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Internships with Volunteers Peru

Founded in 2013, Volunteers Perú is a small NGO focused on improving children’s and young people’s lives in an underdeveloped area of Peru. They help children and teenagers whose lives are affected by social problems such as alcoholism, lack of access to public services, and the violation of their rights. Their main objective is to help these children reach their educational goals while fostering a personal and educational relationship between them and our international volunteers.

Their vision is that all children and young people have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and enrich their lives through relationships with people from different cultures. They work towards this goal by connecting several local projects with international interns and volunteers who are committed and enthusiastic to improving the lives of children in these disadvantaged areas.

Girl with smiling child

Education Internship

  • Min. 12 weeks
  • Tomepampa, Peru
  • Curriculum Development, Teaching, Class Assistance
Earn international teaching experience in a rural school in Peru!
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