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Want to learn new skills without the time or funds to do it in person? Or perhaps you’d like to explore new career paths or make an impact on an important cause. Why not complete your internship remotely from the comfort of your own home?

Since the Covid-19 crisis, remote work has boomed across all industries. The realm of nonprofit internships is no different. The last few years have seen a surge in nonprofit remote internship opportunities, and there is now all kinds of exciting work you can get involved in as a remote intern.

So, it’s time you learned more about work-from-home internships. In this article, you’ll learn why doing an online internship is worthwhile and find some of the best remote internships available with Roots. We’ll also offer a few tips on how you can answer the question, ‘What are the best remote internships for me?’

Why do a remote internship?

Sure, some of the best parts of a nonprofit internship abroad are the travel opportunities, getting in-field practical experience, and seeing the impact of your efforts. Nonetheless, there are so many reasons why remote internships are worth it.

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In a nutshell, the best remote internships will give you all the skill-building, career development, and personal growth of any other internship. The only difference is that you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy from completing an internship remotely:

  • Global Impact. – Contribute to meaningful and impactful causes on a global scale. While there aren’t many paid remote internships in the nonprofit sector, they offer the chance to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Personal Fulfillment. – Contributing to a non-profit as a remote intern allows you to find personal fulfillment by aligning your work with a cause close to your heart. This sense of purpose can be a powerful motivator in your career and help you achieve immense personal growth.
  • Professional Development. – Benefit from training sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs. Remote internships provide you with a range of online resources to build skills, develop experience, and gain insights into the non-profit sector.
  • Diverse Learning Experience. – Expose yourself to a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities. A remote intern can gain experience in project management, fundraising, advocacy, research, and more, providing a well-rounded skill set that is valuable in various career paths.
  • Flexibility and Convenience. – Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere! The convenience of work-from-home internships allows interns to balance work with other commitments, like academic studies or part-time work.
  • Adaptability and Remote Work Skills. – Cultivate adaptability and skills related to remote work, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s professional landscape. You’ll learn to navigate virtual work environments, communicate effectively in digital spaces, and manage your time independently.

10 Best Remote Internship Opportunities

At Roots, we connect individuals with nonprofit organizations offering only the best remote internships, ensuring a broad spectrum of online internships that cater to different passions and career trajectories. Whether it’s advancing your digital communication skills or developing a deeper understanding of global issues, a virtual internship offers a dynamic and enriching platform for personal and professional growth.

Our selection of remote internships spans a wide range of disciplines. From communications to project management to journalism, you can explore a choice of career paths while honing transferable skills in virtual collaboration, strategic planning, and community engagement. These online internships promise versatile skill-building and robust career development experiences, and best of all, they provide a chance to contribute to impactful social causes.

So, what are the best remote internships? Here’s a list of some of ours:

1. Media and Fundraising Internship

Elevate your marketing and fundraising skills and build a stacked portfolio of content with this fantastic remote internship. Gain hands-on experience in content creation, social media management, and audience engagement, building a strong foundation for a career in marketing.

Join an organization based in Zambia dedicated to providing comprehensive education programs for children in Livingstone. You’ll collaborate on impactful fundraising campaigns and media strategies aiming to attract support for the organization’s important work.

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2. Program Assistant Internship

Join a South African nonprofit working to develop communities across Africa through a range of programs focused on nutrition, psychosocial support, and skill development. As an intern, you’ll play a vital role in planning, coordinating, and executing impactful initiatives.

This virtual internship offers exposure to project coordination, data analysis, program evaluation, and more. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of nonprofit program management and build essential organizational skills.

3. Health and Nutrition Research Internship

Here’s one of our best remote internships for aspiring doctors, medics, and medical researchers. With the same South African nonprofit as above, you’ll contribute to vital public health initiatives aiming to improve health and well-being across Africa.

Dive into data analysis, literature reviews, and policy research, cultivating a nuanced understanding of public health challenges and solutions while making a tangible impact on communities worldwide.

4. Mental Health Research Internship

Champion mental health awareness in Brazil and spark cultural change with this remote internship. Your role will have you delving into the complexities of mental health issues and contributing to innovative solutions.

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As an intern, you’ll be working on a national survey to better understand mental health perceptions and identify problematic regions around the country. Gain valuable research skills while advocating for mental health equity in a remote setting that prioritizes well-being and inclusivity.

5. NGO Management Internship

Take the lead in meaningful projects for a South African nonprofit committed to empowering and supporting young women and building a society where these young women are valued and treated with respect.

As a remote intern, you’ll acquire a 360-degree view of nonprofit operations. From project planning to stakeholder engagement, this virtual internship equips you with strategic management skills crucial for driving positive social change in the nonprofit sector.

6. Social Entrepreneurship Internship

Gain diverse practical experience in a social business environment while helping an inspiring social enterprise that offers valuable support to Malawian women.

Taking on this internship remotely, you’ll work on projects that combine business acumen with social impact. You’ll assist with overall business development by gaining hands-on experience in sustainable solutions and contributing to the growth of socially conscious enterprises.

7. Agroforestry Research Internship

Learn about sustainable land management practices and help implement them in Ghana. This is one of our most exciting work-from-home internships.

As a remote intern, you’ll investigate the intersection of agriculture and forestry, promoting eco-friendly solutions while developing research and analytical skills in a remote setting. You’ll be a big part of a small team and earn international work experience.

8. Law Internship

Make a legal impact by supporting this remarkable gender equality nonprofit that builds support systems for victims of GBV. Engage in legal research, advocacy, and policy analysis, and gain insights into the day-to-day running of nonprofit community programs.

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This virtual internship lets you use your knowledge of the law to support important advocacy campaigns and help put together information that will change women’s lives for the better.

9. Web Design Internship

Fuse creativity with social impact as you sharpen your web design skills by doing project-based work with multiple nonprofit organizations throughout Africa. Working on this internship remotely, you’ll contribute to creating visually compelling online experiences for nonprofits.

This is a fantastic opportunity to refine your design skills, build a busting portfolio of work, and leave a lasting imprint on organizations dedicated to positive change.

10. Journalism Internship

Unleash your storytelling prowess with one of our top remote internship opportunities for young journalists.

You’ll use your knowledge of broadcasting to assist local radio stations in distributing vital messages on public health, agriculture, and governance to rural African communities. Report on impactful nonprofit initiatives remotely, honing your journalistic skills while amplifying the voices of those making a difference in diverse communities worldwide.

Choose the best remote internship for you!

So, now that you have an idea of the best remote internships out there, you might like to start searching for your own.

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As you know by now, there is an abundance of work-from-home internships available, so the tricky bit will be deciding what are the best remote internships for your personal goals. So, here is a brief criteria to help you choose between remote internship opportunities:

  1. Set Goals. – Clearly define what you want to achieve from the internship, and make sure the remote position matches your objectives.
  2. Communication Matters. – Choose internships with regular check-ins and clear communication channels to stay connected and get the support you need.
  3. Tech Tools. – Ensure the company uses reliable technology for remote work, such as collaboration platforms and secure communication tools.
  4. Mentorship. – Look for internships that offer guidance and mentorship, providing a structured learning experience even when working remotely.
  5. Company Vibe. – Research the company culture to ensure it’s inclusive and promotes a positive remote work environment for a fulfilling internship experience.

If, at any point in your selection process, you’d like some advice from a team of seasoned nonprofit internship experts, then get in touch. You’ll have the full support of our advisors, who can help you find the best remote internships for your wants and needs!

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