Zambezi Animal Welfare Services

The Zambezi Animal Welfare Services (ZAWS) was set up in 2014 by a group of friends keen to improve the welfare of domestic animals – mainly dogs and cats – in the Livingstone area. Their aims are to reduce the populations of feral dogs and cats, have a healthier, controlled population of owned dogs and cats, and to educate the local population on animal welfare, dog bite avoidance, and on “one health” concepts – the concept that human health, animal health, and environmental health are all closely linked and co-dependent.

The organization’s activities to date include mass vaccination and veterinary treatment outreaches in urban and rural areas, spray and neuter campaigns, educational visits to schools and clubs. The team has rescued over 100 dogs and 65 cats, most of which have been re-homed.

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Check out our internships with ZAWS

Animal Rescue Management Internship

Open for applications

Animal Rescue Management Internship in Livingstone, Zambia

8-16 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia

Coordination, Project management, Community Education, Animal Welfare

Get involved in the overall management of a grassroots charity that supports street animals.

Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship

Open for applications

Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship in Livingstone, Zambia

8-16 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia

Fundraising, Animal Welfare, Communications

Help drive a variety of fundraising initiatives that will support street dogs and cats in Zambia.

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What to expect as an intern?

There are two internships available at this organization. Whether you’ll be interning in Animal Rescue Management or Animal Welfare Fundraising, you’ll be a valuable part of this small organization. You will be interning from Livingstone, a friendly town on the Zambezi River, close to the famous Victoria Falls!

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