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Founded in 1999, TEARS is dedicated to the safety and betterment of companion animals – cats, dogs, and other domestic pets in Cape Town. With a firm commitment to safeguarding the well-being of these furry family pets, they make a deep impact on numerous animals’ lives. TEARS provides shelter, medical care, and advocacy and stands as a beacon of hope in a shared responsibility to care for those who cannot speak for themselves. Through the support of various corporations and individuals who share the same mission, TEARS gains assistance through intervention, education, medical assistance, and rehoming to ensure they bring relief to animals in distress. As TEARS serves multiple communities around Cape Town, their 73 passionate animal-loving staff members and volunteers make strides on their mission to provide a haven for domestic animals and end homelessness, neglect, and abuse in these communities.

Their volunteer activities include providing veterinary services which offer free sterilization and health care in low-income communities who are unable to feed and care for their pets, and providing vaccination and parasite control for animals who are either homeless, injured, or abused. Currently, TEARS has rescued over 150 cats and 150 dogs to nurse them back to health and find a safe home. TEARS stands with its staff, volunteers, animal welfare groups, and communities to promote a world where companion animals are valued and their welfare safeguarded. These partnerships foster unity in shared commitment as they make waves in creating a more compassionate planet for all animals.

digital marketing internship with animal rescue center

Open for applications

Digital Marketing Internship with Animal Rescue Center

  • Min. 8 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
  • Website Management, Fundraising, Marketing, Grant Writing, Research
Engage in impactful digital marketing efforts surrounded by playful puppies, as you contribute to promoting the welfare of rescued animals.
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