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Internships with the Serve the City Amsterdam

At Serve the City Amsterdam, global volunteering isn’t merely an act of generosity; it’s ingrained in their core mission of nurturing community involvement and fostering positive societal change. By uniting people from varied backgrounds and neighborhoods throughout the city, Serve the City promotes a sense of solidarity while addressing critical societal needs.

Their diverse array of volunteer programs, ranging from environmental conservation to food distribution, empowers individuals to make a tangible impact on their local surroundings. Whether it’s planting trees to combat environmental degradation, organizing food collections to alleviate hunger, or volunteering at soup kitchens to aid the homeless, participants play a pivotal role in building a more equitable and compassionate society. 

Through their initiative Serve the City at Work, the organization facilitates corporate volunteering in Amsterdam by linking companies with community volunteer programs, aiming to strengthen community bonds and improve workplace morale. They provide tailored team-building activities and access to diverse volunteer opportunities, including home visits and grocery delivery, empowering corporations to create meaningful social change.

Serve the City Amsterdam’s commitment to global volunteering goes beyond just providing assistance; it’s about building meaningful connections, promoting civic engagement, and cultivating a culture of compassion and unity. Through their collective efforts, they strive to create lasting impact and build a better world for all. 

Open for applications

Event Management Internship in the Netherlands

  • Min. 3 months
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Event Coordination, Planning, Communications
Sharpen your organizational prowess, creating unforgettable experiences and developing event management skills in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.
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Social internship Amsterdam

Open for applications

Social Internship in Amsterdam

  • Min. 3 months
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Make a positive impact on communities and individuals through social work, project coordination, and volunteer management for meaningful change.
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