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Community-centered internships with a strong humanitarian focus

Born in 2018, The Free Haven Community Initiative is a young and dynamic nonprofit organization with the goal of alleviating families from poverty in Zambia. With a strong desire to assist and support vulnerable local communities in Zambia, this passionate organization achieves their objectives through a variety of robust and comprehensive initiatives.

Their main focus areas are:

  • Education: the provision of free in-class education programs and sponsorships to children in need from preschool through to university level;
    Nutrition and Health: given the high poverty rates in Zambia, many children suffer from malnutrition and the consequent health issues. The organization offers free lunch programs to meet their basic health and nutritional needs. In addition, ongoing programs centered on mental, physical, and sexual health are also offered to complete an holistic education;
  • Empowerment: educational programs are offered to young girls and boys to raise awareness and to tackle the issue of widespread gender inequality and gender-based violence. Furthermore, bi-yearly workshops are organized ad-hoc to provide local communities with information relevant to them.

Since its recent inception, The Free Haven Community Initiative has already supported hundreds of children in need, leading this rising generation to a brighter future, shaping them to become contributing members of the community, who in turn, begin to provide for their respective families, thus fostering a positive environment for future sustainable development.

Teaching & Curriculum Development Internship

Open for applications

Curriculum Development & Teaching Internship, Zambia

Curriculum Development & Teaching Internship, Zambia

8-26 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia

Education, Curriculum Development, Management

Help use quality education as a tool for empowerment