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Never mind asking where the best places to travel in Europe are. Ask what’s the best way to travel in Europe. One of the best Europe travel ideas you can have is to consider European internships with nonprofits and NGOs doing important work.

Europe is a smorgasbord of incredible internship destinations. The countries of this continent include world leaders in sustainability and conservation, global powerhouses of finance and industry, and a host of NGOs and nonprofits doing incredible development and social work. This means deciding on the best destinations for internships in Europe takes some consideration.

At Roots, we have exciting internship destinations all around the world, but we have more and more popping up in Europe. So we thought we’d delve into key considerations before internships in Europe, run through the four options of where to do an internship in Europe, and offer essential travel information for Europe internships.

interns taking a photo in front of Barcelona Park Guell

Things to Consider Before Interning in Europe

Before looking into where to do an internship in Europe or investigating any Europe travel ideas, there are a few key points to consider.

The continent is well set up for tourism and travel, and internships in Europe tend to go off without a hitch. That said, it’s still essential to plan thoroughly beforehand and think through questions like where to do an internship in Europe carefully.

Here are a few factors to consider when working out how to choose a destination for nonprofit internships in Europe:

  • Cost of Living. – Internships in Europe, especially in Western Europe, can be expensive. It’s essential to evaluate the cost of living and other expenses when choosing where to do an internship in Europe.
  • Accommodation Options. – Accommodation will likely be the biggest expense during an internship in Europe. Unfortunately, the best destinations for internships in Europe are expensive places. Take some time to search for affordable accommodation options that still offer a good work-life balance.
  • Language Barriers and Cultural Compatibility. – Whilst English is widely spoken throughout Europe, knowing even the basics of the local language can make a huge difference to your experience. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local culture, professional etiquette, and social norms of your chosen destination.
  • Visa Requirements. – Most EU destinations have a straightforward application process for Western travelers. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to double-check visa requirements when picking where to intern.
  • Healthcare and Insurance. – The best destinations for internships in Europe all have reliable healthcare systems, but it is essential to find proper insurance. This is especially important if you intend to engage in physical labor or adventure activities during your European internships.

4 Best Destinations for Internships in Europe


Germany, the EU’s largest economy and a world leader across a number of industries, is a great choice for where to do an internship in Europe.

From the artistic vibrancy of Berlin to the stunning natural beauty of the Black Forest, Germany is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel in Europe. Also, home to many organizations working at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and innovation, you can find truly exciting internship opportunities here.

You can expect global networking opportunities, world-class professional skill development, and exciting, meaningful projects to contribute from European internships in Germany.

Key travel facts:

  • Germany boasts an efficient and well-connected public transportation system. The Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) network allows for easy travel between cities and even neighboring countries.
  • English is widely spoken in business settings, but learning a few basic German phrases can enhance your overall experience.
  • Germany’s healthcare system is excellent, but it’s advisable to have comprehensive health insurance coverage during your stay.

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concrete structure in Berlin, Germany

The Netherlands

The best place for an internship in Europe? Consider the Netherlands. This nation boasts exciting travel opportunities including the bustling nightlife of Amsterdam, world-renowned art galleries, and idyllic picturesque countryside. However, there are even more reasons it’s one of the best destinations for internships in Europe.

Amsterdam, the country’s capital and one of the best places to travel in Europe, is a melting pot of creative industries with a multinational business landscape. What’s more, with its open-minded culture that places a strong value on philanthropic volunteer work, there are exciting non profit internships here.

Key travel facts:

  • The Netherlands has an extensive and efficient public transportation system, including trains, trams, and buses. The Dutch are known for their cycling culture, so consider renting a bike to explore the cities.
  • English is widely spoken, making communication easy for international visitors.
  • The country has an excellent healthcare system, and EU/EEA students may be eligible for coverage under the Dutch healthcare system.

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gloomy sky over the canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands


If you’re wondering where to find internships in Europe that offer stunning natural settings, a laidback lifestyle, and affordable costs, look to Portugal.

Portugal has emerged as a hidden gem for nonprofit internships abroad, with exciting opportunities in conservation and wildlife care. There are a whole host of reasons to do an internship in Portugal, from exciting hands-on experience to the chance to work on innovative nonprofit projects.

There are also a heap of exciting European travel ideas that take you to Portugal. You can stroll the historic neighborhoods of Lisbon or indulge in the vibrant arts scene of Porto; all the while, you’ll enjoy a welcoming culture and a vibrant nightlife.

Key travel facts:

  • Portugal is one of the more affordable choices for where to intern in Europe known for its relaxed pace of life and friendly locals.
  • English is widely spoken in urban areas, but learning some basic Portuguese phrases can enhance your experience, especially in smaller towns.
  • Portugal offers a reliable healthcare system, and EU/EEA students may have access to healthcare through the National Health Service.

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From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the cultural richness of Madrid, Spain is on every list of the best destinations for internships in Europe.

The country’s thriving tourism sector, coupled with a burgeoning technology industry, and a strong cultural commitment to philanthropic causes Spain is a great choice of where to intern in Europe.

Barcelona in particular, with its emphasis on design and innovation, stands as a hotspot for creative industries. For interns, this presents a unique opportunity to not only enhance their professional skills but to do so in an environment that embraces creativity, innovation, and a rich cultural tapestry.

Key travel facts:

  • Spain is well-known for its lively culture and diverse regions.
  • While English is widely spoken in tourist areas, having a basic understanding of Spanish will enhance your experience, especially in smaller towns.
  • Spain’s healthcare system is of high quality, and EU/EEA students may have access to healthcare through the Spanish National Health System.

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Choose the Best Internship Destination in Europe for You!

Working out where to find internships in Europe takes time. Then, finding the best nonprofit internship in that country can take even longer. In both cases, there’s a lot of important factors to consider and a mind-boggling amount of choice out there.

As you navigate your search for the best destinations for internships in Europe, keep your personal and professional priorities in mind. Reflect on the industry you wish to explore, the cultural aspects that resonate with you, and the language requirements of the workplace. Take your time with and thoroughly research Europe internships and assess all your opportunities.

If you’d like some help searching through the possibilities with European internships, then get in touch with us. We’ll help you find and secure your ideal nonprofit internship abroad and build a trip that incorporates all your Europe travel ideas.

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This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge