, is a highly valuable area for marine science research.

This is one of the top reasons to do internships in Tanzania. Here, you can earn a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience to set you up for a career in marine science. What’s more, you can do this while contributing to globally significant marine research and conservation. As an exciting bonus, you’ll enjoy some of the best scuba diving in the world too.

2. To Help Conservation Causes

Why go to Tanzania? To protect and conserve the incredible natural beauty there. With so much biodiversity and so much marine life to study, it is vitally important that the oceans of Tanzania are well protected. Moreover, the need for conservation support extends beyond the shores of the country, with many issues affecting the entire country.

For instance, as a developing country, Tanzania faces many issues with its infrastructure and, in particular, its waste management. However, the country also has one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. The introduction of sustainable development practices and conservation awareness could play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s progress over the coming years.

a tree in front of a sunset in Serengeti, Tanzania

3. To Gain Practical Scientific Research Experience

Gaining marine science research experience in Zanzibar provides hands-on exposure to diverse ecosystems and teaches how to study them. This means working with NGOs in Tanzania looks great on any CV, but they can be a fantastic springboard into a career related to marine science in particular.

Our top NGO internships in Tanzania are all with marine science research centers. So, you could learn a host of marine science research skills as you help to further the global understanding of our oceans. That sounds like a truly worthwhile nonprofit summer intern

4. To Build Skills

This is one of the top reasons to do internships in Tanzania and indeed anywhere. Internships in Tanzania offer a unique opportunity to acquire a broad range of skills. From honing scientific research techniques to developing project management and teamwork skills, these experiences contribute significantly to personal and professional development.

Another thing to bear in mind is that working with NGOs in Tanzania, like working with any nonprofit, will pose unique obstacles and challenges. Overcoming these issues helps to build important soft skills like communication, adaptability, and resilience, key attributes for any career path.

5. For Global Networking Opportunities

Tanzania doesn’t just attract tourists from all around the world; a great number of fantastic organizations doing important work have been drawn there too. There are great networking opportunities when interning with NGOs in Tanzania, once again, especially in fields related to marine science and conservation.

Moreover, Tanzania’s fast-growing economy has made the country’s capital, Dar Es Salaam, a hugely international city. Not only will you get the chance to rub shoulders with these organizations, but there are a lot of jobs in Tanzania for foreigners too.

a herd of African elephant in Crater Highlands, Ngorongoro, Tanzania

6. For The Scuba Diving

Tanzania’s coastline, notably Zanzibar, offers some of the best scuba diving experiences on the planet. Scuba diving is a big reason why people visit Tanzania, but marine conservation internships in Tanzania get to see a whole different side of it.

Interns can explore vibrant coral reefs, underwater ecosystems, and all the wonders of marine life when conducting research dives and underwater surveys. You won’t just get to dive in Tanzania; you’ll become an expert at it. Another thing is that working with marine conservation NGOs in Tanzania can be a great way to find scuba diving instructor jobs in Tanzania for foreigners.

7. For the Safaris

Beyond its marine wonders, Tanzania is renowned for its on-land wildlife too. You’d be missing out if you were to visit Tanzania without experiencing the safaris.

Interns have the chance to witness the spectacular biodiversity of the Serengeti and other national parks, offering a holistic perspective on conservation efforts and the interconnectedness of ecosystems.

a yawning cheetah in Serengeti, Tanzania

8. To Climb Kilimanjaro

For some, this is all the reason to go to Tanzania. Tanzania is home to Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro. If you seek adventure, take on the challenge of climbing to its summit.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is on many people’s bucket lists. A true spectacle of nature, a grueling physical challenge, and an icon of Africa, this is a great reason to visit Tanzania. While it will be expensive, an expedition to Kilimanjaro can easily be arranged at the end of internships in Tanzania.

9. To Immerse Yourself in Tanzanian Culture

One of the best reasons to do internships in Tanzania is to experience Tanzanian culture. Living and working in Tanzania offers a chance to experience the laidback ‘pole pole’ (“slowly slowly”) lifestyle the country is famous for. What’s more, working with NGOs in Tanzania offers the chance to integrate with local communities and make deep connections with locals.

From participating in traditional dances and celebrations to sampling diverse cuisines, interns can gain a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of Tanzanian life. Exposure to different cultures like this fosters a broader perspective, cultural sensitivity, and a more profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of environmental and cultural conservation.

10. For the travel opportunities

Of course, the main reasons to do internships in Tanzania are to do with the internship. Let’s not forget though, that you’ll have downtime during your internship, and in Tanzania you’ll have a lot of great ways to use that downtime.

Moreover, Tanzania’s central location in East Africa makes it a gateway to exploring neighboring countries. Interns can broaden their horizons by experiencing diverse cultures, landscapes, and conservation initiatives beyond the borders of Tanzania by arranging a tour at the end of their internship.

a group of giraffe on a safari in the Seregeti

Top NGO Internship in Tanzania

Marine Conservation Internship in Zanzibar

Gain insight into the daily operations of a marine conservation nonprofit, spend your time diving in the Indian Ocean, and help to protect the incredible marine life inhabiting the shores of Zanzibar.

Your role as an intern will involve you in a range of conservation projects including community-led initiatives, turtle hatcheries, coral nurseries, and coastal pollution surveys. You’ll gain a wealth of experience, build valuable career skills, and contribute to important conservation causes.

Choosing an Internship in Tanzania with Roots

Why go to Tanzania? In short, there are so many reasons to do internships in Tanzania. From marine wonders in Zanzibar to impactful work towards meaningful causes to exciting and varied travel opportunities, the list is endless. Moreover, working with NGOs in Tanzania can be a great way to find jobs in Tanzania for foreigners.

If you’re ready to investigate internships in Tanzania further, get in touch with Roots to help streamline your search and find you the best NGO internships in Tanzania for your exact interests. With Roots, we’ll help you find, secure, and arrange your internship so you can focus on gaining skills and soaking in the laid-back lifestyle of Tanzanian culture.

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