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Embarking on an internship abroad is more than just a brief stint of work experience, it can also be a journey that can shape your career trajectory and broaden your overall worldview. Imagine combining this unique experience with the vibrant aura of Ecuador, a country where ancient traditions meet beautiful landscapes, and where professional growth mixes with personal growth.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the reasons to do internships in Ecuador, exploring why this South American gem stands out as a top destination for those seeking not only career advancements but also once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

What Makes Ecuador Unique for Internships?

Ecuador is a unique destination for internships because of its mix of great landscapes and overall culture. In the following section, we’ll tell you all about why Ecuador is a perfect and unique country to intern in!

  • Environmental Diversity

Ecuador is widely known as a haven of remarkable biodiversity and exceptional ecosystems, which automatically makes it one of the reasons to visit Ecuador. From the famous Galápagos Islands to the expansive Amazon rainforest, the country offers unique opportunities for hands-on exploration.

An internship related to sustainability or wildlife in Ecuador not only helps your professional growth but also allows you to witness the great biodiversity of this country. So, if you’re interested in sustainability or wildlife, embarking on an internship with us in Ecuador promises you a transformative and enriching experience!

green trees beside body of water under cloudy sky in Tena, Napo, Ecuador
  • Adventure and Exploration

One of the best reasons to do internships in Ecuador is that you’ll get to go on unforgettable adventures and explore new places! The Andes Mountains are a great location for hiking enthusiasts, offering trails that pass through a variety of ecosystems. Another icon of Ecuador’s geography is the Cotopaxi Volcano, which is also a good location for hikers and climbers. Moreover, If you prefer to stay within cities, you can experience the historic charm of Quito and Cuenca, where colonial architecture and busy markets merge with a modern feel.

Beyond your internship, Ecuador’s unique locations for adventure await you! Make sure you take the time before, during, or after your internship to embark on these thrilling adventures, and find out why people go to Ecuador year after year!

  • Language

Ecuador not only presents an exceptional opportunity for adventure and exploration but also serves as a great location if you’re looking to enhance your Spanish language skills. What makes Ecuador unique is that they host a very immense and diverse range of indigenous languages. In Ecuador, the Kichwa language is the most spoken, apart from Spanish. By familiarizing yourself with the various indigenous languages, you’ll not only gain a deeper understanding of the Ecuadorian culture but also establish connections with the local communities.

Doing an internship in Ecuador immerses you in a unique environment where every conversation becomes a chance to work on your language skills. Surrounded by native Spanish speakers, from interns to locals, you’ll find yourself adapting to the culture of Ecuador faster than you might have thought. This immersion will offer you more authentic experiences that will help your language learning journey and can also bolster your confidence in speaking Spanish.

  • Personal and Professional Growth

One of the significant reasons to do internships in Ecuador is that it opens the door to a unique and very transformative experience. The venture to navigate life while you’re interning abroad encourages you to immerse and adapt yourself in a new and unique culture. From navigating the busy city streets to exploring serene natural landscapes, every day presents a chance to adapt to novel situations and broaden your horizons. Also, engaging with interns and locals encourages you to work on your communication skills, fostering a deeper understanding of perspectives different from your own. Beyond working on your communication skills, you’ll also develop a better sense of empathy, since you’ll be embracing cross-cultural interactions every day.

The skills that you’ll gain throughout your internship will become valuable tools that you can carry forward, enriching your professional and personal growth. What makes Ecuador unique as an internship destination is that you’ll undoubtedly have transformative experiences that will shape your character and foster your adaptability to new environments.

people riding a boat on a river in Tena, Napo, Ecuador
  • Diverse NGOs

What makes Ecuador unique is that it has a broad scope of nonprofit internships, which present a dynamic platform if you’re driven by a desire to make a good impact on communities that are in need of one. From wildlife research internships aimed at researching and studying the endemic species of flora and fauna to education and youth development internships aimed at becoming advocates for social change, the wide range of internships is very diverse and impactful, which is one of the reasons to do internships in Ecuador. By choosing one of these internships, you open the door to actively participating in projects that align with your values, channeling your efforts towards making positive contributions to the communities and ecosystems that need them the most.

Interning here will show you why Ecuador is a great place to intern in and learn what your true values are, as well as which ones you want to acquire. By immersing yourself in the country, you’ll gain firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by the country. Whether you’re involved in internships related to the environment or social work, your contributions will live far beyond your time as an intern!

Available Ecuador Internships with NGOs

So, as you can see, the reasons to visit Ecuador and intern there are very positive and could benefit your life in ways you hadn’t thought of! If you’re interested in our offered internships in Ecuador, we’ll list them below.

As an intern, you’ll be the right hand of The Tangaré Foundation’s project manager. This role will allow you expansive insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a conservation-based NGO. You’ll get involved with community projects, coordinate volunteers, and have a hand in marketing and fundraising too.

aerial shot of Quito in Ecuador

As an intern, you’ll play a crucial role in maintaining and developing the Tangaré Foundation’s ongoing research projects. This is an ideal program for biology students, as this data could easily be used for your own university research. They’re also open to interns proposing their own projects.

Your internship will be spent helping Manna Project International establish, define, and structure the WASH program that may play a role in the community of Shandia in years to come. You’ll play a role in deciding how WASH education will be implemented, identifying obstacles to the program, and finding their solutions.

You’ll be helping Manna Project International establish an ecotourism center. Tourism in the area includes an Eco-Lodge, a local artisan market, several festivals throughout the year, and various hiking and cycling routes.

brown grass field near the mountain in Pichincha, Ecuador

This program places you with an organization that takes a holistic approach to community uplift, so expect your work to go beyond the classroom. You’ll gain plenty of teaching experience, not just with children of primary and secondary school age but with adults in evening classes too. However, you’ll also endeavor to get to know and better understand the youth scene in Shandia. From there, you can begin to devise your own educational programs and classes.

Choosing an Internship in Ecuador with Roots

To recap, some of the reasons to do internships in Ecuador is that you’ll get to explore the environmental diversity, go on unforgettable adventures, enhance your Spanish and indigenous language skills, get the chance to grow personally and professionally, and experience the diverse NGO internships. We hope you ultimately decide to make your way to the hidden gem of South America and find out for yourself why people go to Ecuador for their internships each year. If you do decide to intern in Ecuador, make sure you intern with us since we’ll help you in the process of picking out the perfect internship in Ecuador for you!