Living Music Foundation

The Living Music Foundation provides music lessons free of charge in their own center, as well as lessons in the home community for children who don’t have access or resources to lessons or equipment. They also offer lessons for students with economic means to pay a fee. For each lesson with a paying student, they can offer one lesson for free. The music teachers of the LMF also go into challenged communities to provide music lessons and performances.

As they are expanding quickly, the Living Music Foundation has multiple projects running at the moment! They are building a choir for Kashaka Girls High School and teaching the Masheruka Youths to play the piano and guitar. Besides, they are giving the local children guitar and keyboard lessons.

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Check out our internship with the Livingt Music Foundation

Charity Development Internship Uganda

Open for applications

Charity Development Internship, Uganda

Min. 8 weeks

Mbarara, Uganda

Communication, Fundraising, Music

Help with fundraising, communications strategy, monitoring and evaluation.

Music Teaching Internship

Open for applications

Music Teaching Internship in Uganda

1-4 Months

Mbarara, Uganda

Music, Education, Youth programs

Use your music skills for good by offering a variety of music lessons to kids in rural Uganda.

Living Music Foundation

What to expect as an intern?

As an intern at the Living Music Foundation, you’ll have the opportunity to live with a local family. Your host family will treat you like family, which gives you a chance to really take a deep dive into the local culture. You’ll learn a lot about this country with so much to offer!

Another form of learning about and respecting the culture will show in general dressing styles. Ugandans typically dress conservatively – despite the hot weather! – and as an intern at the LMF, you will be expected to do the same. Take pride in the local culture!

In Mbarara, Uganda, you won’t ever get bored! Explore the area as you go hiking or by visiting game reserves to see some majestic animals like zebras, elephants, and many types of birds. Watch a band at parties and concerts in the area or perform yourself – with the band, or by singing and dancing with local youth groups! Of course, you can always explore the local culture as you visit cultural sites, hills and lakes, forests, et cetera. Plenty to see and do in Mbarara!