Internships in Ghana

Looking for an opportunity to make an impact? Want to get international working experience in the nonprofit sector? Roots Interns offers you the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable learning. Our partner in Ghana aims to stimulate productivity in the local communities while working to maintain a natural ecosystem. If you have a background in Environmental Sciences, Biology, Ecology, International Development, and related fields, be sure to check out our internships in Ghana.


Permaculture internship Ghana

Open for applications

Communications Internship with Agroforestry Project

Min. 8 weeks


Marketing, Communications, Content creation

Help develop and manage the communications channels of an agroforestry project in Ghana.

marketing and fundraising internship Ghana

Open for applications

Marketing & Fundraising Internship, Ghana

Min. 8 weeks


Marketing, Research, Strategy

Assist with the development and sustainability of an inspiring sports charity.

sports coaching internship Ghana

Open for applications

Sports Coaching Internship in Ghana

Min. 8 weeks


Sports Coaching

Coach talented youth in Ghana in different sports, and help develop inspiring programs.

Permaculture Internship

Open for applications

Permaculture Internship in Ghana

1-12 months

Techiman, Ghana

Permaculture, Organic Farming

Train local farmers, encourage income generation, and works to prevent deforestation.



Internship opportunities in Ghana are a rare chance to be immersed in the history and culture of a lively country. Located in West Africa, Ghana is a tropical country with a healthy rainforest ecosystem. On the south, it’s coastline fades into the Atlantic Ocean, and in the north, the land becomes arid grasslands. Ghana has a lengthy and rich history, which will give you a lot to learn about besides permaculture during your NGO internship!

Our nonprofit internships in Ghana are located in Techiman, which is a market town in Ghana’s Brong-Ahafo Region in the Southwest. This region is known for agribusiness, which is what makes it the perfect location for a permaculture internship. This region has also produced many elite athletes, specifically for football (soccer in North America), so if you’re interested in sport you won’t be disappointed! The weather in the Brong-Ahafo region ranges from hot to hotter, so the time of year you’ll want to visit depends on whether you enjoy the rain or not (or it depends on what time of year it’s convenient for you to do an internship).

The people of Ghana are very friendly, especially in the rural region that our internships are located in. See the quote below from a past permaculture intern to get a sense of how welcoming they are in Techiman! Or check our blog with seven reasons why Ghana is a great internship destination.

“The people are very warm and welcoming and I feel very supported at the office and where I am living. If something is wrong I have ‘plenty of mamas’ asking me if I’m okay, I got djembé lessons from one of the local workers, they taught me how to prepare some local dishes and they really try to include me in all kinds of things. For example someone’s wife is graduating and they invited me to join the ceremony. And birthdays are not super important in Ghana but lots of staff members have their birthday in May/June (and so do I) so on Father’s day it’s not going to be a working day but we will celebrate all birthdays (including mine) as well as Father’s day” – Malinka, The Netherlands

Permaculture internship Ghana
Ghana Permaculture Institute


We partner with the Ghana Permaculture Institute to offer nonprofit internships in Ghana. Founded in 2004, GPI promotes permaculture principles in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. The aim of this environmental nonprofit organisation is to stimulate productivity in the local communities while working to maintain a natural ecosystem.

The institute occupies 24 acres of farmland, which they use as a training base for local farmer groups in the area. The organisation sees many people living in poverty and using the land in such a way that degrades the natural ecosystem. Their solution to fix this problem is to educate the local people about sustainable food systems using permaculture techniques. They also use these techniques themselves to grow sustainable products.

Ghana Permaculture Institute’s production includes honey, mushroom cultivation, and bamboo building. They also produce a range of medicinal personal care products from the moringa tree, also known as the “Miracle Tree”. In our Permaculture Internship, you’ll get to see firsthand how they use many parts of the tree, including leaves, seeds and oil, to create health products with many benefits.

GPI also uses its expertise on sustainability to teach school children about permaculture, earth care, and tree growing. The organization has been running these programs since 2004 and is working on expanding beyond Ghana.

In our nonprofit internship in Ghana you’ll be working as part of a small team at the training center, which will allow you to learn all about GPI’s sustainability techniques as well as pass this knowledge onto others. What better way to gain experience not only in sustainability, but also learn what it’s like to work in a grassroots nonprofit organization.


Is it safe to do an internship in Ghana?

Yes! As long as you’re aware of your surroundings, educate yourself on recommended precautions, and use good common sense. Of course, living and working in the African bush has its inherent risks, but you’ll be surrounded by the team at GPI who are there to help, as well as the friendly local community. If you have any concerns or questions about safety, we would love to answer them and put your mind at ease, so just give us a shout!

What are the living costs in Ghana?

It depends, of course, on how many extra activities you do and souvenirs you buy, but you can get a good estimate of the total cost of the internship based on the “fees” that are noted in the listing. Take note, the fees listed for our internship with GPI includes accommodation and meals!

When should I start planning my internship in Ghana?

The sooner the better! It’s good to give yourself enough time to plan your travels, apply for your visa if you need one, and get fully organised. We recommend starting the process at least 6 months ahead of time, however, we’re always happy to find you something last minute, if needed!

How do I apply for an internship with the Ghana Permaculture Institute?

You can apply for a nonprofit internship in Ghana online, by filling out the application form. We’ll then get back to you within a couple of days and we’ll schedule an online interview. This will give us a chance to find out more about your goals, and it will allow you to ask any questions you may have. If it’s a good match, we’ll put your application forward to your host organization.

If you have more questions about our permaculture internship in Ghana just send us a message and we will be happy to organize a time to chat and talk it all through with you!