Neighbourhood Farm

Neighbourhood Farm is a nonprofit organization that creates urban farms throughout Cape Town, South Africa in schools and hospitals. They see a vision of outdoor classrooms that teach food security, healthy eating, and safe food handling for the good of the community. The larger population also gains employment opportunities, urban farm training, and socio-economic development. Neighbourhood Farm strives to create a center that will benefit the larger community as well as the local residents looking for affordable access to quality produce.

Neighbourhood Farm hopes to expand their vision of outdoor classrooms to more schools and communities. With their approach, they hope to become a guideline for other communities to recreate their successes and create their own produce centers.

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sustainability internship South Africa

Open for applications

Nonprofit Sustainability Internship with Food Security Program

8 Weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Food security, Urban Farming

Help increase food security, educate children on growing food, and encourage micro-enterprises in neighborhoods in need.

land and water management internship

Open for applications

Organic Farming and Water Management Internship, Cape Town

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Food security, Urban Farming, Land / Water Management

Help develop food gardens to increase food security and spread education on growing organic food.

food security internship

Open for applications

Communications & Fundraising Internship with Food Security Program

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Communications, Writing, Fundraising

Help increase food security and encourage economic development in and around Cape Town.


There are many benefits for interning with an organization like Neighbourhood Farm. Besides being an integral team member to this relatively small program, you will also get the opportunity to:

  • Attain hands on experience from professional urban farmers
  • Make a real difference for communities who are most in need
  • Contribute to the “greening” of our planet and making strides to lightening our footprint
  • Gain practical and unique work experience which is great for resumes, cover letters, and interviews