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Mozambique is often overlooked as an internship destination. Once you know what to expect from internships in Mozambique, you’ll realize what a crime that is.

In the southeastern corner of the African continent, Mozambique is a country with a vast, untouched coastline, thriving marine life, and vibrant Afro-Portuguese and traditional cultures. Here, you can involve yourself in marine science research projects that will contribute to a global understanding of our oceans and how best to protect them.

In your downtime, you’ll explore and immerse yourself in the Mozambique way of life. Expect booming jazz and local music, bold, colorful art and fashion, and incredible African cuisine with a piri piri twist.

In this article, we’ll let you in on what to expect from internships in Mozambique. We’ll answer key questions like, ‘What do internships in Mozambique involve?’ and ‘Where to intern in Mozambique for marine science and conservation?’. We’ll also give some useful information on the cost of living in Mozambique, Mozambique visa requirements, and a few of our top opportunities in the country.

Is it worth it to intern in Mozambique?

There is a long list of reasons to do an internship in Mozambique. The epic natural beauty, the authentic African way of life, the food, and the music are just a few parts of what to expect from an internship in Mozambique. However, there are really two main reasons you need to be aware of: the opportunities for marine science and the meaningful impact you can make there.

The coastlines of Mozambique are of unique scientific value to marine biologists due to their rich biodiversity, which includes a variety of marine ecosystems, coral reefs, and diverse fish populations. Moreover, let’s look at what internships in Mozambique involve. Your office will be a white sand beach and the turquoise Indian Ocean, your suit and tie, a gas tank, and a mask. Need I say more?

There is also huge potential for your work to make a real impact. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, which means even the money you spend during your internship will make a difference.

Moreover, many marine conservation projects take a community-led approach, encouraging sustainable development in coastal communities. You could teach local communities ways to utilize this valuable resource while protecting and conserving it.

8 things to expect as an intern in Mozambique

1. Diverse Marine Ecosystems

What do internships in Mozambique involve? Some of the best scuba diving opportunities in the world. As an intern in Mozambique, you’ll find yourself immersed in a diverse array of marine ecosystems. It’s the location for some of our best marine internships.

Deciding on where to intern in Mozambique for marine biology internships can be tricky because you are spoilt for choice. The entire coastline boasts remarkable diving opportunities. Nonetheless, the Bazaruto Archipelago emerges as a clear highlight. Renowned as a biodiversity hotspot, the archipelago boasts thriving coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves, providing interns with a diverse and rich marine environment to study in.

Additionally, proximity to local communities facilitates community involvement, contributing to a well-rounded marine biology internship that goes beyond scientific research and extends into the realms of conservation and community engagement.

dolphins swimming on a sea in Mozambique

2. Year-Round Ideal Diving Conditions

The question of when to intern is equally as important as where to intern. Bad driving conditions needn’t be added to your list of what to expect from an internship in Mozambique, no matter what time of year you visit. Mozambique offers year-round ideal diving conditions, with warm water temperatures and excellent visibility.

However, while you’ll find good diving conditions year-round, you may want to take advantage of the seasonal marine migration phenomenon. Depending on the time of your internship, you may witness fascinating migrations of marine species such as whales, dolphins, and coral spawning events.

Between June and December, it is the most common time to spot whales, often so close that they can be seen from the shore. Also, you could witness coral spawning events between March and April as well as September through October.

3. Cultural Diversity

One thing to add to your list of what to expect from internships in Mozambique is a fascinating blend of cultures and ways of life.

Mozambique boasts a rich cultural tapestry, and as an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this diversity. Mozambique embodies a captivating fusion of local and Afro-Portuguese cultures. Rooted in indigenous traditions, the country’s cultural identity is intricately woven with Portuguese influences, evident in language, religion, music, dance, and cuisine. The country also has a moving and important recent history that interns will have the opportunity to learn more about.

4. Hands-On Research

What do internships in Mozambique involve? Real-world, practical, scientific research experience. Prepare to actively contribute to marine biology research through hands-on experience.

Your internship will involve underwater activities, coral monitoring, and data collection. This practical approach ensures that you don’t just learn about marine biology theoretically but actively participate in ongoing research, making a tangible impact on conservation efforts.

Of course, not every internship is created equal, and some may not have the experience you hope to gain. That’s why it’s essential to always read through listings thoroughly, ask questions, and check reviews to make sure your internship is everything it should be.

a local kid walking by the beach in Mozambique

5. Community Engagement

Community engagement and sustainable development are a big part of how marine conservation projects in Mozambique operate. So, making deep connections with locals and immersing yourself in cultures is a big part of what to expect from an internship in Mozambique.

Expect to be involved in community outreach programs as part of your internship. These initiatives contribute to local conservation efforts and provide you with insights into the intersection of marine biology and community dynamics.

Engaging with local communities not only raises awareness about the importance of marine conservation but also adds a social dimension and greater purpose to your scientific work.

releasing an injured seal into a rehabilitation pen

6. Hassle-free Mozambique visa requirements

There aren’t many hurdles to overcome in terms of Mozambique visa requirements, and overcoming them is now easier than ever.

Most Western travelers will be granted a month’s tourist visa upon entry for a small fee; that said, it is still advised to apply beforehand. This is now easily done, with Mozambique having introduced the e-visa at the start of 2023.

For trips lasting longer than a month, it is best to consult your host organization for advice. You should also consult a consulate or foreign travel advisor. Get in touch with Roots, and you’ll receive all our support through every step of your internship, Mozambique visa requirements included.

7. Low Cost of Living in Mozambique

Unfortunately, there aren’t many paid internships in Mozambique. So working out how much an internship in Mozambique costs is an important part of what internships in Mozambique involve. Fortunately, the country is an affordable travel destination.

The cost of living in Mozambique is moderate, with accommodation costs ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to more luxurious options. Additionally, transportation costs, whether short or long distances, vary a lot, but cheap options are easily found.

Most internships provide accommodation and meals as part of the program. However, personal expenses, such as dining out, local transportation, and leisure activities, will come at your own expense. So, you must research your trip thoroughly and put a realistic financial plan in place.

8. What To Do in Your Downtime

You shouldn’t only be asking what internships in Mozambique involve. You also need to know what you’ll do outside of your internship. There are so many exciting things to explore in Mozambique. Beyond the stunning natural scenery, the country is home to a unique blend of cultures that produces fantastic music, food, and art.

Experience Mozambique’s musical scene, which blends traditional rhythms with contemporary styles into diverse genres ranging from Afro-jazz to Marrabenta. You should also grasp the opportunity to savor Mozambique’s local cuisine. From freshly caught seafood to traditional dishes to piri piri chicken, Mozambique has an exciting selection of dishes to try.

locals in Avenida da Marginal, Maputo, Mozambique

2 internship opportunities in Mozambique

1. Marine Conservation Project in Mozambique


  • Join exciting diving expeditions and collect important data
  • Work alongside scientists researching important issues and solutions in the Indian Ocean
  • Learn what’s involved with the management of a nonprofit research center
  • Help raise awareness in local communities for the need to do marine conservation work
  • Live and work in a tropical paradise

Location: Bazaruto Archipelago
Cost: starting from $2300

2. Marine Research Internship in Mozambique


  • Conduct and lead regular research dives monitoring marine ecosystems
  • Become an expert in the marine life and ecosystems of the Indian Ocean
  • Gain valuable training and development in scientific research skills
  • Be part of a pioneering research team conducting innovative projects
  • Learn what’s involved with the management of a nonprofit research center
  • Live and work in a tropical paradise

Location: Bazaruto Archipelago
Cost: starting from $2300

What do internships in Mozambique involve?

So, what do internships in Mozambique involve? Everything from hands-on marine research experiences to community engagement initiatives is one of the best benefits a marine science internship has to offer. Interns have the chance to make a meaningful impact in a country where every contribution matters. The low cost of living in Mozambique adds to its practical appeal.

In choosing Mozambique for an internship, you’re not just embarking on a career-developing, skill-building, perspective-changing journey but also immersing yourself in a tapestry of cultures that define this corner of the African continent.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from an internship in Mozambique, you’d probably like to know how it works. With Roots, you’ll have expert support and guidance from a team of nonprofit internship specialists to help you find, secure, and make the most of your nonprofit internship abroad.

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