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Internships with The Organisation for Young Women’s Dignity

The Organisation for Young Women’s Dignity (TOFYWD) is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting young women in South Africa, aged between 15 and 35. Their psychosocial support services are run and delivered by specialist professionals trained in narrative therapy, pre- and post-HIV counseling, in-person or virtual individual counseling, and peer-to-peer support groups. Their main goal is to build a society where young women are valued and treated with respect.

Many of the individuals the organization works with are victims of gender-based violence or sufferers of HIV/AIDS – both of which are major problems affecting large numbers of females nationally. Menstrual poverty is another key issue for young women in South Africa, with approximately 4 million girls going without regular access to sanitary products and adequate sanitation facilities. Through their work, the organization equips the young women with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to live a life deserving of dignity.

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Open for applications

Remote NGO Management Internship

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Remote
  • Digital Marketing, Communications, Fundraising

Make a valuable contribution to the fight to improve mental health support in Brazil.

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