Internships in Ghana with sports nonprofit

Impact Youth Foundation is a nonprofit organization that empowers youth through basketball in Ghana, West Africa. The dedicated team focuses on providing young generations with valuable opportunities for personal growth, and they scout and train particularly talented kids. Impact Youth’s mission is to use “sports as a vehicle for sustainable development,” as it enables young people to develop valuable life skills, such as confidence, determination, and teamwork.

In addition, to fight gender inequality, the organization has provided 200 adolescent girls with the tools and skill set to tackle their goals through their ‘She Shines’ project. This initiative supports women and girls by equipping them with the tools to start successful careers.


Check out our internships with Impact Youth Foundation

marketing and fundraising internship Ghana

Open for applications

Marketing & Fundraising Internship, Ghana

Min. 8 weeks


Marketing, Research, Strategy

Assist with the development and sustainability of an inspiring sports charity.

sports coaching internship Ghana

Open for applications

Sports Coaching Internship in Ghana

Min. 8 weeks


Sports Coaching

Coach talented youth in Ghana in different sports, and help develop inspiring programs.

Open for applications

Event Management Internship with Charity in Ghana

Min. 8 weeks


Event Management

Plan and coordinate events for an inspiring sports charity


Through their projects, Impact Youth focuses on sports coaching, mental health awareness, overall performance skills, and leadership skills. This multilayered approach offers participants the tools and the self-confidence to dream —and to achieve. Doing an internship with this initiative provides you with the wonderful opportunity to contribute to an inspiring cause —and to build skills yourself in the process.

Event Management Internship Ghana

What to expect as an intern in Ghana

Working with this sports charity can involve getting involved with the sports coaching, or working behind the scenes. This obviously depends on your academic background, your skills, and your interests.

If you join us as a sports coaching intern, you’ll help plan and teach sports lessons – basketball and football – to kids at different levels. It’s a wonderful way to get practical sports coaching experience. Alternatively, you can venture to Ghana as a communications and fundraising intern, or as an event management intern. In these roles, you’ll use your skills to help with the day to day management, as well as the overall development of the organization.

Either way, you’ll be fully immersed in the local community, and you can expect to have an enriching experience living and working abroad.

Who can apply for these internships?

The skills you need depend on the internship you choose to apply for. You can view these requirements by checking each individual internship opportunity! At Roots we understand that having an extensive resume is difficult, so applications are open to all who can show their compatibility with the nonprofit. A suitable academic background is obviously ideal, but most important are a passion for Impact Youth’s cause, the desire to learn, and an excitement for creating social impact.

Where will you stay?

You’ll have the opportunity to stay at a private apartment, or to live with a family in Ghana. If you choose to live on your own, you will be offered a comfortable space that is a 35-minute bus ride away from the village where you’ll work. On the other hand, if you choose to stay with the Ghanaian family, there will be a careful matching process to ensure your comfort and well-being. Transportation will be provided from and to your work based on your stay location.

To learn more about the accommodations and their rates, be sure to click on the internship of your interest!