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“My first experience with Roots was a perfect introduction to the organization’s values, so much so that I felt inspired to undertake one of the other internships they offered.”

A Roots internship can be a valuable tool for those looking to explore new career paths, gain experience, retrain for a change in profession, and more. When they can serve so many purposes, it makes sense that you might want to do multiple internships.

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It’s not uncommon for interns to return to complete more than one internship with Roots. First and foremost, interns tend to have a lot of fun. Moreover, there are some unique benefits that interns can gain from a long-term relationship with Roots.

In this blog, we’ll use the experiences of one of our recent interns, India Robinson, to illustrate some of these benefits. You’ll hear what India says about her experience with Roots and how you can apply some of the lessons she learned to yourself.

What was India’s first experience with Roots?

“My first experience with Roots was a singular project working to develop Roots’ digital marketing presence. Several others and I presented ideas to Roots on how they can enhance their methods of marketing and find creative new ways to introduce the organization. This was a learning experience for young students to get a basic understanding of what digital marketing looks like.

An internship abroad is extremely rewarding. However, I still recommend online internships. They equally help build your skill sets and connect you with people globally. “

Lessons Learned

The first valuable lesson the aspiring Roots intern can learn from India’s story is that she started young with Roots. We have a wide range of programs specifically designed as gap year internships. We even have internships for high school students.

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Specifically, though, the interim between finishing school and further education is a fantastic opportunity to start exploring different career paths. At this point, you have an idea of what you’d like to study and can explore it through internships without feeling the pressure to rush into a career.

What was India’s second internship with Roots?

“My second internship was an NGO Management in Livingstone, Zambia, with Free Haven. In contrast to completing my first experience from the comfort of my own home, I traveled to Livingstone for a month for my NGO Management internship. They were such interestingly different experiences, helping me develop a wide range of skills.”

Lessons Learned

The second thing to take note of is how vastly contrasting India’s experiences were. We have a versatile selection of programs available including internships of differing lengths, locations, and remote internships.

This means no matter what your situation, there’s likely an internship that could work for you. Yes, there are gap year internships and internships for after college, but there are summer internships for high school students too. For those with no time to travel, a part-time, remote nonprofit internship can easily be arranged around other life commitments.

How did India’s first experience prepare her for taking on multiple internships?

“My first experience showed me how valuable the life experience I could gain from a Roots internship could be. I felt more prepared to take on such a big challenge at a young age as I had full confidence in Roots. I knew that the quality of my experience would match my expectations.”

Lessons Learned

This is perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of taking multiple internships: the confidence boost.

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A nonprofit internship in a far-off destination can be a scary step to take. Taking on an online opportunity can help build the confidence you need to take the leap. You’ll know what to expect, you’ll have more faith in Roots, and most of all, you’ll have more belief in yourself.

Moreover, experiencing a variety of workplaces, especially with the unique challenges encountered in nonprofit internships, is fantastic training in adaptability and self-reliance. These soft skills will serve you well throughout your career.

What lessons from India’s first internship could she use in her second internship?

“My NGO internship in Zambia included a month based in Livingstone followed by two weeks of continued work online. This was particularly worthwhile as I got to build on the skills I’ve picked up in previous digital work experiences.

Communicating with my colleagues in Livingstone online was easy thanks to my previous online experience with Roots and my time getting to know my colleagues and the organization in Zambia beforehand.“

Lessons Learned

This should go without saying, multiple internships mean more development. There will be skills, knowledge, and industry insights you gain from your first internship that will come in handy throughout your future career. So, of course, they’ll help in future internships.

This means you can turn up on your first day with value to add to the organization. It could even lead to taking on better tasks and more responsibility over your internship.

What did India gain from multiple internships with Roots?

“I’ve gained an extensive amount of life experience for my age, as each experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Even the travel to and from Zambia from the Czech Republic encouraged me to be resilient and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

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Both of my internships have introduced unique challenges and broadened my perspectives and even my approaches to problem-solving. I’ve especially enjoyed the connections I’ve made with such a diverse range of people.”

Lessons Learned

Here India encapsulates two of the key benefits you’ll gain from multiple internships: a wealth of life experience and global networking opportunities.

Any internship will pose new challenges and ask you to rise to new heights. With nonprofit internships, you’ll also travel the world, and discover new cultures and ways of life, all while contributing to important causes.

You’ll also connect with the roots team, your host organization, and the communities you work with. Who knows who you might meet?

Learn how India’s second internship pushed her out of her comfort zone

How did multiple internships with Roots help India’s career?

“Roots has helped me build a solid foundation for my future career by providing me with unique supported opportunities to travel and explore my interests. I’ve been able to make interesting connections between my studies in Global Sustainable Development and my experiences and work in Zambia.”

Lessons Learned

Here’s the rub! When you take multiple internships, you have more time to relish the experience. It becomes less about gaining particular skills and experience and more about discovering what the opportunity has for you. It becomes about exploration. This way, you can use Roots can serve as a portal to experiences where you can learn more about your interests and passions.

Would India consider another Roots internship?

“I’d love to undertake another Roots internship, potentially in the near future. Some of the more recently added internships in South America look particularly incredible. I feel a lot more secure and confident in my own abilities to tackle all of the ups and downs of these experiences after my last internship.”

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Lessons Learned

Fair warning, once you embrace the idea of multiple internships, you might find it hard to stop.

FAQs About Doing Multiple Internships

Can you do more than one internship?

We’re always surprised at how often we get asked this question. There is no limit on the number of internships you can take before finding full-time employment, or even after you’re working.

One of the primary reasons to do an internship is to explore and try out different career paths. So really it makes sense to do multiple internships. This way you can measure the pros and cons of each against one another.

Can I apply to multiple internships with the same company?

Yes! Many of our partner organizations have more than one internship available. This can be a great way to get a comprehensive overview of how a nonprofit organization works for those interested in the field. It could also just be a good excuse to visit the friends you made on your first internship.

Can I do multiple internships at the same time?

Whilst it might be technically possible to balance a remote internship with an in-person one, it isn’t recommended. It’s best to be able to give your full attention to an internship rather than juggle them to save time.

That said, we can arrange multiple internships at the same time. So, over the course of six months, you could work with a selection of organizations. This can be a great way to gain insight into different organizations and develop varied skills and experience. As a bonus, it can be a fantastic way to travel and see more of a country.

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What Will You Gain from Doing Multiple Internships?

India, and her multiple internships with Roots, is a shining example of how you can maximize the advantages of nonprofit internships. India’s experiences not only provided her with valuable professional skills and knowledge but also supported huge amounts of personal growth.

Multiple internships with Roots offer a pathway to personal growth, professional development, and a deeper understanding of one’s passions and interests. So, if you’re contemplating whether you can do more than one internship, the answer is yes and it’s really worth considering.

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