Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town: Water saving Awareness, Microgreens and Green Fingers

After her bachelor Geography and Environmental Management, South African Ntombenhle got a post-graduate Diploma and Master of Agriculture Degree in Food Security at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She had been working with organic smallholder farmers in food security and climate change adaptation for her Masters’ research to ensure sustainable food production. But now she was looking for an internship to get more hands-on experience. The Food Security and Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town was the perfect opportunity for her. We asked her to give us an impression of her daily work.

As a farmer enthusiast, garden maintenance is loads of fun. The organization plays a significant role in ensuring urban food security and sustainable food production with very minimal environmental impacts.

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I worked with microgreens and experimenting with the different seeds gets highly encouraged at Urban Harvest. I gained so much knowledge on plant nursery maintenance and organic food production.

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Saving water with the Water Warriors at Observatory Junior

Working on a water-saving awareness project with grade 6’s. The aim of the project is to get learners more aware of the effects of drought and come up with water saving solutions they could implement at home and at school. Each learner completed a water audit for their home and compared how much water they are using to the water they should be using (50L per person). If the number was too high the group discussed ways the household could cut down their water use.

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Gardening Skills with Green Fingers

One of my tasks was to share gardening skills with the children at Observatory Junior. I taught them about plants and watched the group solve challenging problems on their own. They did their work with enthusiasm, and asked questions about plants, different vegetables, and insects.

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We planted, harvested, took home nice veggies and learned about plants.

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I also got the children at Mary Kihn School involved in the gardening skills classes. The picture was taken during tea tasting with grade 4’s after their medicinal lesson in the garden. It was challenging to prepare interactive gardening lessons with a practical delivery of the class’s curriculum, but a great learning experience. Seeing learners remember what was taught and having fun while learning has been the most fulfilling part of teaching.

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